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7 Pro plugins now included for free with WPMU DEV hosting

Divi: the easiest WordPress theme to use

Divi: The best WordPress theme of all time!

With over 901.000 downloads, Divi is the most popular WordPress theme in the world. It is complete, easy to use and comes with more than 62 free templates. [Recommended]

Over $ 500 worth of premium WP plugin, per year, every year - free with every hosting account.

Over 65 million downloads ...

More than 3 million active installations ...

A consecutive winner of the Plugin Madness award ...

Our professional WordPress plugin suite has proven to be world class and covers all of your site creation and optimization needs.

And 7 of them are now included for free in our next generation managed WordPress hosting.

As mentioned, it's an extra $ 500 + (it costs $ 6 p / m for each individual plugin on a plan) added to your hosting plan, not to mention you get 7 of the best WP plugins and the most reliable.

Premium plugins that you can use to supercharge your customer sites and best of all add more value to your own web design and development packages.

Read on to find out which plugins you can now get 100% free with our hosting and why we decided to pack them this way.

Go ahead:

Why include free plugins with our hosting?

Some reasons ...

First and foremost, we want to prepare our members for success and give them the best tools and plugins possible.

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And in this case, 7 premium plugins that optimize performance, security, SEO, etc. seemed like a no-brainer to combine with our hosting.

Our suite of plugins is also something unique to WPMU DEV and not something that many other web hosts offer.

Finally, the nature of our all-in-one WP platform means that many of our tools and plugins are intertwined.

For example, our premium plugins are fully integrated with our site management tool, The Hub, which also houses our dedicated hosting tab / interface.

We built it like this so that users can easily manage and optimize the sites, while also having direct access to our suite of technical hosting tools and features.

Overall, then, it made sense to enable features that were already designed to work together, rather than hiding them from hosting users.

* drum roll * here are the 7 pro plugins that you can now get 100% for free with our hosting:

1.Smush Pro

Optimize unlimited images on your sites with our most popular WordPress plugin - with over 1,3 million active installs.

a screen of the Smush Pro landing page

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2. Colibri Pro

Give your accommodation a nice edge in the performance department. Build faster websites and access PageSpeed ​​Insights with Hummingbird Pro.

An overview of the landing page of our performance optimization plugin, Hummingbird

Check out our articles on the most popular hummingbirds:

3.Defender Pro

Your accommodation has become much more secure. Protect all your sites from hackers with robust WordPress security and regular malware scans.

An overview of Defender Pro, our WordPress security plugin

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4.SmartCrawl Pro

Improve and optimize the SEO of your hosted sites. Rise higher in search with powerful on-page and site-wide SEO.

An overview of our WordPress SEO plugin, SmartCrawl

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5.Forminator Pro

Every site needs attractive forms. Forminator makes it easy with a drag-and-drop form builder and lets you create quizzes, polls, polls, and accept payments.

an overview of our WordPress form builder, Forminator

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6.Brand Pro

It's Branda's job to make your hosted sites bold, beautiful and unique. Use it to white mark your WP sites from front to back end.

an overview of our white branding and labeling WordPress plugin, Branda

Discover our most popular Branda items:

7.Pro shipper

Our hosting already comes with a simple and automated migration tool, but Shipper can get behind the wheel and move your WP sites with just a few clicks if you prefer the plugin route.

an overview of shipper, our expert WordPress migration plugin

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Get started for free with our hosting and the above plugins

Adding an extra $ 500 value to our accommodation is amazing and all, but we think you will be even more impressed with all that our accommodation has to offer.

You can check out our 4 flexible hosting plans and all the features included.

Easily create your Online Store

Download free WooCommerce, the best e-commerce plugins to sell your physical and digital products on WordPress. [Recommended]

Also if you want test our hosting without risk, you can also take our Freelancer or Agency plans for a 7 day free trial.

Both plans allow you to host 1 to 3 sites completely free of charge each year on our hosting.