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10 WordPress Themes to Create a Website Wiki - Support - Knowledge Base - FAQ

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WordPress wiki themes allow you to create websites that host a knowledge base. This kind of template can be used to create several types of site: support site for a company selling a product on the internet, website for generalist or specialized encyclopedia in a particular field, a community site grouping together an FAQ around several topics relating to this community, etc.

The purpose of these sites is to answer in one way or another the questions that users may ask. It is therefore not a question of presenting a company or an agency, but of offering visitors answers to the various questions they will ask. The visitor is then the center of interest.

In order to set up a wiki site gathering a knowledge base or a FAQ, today I propose a selection of wiki-type WordPress themes that will facilitate access to information to your visitors by offering a support platform often accompanied by an FAQ page.

1. Flatbase

Flatbase is a responsive WordPress theme designed to help you set up a website dedicated to a Wikipedia-based knowledge base or website.

As the name suggests, this theme features a flat design, which is a popular trend in the web and in user interface design today. Due to the fact that themes like this are created to make it easier to build a website that will support a particular service, product, or application and its users, the look of this theme makes Flatbase a great choice. as a companion to a service that shares a similar flat look, helping you deliver a consistent look and user experience across your different platforms.


While this theme focuses heavily on creating a knowledge base website, when using Flatbase, your WordPress site will also be able to host a FAQ or community support forum, thanks to its compatibility with the free bbPress plugin.

To make it easier for your visitors to find your visitors, this knowledge base WordPress theme uses an Ajax engine-based predictive search bar that automatically completes the text entered by the user, using the titles of documents that already exist on your site.

In terms of its customization, the theme has an excellent look and a good set of customization options. The developers have chosen to adopt the WordPress Customizer tool which allows you to view your changes in real time as you create them.

Other useful features of the Flatbase theme are: the ability to list the time it takes to read each article on your site, a rating or rating system, where your readers can leave their comments.

The WordPress Flatbase template manages to combine a proud-looking design with a solid set of features to offer a theme made for this category of website.

Price: 46 € | Download  |  Demo | Web hosting

2. HelpGuru

HelpGuru is a premium WordPress theme dedicated to a knowledge base website created to help you support your products or service.

HelpGuru is the most recent creation of an author who has created a number of successful knowledge bases and WordPress themes. This prior experience has allowed the author to hone his skills in this area and produce an excellent theme that incorporates all the best features of his previous work, alongside a fresh and modern design.


The theme includes the Heroic Knowledge Base plugin which is a popular choice among those who create this type of website with WordPress. This integration allows readers to rate articles to alert other readers to the usefulness of the content. If you want to add a discussion board to your support website then you will be happy to know that this theme is fully compatible with bbPress. Just install this free plugin and give your visitors the chance to post their questions.

When it comes to setting up your website using the HelpGuru theme, the Live Customizer which is part of WordPress can be used to get a real-time preview of changes to the site, such as colors, widgets. , logos and other elements. HelpGuru's clean, modern design and its set of useful features combine to make it a good choice for anyone who wants to build a knowledge base website that will act as a backing for a product launched by a business.

Price: 56 € | Download  |  Demo | Web hosting

3. Helper

Helper was created for the sole purpose of turning WordPress into an online knowledge base system that anyone can use. Depending on how you set up this flexible theme, your visitors might have the option of using the high visibility search box on the default layout. This will allow your visitors to find what they are looking for and solve any problems they encounter.


Helper includes a predictive search engine under the Ajax engine, which automatically displays real-time suggestions to users as they are typed, based on your knowledge base content and FAQ. Your visitors are probably already familiar with this self-complete Google search tool, so why not let them enjoy the benefits of this feature on your website too.

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In addition to making it easy to publish and manage your knowledge base content, the Helper theme also includes high level support for the bbPress plugin. This free plugin provides all the functionality you need to add a discussion board to your website. This optional feature gives you another way to help your visitors and turn your website into a valuable resource.

Helper also includes an attractive set of blog templates. This allows you to update your website with regular publications and enjoy content marketing, thanks to a modern and mobile design of its layout.

With the inclusion of the professional Visual Composer plugin, the Helper theme is a flexible tool that can be used to build any type of knowledge base website with WordPress.

Price: 46 € | Download  |  Demo | Web hosting

4. KnowHow

KnowHow is a popular WordPress theme useful in creating a Wikipedia-based knowledge base or website. It has been purchased over 2000 times at the time of writing and offers all the features you will need to offer an online support resource for your customers and users.

As you would expect from a premium WordPress theme, its design is fully responsive for use on a wide range of screen sizes and portable devices. KnowHow does not rely on the default WordPress search functionality and offers a search form with auto-complete functionality built under the AJAX engine.


This knowledge base WordPress theme also has great support for creating and posting FAQs. While the default color choice is very neutral and minimal, it doesn't require any special effort to customize the color scheme with the built-in color picker. The theme also includes a number of useful shortcodes, such as those for inserting buttons, columns, alerts and more - there's even a shortcode builder included that lets you create your own shortcodes -.

If you want a professional theme to display your knowledge base and other supporting material to your users, customers, then the KnowHow template is an excellent choice.

Download  |  Demo | Web hosting

5. Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is another popular choice for building a Knowledge Base, or FAQ, site to provide support for your product or service. This time around, the design has a bit more character and flair than the KnowHow WordPress theme and is great for showcasing the creative side of your business.

