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How to create audio and video playlists in WordPress without using a plugin

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WordPress recently made improvements in the audio and video arena to include media players for everyone. This improvement means that you can easily host audio and video files on your own server through your WordPress site.

In addition to storing audio and video files, you can also choose to serve a playlist.

Below, we will see how to do it and also how to add attractive images to represent them.


Creating a video playlist

It works exactly the same as when you are building an image gallery. We will see each of these steps below.

Click the " Add a media As you normally would.


In the media library, on the left, you will see an option to create a playlist. When you click it, all the videos in your media library are displayed. Select the ones you want to use.

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Once your videos are selected, in the lower right corner, click on " Create a new video playlist " page (in French).


Then, again in the right corner, you will see a button "Insert the video playlist". Click on it and your playlist will be inserted.


Get an Image for Playlist

Once you've inserted the playlist into your post, you're done. But there is still a problem. As it is, there are no images representing the videos. Your playlist will look like this.


Obviously, it is not very beautiful. And it would be nice if there was an easy way to fix it. But there is not a solution for the moment can be in the next versions.

Go to your multimedia library and hover over the video to bring up the link » Publishing ". Then click on edit video. On the right you will see " Featured Image As you do with a post. Insert your picture.


The image you inserted as the featured image is the one that visitors will see on the page. But other videos will still have this starting default video icon. When the other videos start, this image will be displayed momentarily. It is therefore up to you to decide whether or not to apply an image to all your videos.

This is what a duly populated playlist will look like.



The audio playlists work exactly the same way as the video playlists. You can also assign recommended images to audio tracks. However, these will be much smaller, so they will probably make a lot less difference if you decide to forgo the images for the audio files.

audio playlist

So ends our little journey into the multimedia world of WordPress which consisted of showing how to create an audio or video playlist in WordPress.

If you have already experimented with other methods please share a comment on the one with us in the comments section below.

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