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Divi 4.0 has arrived!

Divi: the easiest WordPress theme to use

Divi: The best WordPress theme of all time!

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Today is a day that many of us were waiting for. Today we learned about the release of Divi 4.0, including the all-new Divi Theme Builder. The Theme Builder harnesses the power of Divi Builder and extends it to all areas of the Divi theme, allowing you to create headers, footers, category pages, product templates, story templates, and more. blog post, 404 pages, etc. The Theme Builder brings together some of Divi's most important features, such as dynamic content and WooCommerce modules, as well as the incredible design power of the builder itself to give you ultimate control over your entire site. Web.

Introducing the Divi Themes Builder

Divi Theme Builder is a complete website template system that allows you to use Divi Builder to structure your website and modify any part of the Divi theme, including headers, footers, templates, and more. publication, category templates, etc. Each theme builder template includes a custom header, footer, and body layout. These three areas can be created and customized using Divi Builder and its full set of modules, as well as dynamic content.

Nothing is out of bounds

When you create a new theme builder template, this custom design can be assigned to specific parts of your website. For example, you can create a template for blog posts and use it to create a new structure and design for your blog. Once the template is assigned, every blog post on your website will be updated. You can create a new theme builder template and assign it to your category pages to create a custom blog feed, or create a global website template that updates the header and footer of your blog. your website. There are tons of new possibilities.

Finely tuned control

Theme Builder templates can be used to customize each part of your website by assigning or excluding each template from different locations. Using assignments and exclusions allows you to accurately control the design of your website. You can target large areas of your website, such as article types and entire archives, or specific locations, such as articles, pages, and categories. Everyone can have their own header, footer and custom body layout.

Importing and exporting theme creation packs

Theme Builder templates can also be imported and exported, including all header, footer, and body layouts. Theme Builder's exports are essentially "web site packs". Imagine them as Divi layout packages, with the exception of the overall structure of your website instead of individual page designs. Theme Builder packages remove the need for child themes and allow you to create templates of predefined themes that can be used on any website.

Design each part of your website

Using the Theme Builder, you can create custom headers and footers for any part of your website. You're no longer limited to the standard Divi header, but to full control over your website's header using Divi Builder and its many modules. This update also adds enhancements to the Divi menu module, giving you more presentation options, more control over your items, and of course, full control over your design. You can create a global website header that affects your entire website. You can also create custom headers and footers for each individual element of your website. Check out some custom headers we've created to inspire you!

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Site-wide publishing and product templates

The Theme Builder also lets you create custom body templates that change the default structure of your posts, products, or any other type of publication on your website. Instead of modifying each publication and produced individually, you can use the Theme Builder to create a template for the entire site. Dynamic content can be assigned to Divi modules in these templates to present information from the current publication, such as its title, content, and selected image anywhere in your custom design. You can also use Divi's WooCommerce Modules to create fully customized product templates. Edit them once and see your entire site change instantly.

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Custom category pages

The Theme Builder can also be used to create custom index page designs, including custom category feeds. You now have complete control over the category designs of your website and you can use the Divi blog module and its many design parameters to customize these publication streams. The blog module also comes with some upgrades, including new post-filtering and post-filtering options that give you even more control over your category templates.

... and everything else too!

You can do more than just create category templates and publish templates with the Theme Builder. You can create custom templates for absolutely everything. Search results, archives, tags, home pages, 404 pages and more. By using conditional logic, multiple parts of your website can be included or excluded from each theme builder template. You have complete control. The beauty of the theme builder is that you do not have to use the basic structure of the Divi theme, but you can create it yourself.

The increased power of dynamic content

Divi Theme Builder is not only a powerful tool in itself, it also enhances some of the most important features of Divi. When editing Theme Builder templates, Divi's dynamic content feature takes on a whole new meaning. Dynamic content allows site-wide theme builder templates to work by dynamically extracting the content of a publication and applying it to the template you assigned to that type of publication. Because dynamic content can be used inside the content areas of any module, you are free to use the full set of Divi modules to design your publication templates.

For example, you can create a blog post template and use the Full-Width Header module at the top of the post. The title of the article can be used as dynamic content in the title of the module and the selected image of the article can be used as the background of the module. Once this theme builder template is applied to your blog posts, all your articles would assume this new structure and the content of the article would be displayed automatically!

The usefulness of dynamic content goes further than publication templates. You can use dynamic content to display the title or logo of your website in a header template, to display a category title on a category page, and so on. When you create a dynamic theme builder template, it works!

WooCommerce modules have also been redesigned

When used in a Theme Builder template, WooCommerce modules take on a whole new meaning. Instead of designing your product pages one by one, you can now create a product template for the entire site. Only one product model controls the design of all your product pages at once!

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When you create a site-wide product template using the Builder Theme, you do not need to customize your individual product pages. Simply enter product information, such as price, description, and images, into the appropriate WooCommerce entries, and your product template will be automatically populated.

When paired with Global Defaults, Divi Theme Builder creates the perfect combination of site-wide design editing and site-wide template structuring. Using the Theme Builder you can customize the structure of your website in one go. When you edit Theme Builder templates, you can also access the Global Defaults editor to customize the design of your website. It's amazing how effective website creation is when you get the most out of these two features.

A new era of Divi websites has begun!

Divi 4.0 is a monumental change for Divi. As a result, Divi Builder is freed from later content design and extends its functionality to your entire website using a brand new Theme Builder interface, which we believe to be the best in the industry. Divi is no longer just a page creator, it's a theme creator, and we look forward to seeing all the amazing new websites you create with.

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