Building a list of subscribers (readers) is a task that every blogger must accomplish, if he wishes to increase his chances of success.

On WordPress, there are a good number of plugins suitable for creating a subscription form, but one of the most popular is undoubtedly " OptinMonster », which has just been updated and allows you to create subscription forms like no other.

It is the source of the success of several blogs, and it will certainly help increase your subscriber base. You can get OptinMonster by downloading directly from its official source.


Once you are in possession of the plugin, install and activate it. You will notice on the left side menu, a new menu entitled " OptinMonster ". Click on it, then the " Settings ».


On this option page, we will start by adding a license, even if the latter is not required, it will still allow us to receive updates, but especially to add extensions to the plugin.

Fill in the field " OptinMonster License Key With your License. Then click on " Verify Key To check the key.

how change-a-license

These are the minimum configurations for the plugin settings.

Add required extensions

After completing the plugin settings, we will now add the necessary extensions (or rather frequently used). To do this, click on the " Addons ».


Enable extensions:

  • OptinMonster Exit Intent : Used to display subscription windows, before closing a page. So your users won't be overwhelmed by pop-ups. It will only appear when the user plans to close the page.
  • OptinMonster Effects : Will add animations when opening pop-ups.
  • OptinMonster Mobile Addon : Will allow you to create pop-ups for mobile devices.

Now it's time to create our first Optin (Or Pop-up).

How to create an Optin

The most important update has been done on the interface for creating and modifying Optins. Click on " Add new ", Located just after the page title, to add a new" optin ».


On the new page, you need to provide a name for the Optin and choose a theme (9 themes are available). I chose the theme " Postal "(6e theme).


Once you click on " Select Theme », You will access the Optins customization interface, which is quite similar to the WordPress theme customization interface.

At the top right you have 3 links that allow you to:

  • Save your changes
  • Save and exit edit mode
  • Exit edit mode


On the left is a menu with the different options of the Optin. It is on this area that we will customize our Optin (Colors, borders, images, etc.). This area consists mainly of the following tabs:

  • Design & Fields : Optin customization tabs
  • Configuration : Message title configuration tab.
  • Integration : This tab provides several email marketing services, including AWeber et MailChimp , for which we have written tutorials.
  • ouput : display options tab.


Integration of an email marketing service

Hope you read our tutorials on AWeber et MailChimp , you can define the provider you want to use for your newsletter. In all cases, you will be asked to provide information such as the API key.


Personalization of Optin

In reality, the biggest changes can be done by those with a basic CSS background. However, there are some things you can change. This is the case with the background, the colors of the texts and the font of the latter.


You can also modify the theme text in real time. You just have to click on the area with text on the Optin, layout options will appear.


Optin configuration

On the Optin configuration options, you can modify:

  • The title of the latter
  • The time to wait before the latter is displayed " Optin Loading Delay "(In thirds, so 5000 is 5 seconds)
  • The lifetime of cookies (« Optin Cookie Duration »), this option allows you not to display the Optin several times to the same user, only when the period of days mentioned in this field has elapsed
  • The message of success
  • The User Redirection Url " Optin Redirect on Success », When successful registration
  • The option " Hide for Logged-in Users », Which displays Optins, even for logged in users (when the option is not checked)

Display options

On the display options, you can:

  • Activate Optin " Enable optin on site? "
  • Show Optin on all pages « Load Optin globally? "
  • Select the items on which the Optin will not be displayed " Never load optin on: »
  • Select the articles or pages on which the Optin will be displayed.
  • Target categories Load on post categories: »
  • Target content " Load optin on: »


With practice, you will be able to achieve more beautiful Optins than the ones I have made.

result-final opt-monster

How to create mobile Optins

The procedure for creating Optin for mobile is not that different from that of " lighbox". During the selection of themes, you just have to choose the design " Mobile“, Then select a theme.

mobile theme

Once this is done, the rules for modifying are identical to classic Optins.

That's it for this tutorial, hope it helps you create better Optins for your newsletter. Remember, you can get the plugin on the publisher's website, and if you have any concerns or misunderstandings, we are at your disposal.

In case of concern or incomprehension, we are at your disposal.