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How to share your Instagram photos on WordPress

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If you're looking for a simple way to display your Instagram photos on your WordPress blog, do not look for an IFTTT plugin- an even easier way to do that.

You can use the built-in Instagram code included on each individual item by clicking on the three dots in the bottom right corner to copy and paste the code, which works great for displaying your pictures on your site. But if you want to post photos or videos on your blog at the same time as you do on Instagram, IFTTT will do the trick too. In fact, you can even choose specific photos or videos that will be displayed, including a tag that will be used by WordPress, giving you control over what needs to be published.

First steps with IFTTT

IFTTT is a service that allows users to associate their personal accounts with certain web applications to perform automatic actions on one application at any time when the other application triggers an action. So, if you post a new Instagram photo (the trigger), then a new article will also be published on WordPress with the photo (according to your settings).

If you do not have an account IFTTT, you can easily create a free account.

Once you have logged into your account, you must log in to both your Instagram account and your WordPress blog so that they can access IFTTT. These two applications are called " canals".

Click on " Channels On the top menu. You can start typing "Instagram" on the search field, or scroll through all applications to find it.

Click on the icon of Instagram click on the blue button  «Connect » (Connecter) to add it to the process of integrating your account with IFTTT.


Now, we can take a look at the various ways to publish Instagram content to WordPress. The first is to post some new photos and videos immediately for WordPress.

Post all the news on Instagram directly on WordPress

When you use a trigger to generate an action with IFTTT, this is called a  "recetteÂ". You can create your own recipes if you want, which we will briefly discuss at the end of the article, but you can also take advantage of the wide range of existing recipes that have been created. s by other users.

Click Browse (Explore) on the top menu to search for specific recipes or to view the recipes that have been recomended. To view all new Instagram photos and videos on WordPress, we will use the existing recipe, " Instagram to a blog "(Instagram to blog).

Click on " Connect And you will be redirected to a new page with some customizable fields. For this particular recipe, the title of the WordPress article will be the caption that is included on the Instagram post, but you can delete it or modify it as you wish.


For example, you can move {{title}} so that the Instagram caption is included in the field instead of the WordPress title.

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If you want to change something, simply click in the blue box to search for ingredients, which allows you to choose certain Instagram components that you can customize.

You can even scroll down to enter the categories and tags of the Instagram WordPress news publishing, and you can choose whether you want them to be published immediately, recorded as a project , or private. Click on " Add " (Add) when you have finished.

The recipe can be viewed at any time by clicking on â € <â € <my Recipes "(My Recipes) in the top menu. You can edit it whenever you want, check its log, check that it is running, or even deactivate it without deleting it.

Now, every time you post a new photo or video on Instagram, it will appear on your WordPress blog in minutes (after the verification of the publication) with the information of the fields you have customized.

Use hashtags to post specific articles on WordPress

For users who wish to have more control over the articles that will be posted on WordPress, Instagram photos are marked with the "Hashtag" #wp for WordPress publishing. Adding the #wp tag is what allows IFTTT to publish Instagram content.

In this recipe, you'll notice the addition of the Instagram hashtags field, which includes "Wp" by default. You can change the label for what you want, if you do not want to use the default "#wp".


Once you have finished making all the necessary changes in the fields indicated, you can click on " Add " (Add) to activate the recipe. Whenever you want an Instagram post to be published on your WordPress blog, you have to include the #wp tag (or the one you have specified instead).

This is what you should do if you only want to publish specific photos or videos on your blog. But what about posting only photos or videos?

How to post photos or videos on WordPress

If you want to publish all the photos, but not the videos (or vice versa) on WordPress, you can do it without having to add a hashtag. For photo publications only, you can use the recipe  « New Photo by Instagram".

Customize the fields as desired and click Add. New photos that you post on Instagram will be published on WordPress, but the new videos will not be published.

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Conversely, you can use the recipe  « Instagram video to WordPress blog"To publish only the new videos, the photos will not be taken into consideration.

How to create a custom Instagram recipe

All the recipes that we have discussed are great options if you want to use a simple and quick solution to implement, but if you want to have something more personalized with specific actions, you should consider create your own recipe. In this way, you can choose the fields that you do not want to include.

To start, click on your username in the top menu and select "Create" (Create) in the drop-down menu. IFTTT will then take you to the process of creating a recipe.


First, click on the blue link and choose your trigger channel.

Now comes the fun part. IFTTT will pull a grid of options to select as a trigger.

Instagram triggers include:

  • New photos of you
  • New pictures of you with a specific hashtag
  • New photos of you in a specific geographical area
  • You like another photo
  • New photos by a specific user
  • New photo by other users sharing public messages in a specific geographic area
  • New photos by other users using a specific hashtag
  • New videos of you
  • New videos by you with a specific hashtag
  • You like a video
  • New videos by a specific user
  • New videos by other users with a specific hashtag

You have all kinds of options available, including the ability to post Instagram posts that do not belong to you on your WordPress blog. As an example, let's say we want to post new photos posted by anyone in a specific geographic area.

Click on the box New photo by anyone in area "(New photo by anyone in the region). In this case, IFTTT will ask to know your location so that it can give you a map of your area nearby, that you can move to position it correctly. You can even use the plus or minus sign buttons to expand or collapse the area you want to include.


Click on « Create Trigger« to go to the next step.

Then click on the blue link to choose your course of action. Obviously, for this example, we will choose WordPress.

You can choose to create either a standard WordPress blog post, or a photo post.

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Let's click Create a picture post.

Now you can fill all the fields with the ingredients you want. The first three fields have ingredients that are automatically suggested, but you are free to delete or modify anything to make it work as you wish.

Click on Create an action once you have finished. If you have chosen a relatively popular location where photos of other users are displayed very often with the location tag, then you will start to notice that new photos appear on your WordPress blog very soon after the IFTTT checks.

That's it for this tutorial. Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not understand a point.

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