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How to display all image dimensions on WordPress

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When an image is sent to the server through the WordPress Media Library, several identical images are created with different sizes. These dimensions are based on the settings that have been made from the Media Personalization Interface on the Dashboard (Settings> Media).


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However, locating the links to these different images is not easy, especially since there is no location that allows you to find these different links.

The WPShout team has made available to the public a new plugin entitled " Display All Image Sizes ". Basically, this plugin displays the different links to the different resolutions of each image in the media library window when you click on each image individually.


When the plugin is activated, a scroll bar is added (depending on the size of your screen) in the details section of the image as new fields will appear.

The fact that this section increases can disturb more than one in that it will always scroll down the page to change the alignment for example.

Ideas to improve the plugin

You probably know how to do plugin research on, it's also on that we are used to submitting ideas & suggestions to plugin authors.

Regarding this particular plugin, we have some ideas submitted to the authors. This is the case of displaying different image links that occupies a lot of space, it has been suggested to developer to use a drop-down menu that will display different links in order to better save space. When a format is selected, the text box containing the link to the image changes.

This plugin works fine with the 4.2.2 version of WordPress. If the authors plan to improve the interface of the plugin, it can easily become a must for all users.

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  1. Hello,
    I work on a site for images, videos and music. I would like to display content information on my site, such as size (height x width) and dpi of images, length (time) of videos and music. And if possible the tempo of the music.
    For yourself

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