The design and layout is of course responsive for your mobile users, and the colors of the Knowledge Base theme can be changed with an unlimited choice of color combinations available. The theme also includes an auto-complete search that automatically completes users' entry based on existing content on the site to help them find exactly what they are looking for in a very short time.


Creating an FAQ alongside your knowledge base is also easy, thanks to the insertion of custom post types to post answers to frequently asked questions. There are a number of custom widgets included in this theme, such as recent posts and latest tweets. Knowledge Base also includes 17 shortcodes and a generator for converting your commonly used pieces of text or code into custom shortcodes. The theme also integrates with bbPress allowing you to add a discussion board to your site.

If you want a modern theme that makes it easy to support your services, products and customers, then the WordPress Knowledge Base template is highly recommended.

Download  |  Demo | Web hosting

6. Altera

Altera follows the latest design trends and allows you to create a knowledge base website for your brand, product or service that has a clean, modern look that will appeal to those who value simplicity and ease of use. .

However, under the hood, the Altera WordPress theme doesn't lack in features, despite its deceptively simple appearance. The home page incorporates many sections that allow you to add a bit of flair to your site, while also making sure that it looks and feels like a professional support website that shares your documentation and user guides. .

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To help you add some personality to your knowledge base website, the Altera theme also incorporates a number of widgets that allow you to display content from various social networks, such as Flickr and Instagram. These can be used not only to share team photos but also images from your apps and software to demonstrate your products and their functionality.

As Altera integrates with the popular free bbPress plugin, adding a discussion board to your website is very easy and this integration makes you look cohesive between online documentation and forums. If you want to support your users and build a community at the same time, then adding a bbPress forum is a great way to do it.

The large predictive search bar on the home page automatically complements your entries with suggestions based on your knowledge base content as your users type their query, making it easy for them to see the content offered and find it. the answers to their questions.

Altera is a WordPress knowledge base theme that also has an appearance that will give your website a professional look.

Price: 44 € | Download  |  Demo | Web hosting

7. KnowledgeBase

KnowledgeBase is equipped with four color schemes to easily change the style and appearance of your website. Its design and layout is also responsive thanks to the fact that this theme was designed on the Bootstrap Twitter Framework.

The KnowledgeBase theme home page presents users with a useful search bar, powered by Ajax engine, which allows users to automatically complete entries based on existing content on the site. However, this theme also has three homepage templates, giving you a number of options to change the way visitors will be greeted to your site.

knowledge-base-themes-wordpress-create-site-wiki-support-base-knowledge-faq 1

Site content can be organized and stored in a number of ways to accommodate the format of each type of content. This includes FAQ templates, post video formats, and full page templates, in addition to the standard WordPress publishing format. There are also six custom widgets available to fill in the sidebars and the footer. These widgets include new and up-to-date articles, a support widget, a quick links widget, and a few other options. You'll also have access to a selection of shortcodes to quickly insert useful and attractive page elements into your content.

KnowledgeBase's WordPress theme doesn't stray too far from the traditional knowledge base. However, it packs in just enough new features and elements to make your support pages a little better than your competition.

Price: 56 € | Download  |  Demo | Web hosting

8. Tessera

Tessera allows you to quickly build a customer support and knowledge base website, without sacrificing essential features that will help you give your customers and users the ability to get the most out of your services. .

Tessera - wordpress theme wiki forum

The highlights of this WordPress theme are among others: a powerful control panel for the intuitive customization of your website and a transparent user experience that will allow any beginner to take it in hand. If you plan to regularly add blog content to this kind of website, this WordPress theme will be a good option thanks to the blog templates available.

Other features include: support for Elementor and bbPress plugins, support for RTL, sharing on social networks, the ability to give a user the ability to moderate a topic, a search bar with suggested results in real time, WPML multilingual plugin support and more.

 Download | Demo | Web hosting

9. IKnowledge

IKnowledge breaks with tradition and gives you the option of displaying your knowledge base website menu in a vertical menu, rather than the standard horizontal option. This immediately helps you stand out from the competition, while still being very easy to use from a customer's point of view.

While the visual design remains attractive, the developers of this theme have opted to showcase your content - which is not a bad approach for a customer or user support website.


Among the features of the iKnowledge WordPress theme is: a rating system that allows users to leave comments on your knowledge base articles. This feature also serves as a feedback system for the writers of your documentation, as it can help them improve their content to better suit your target audience.

Configuring the home page to meet your needs is very easy through the use of a number of custom widgets on the home page. The IKnowledge WordPress themes offers something a little different from other knowledge base WordPress themes, and also includes some useful features too. So this is a great option for anyone looking to stand out from the crowd.

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10. Ticketrama

Ticketrama, as the name suggests, is a theme for creating a support website that allows your users and customers to open support tickets - Thread - in order to get help. The theme also includes the ability to create an online knowledge base for publishing supporting documents and articles.

When it comes to submitting a ticket, users can login with their account details on the site or log in with their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Which is still practical as opposed to sending an email.


The content stored in the knowledge base can be easily filtered by category, which makes finding documents relevant and very simple. The design is fully responsive for use on mobile devices and the content can be translated into multiple languages ​​through compatibility with the WPML plugin.

If you need to create a help desk, the theme also includes a working ticketing system to help you support your services or products. This is a theme you should take a very close look at.

 Price: 46 € | Download | Demo | Web hosting

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