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How to manage your time and achieve success with your blog

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Time is life, nothing has more value than him!

A blogger who does not know how to manage his time will never reach his goals on time. Once again, your success as a blogger also means better management of your time. So here are some great tips that will help you manage your time like all of the greatest successful entrepreneurs.

Focus on one thing at a time

  • Plan all your daily tasks
  • Your job must be your #1 priority
  • Set deadlines, each task must have a definite time
  • Avoid distractions (telephones - television - internet surfing, etc ...)
  • Set yourself goals that you can achieve
  • After 3 weeks, calculate the number of tasks (on average) per day that you could not complete correctly.
  • Put the ones you have completely finished highlighted
  • Try to understand why you have taken longer than expected on some tasks
  • Plan your work again based on your observations.

If you have up to 2 unfinished tasks per day, then you have the choice between these three options:
1. Decide to work more (extra) hours every day to complete the tasks
2. Learn to do more tasks with more efficiency
3. Do less useless or non-priority things

You can not do everything alone, think about delegating one to two tasks to qualified people.

Also remember to finish all the priority tasks. This is a very serious problem because it is crucial to complete the tasks in your program. However, remember that you are not a ROBOT but a human being. Learn to recognize the good times for work and rest.

"Getting to know each other is also knowing when you can and when you can not do this or that thing"

1. Look at your list of tasks
• How many tasks have you completed?
• How often did you take longer than expected to finish?

2. Create a list for the next day
• Add more time than previously planned for each task
• Only reduce the time of the tasks you have completed on time
• Be realistic and sincere in your planning.

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3. Prioritize the most important tasks and not the most urgent ones and make sure you finish them.

4. Give yourself enough time to do the job
• Calculate the total time you need to complete your tasks
• Add an extra hour for contingencies (emergencies)

5. Organize your work day in blocks
• Classify similar group activities in each block (phone calls - writing - blog - etc ...)
• When you finish the work of a block, reward yourself with a pleasant activity for 15 minutes.

6. Finish your work
Always keep in mind that you are doing what most people are not ready to do, and this is the difference between winners and losers.

"To know what is important, we must start by defining what is not"

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Identify your time wasters
• Make a list of everything you do
• Identify what you have to do, what you like to do, what you do not do well, etc.
• Identify the 10 to 50 first least important things
• Do the most important things and not the most urgent ones
• If possible, delegate the least important and least urgent tasks.

Do it now and once and for all
Make sure you do not fall back into the habit of spending time on unimportant tasks. Your time is too precious and if you want to succeed, then you must be ready to sacrifice something. If you give up the unimportant tasks, you will have more time to devote to those who really do.

To become better than you are in your field, you must learn to develop your concentration and improve your time management. Avoid planning your work in noise, look for a quiet and relaxing place.

Loneliness sometimes has the gift of fostering a contemplative and relaxed mood.

Be honest with yourself
• Evaluate your results
• From today until the next 3 days, make a meticulous follow-up of your working hours
• Look at how many hours you spend on each activity, which ones you waste and which ones are most productive?
• Look the truth in the face
a) 80% of your working hours are they productive?
b) Do you spend more time on the most important tasks?
c) Are you becoming more productive?
d) Do you spend less than 10% of your time on the least important tasks?
e) Are you losing less than 10% of your time?

When you have an idea of ​​how much time you spend on things that will not really help you reach your goal, do anything to change that and turn it into productive time.

Stop saying you do not have time to do this or that ... start managing it now if you want to arrive at your appointment on time with success.

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So, what do you think of this article?

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This article features 6 comments

  1. Hi Thierry,

    Very good article and your advice is valuable! I just add that time management problems are directly related to procrastination.
    If we always tend to postpone tasks later, it is because we have difficulty managing our schedule. And your article offers interesting solutions!

    See you soon.

  2. Hi Thierry,

    Very good article. I recognize there the connoisseur. Thank you for these tips.
    I admit to having had myself, and even a little more besides, had this problem of managing my time correctly. I realized that I was giving myself too much to do every day.
    So I had to limit my planned work and spread it more over the week.

    I create a daily to-do list and like you say right, I try to give them a reasonable amount of time. Before, I didn't give them enough time to make them and unfortunately, I never managed to finish everything. So now less to do with more time for each.

    Since then, it's much better.

    The great thing about this working method is that I am much less stressed, because there is less to do per day. Above all, I manage to move forward in my goals.

    I think this is the most important. It is not to want to do a lot of things at the same time, but to achieve some for sure even if it is little, but at least it is moving forward.

    Thank you again for this excellent article



    1. Hello Fabrice,

      How are you? Good I hope.

      Yes you are right to point out that with fewer tasks, we blame ourselves less for not having finished our work. You know, I love this line of Bill Gates who once said: "My success, I certainly owe it to the fact that I was able to concentrate on a few things at the same time".

      Focusing on a few things leads you faster than trying to achieve multiple goals at once.


  3. Hello Thierry,

    Wow! What precision, like what, there is no room for chance on the road to success.


    You are right to write an article on time management, a lot of the people I talk to in the course of my work tell me how difficult it is for them to organize and plan.

    It's a subject that is close to my heart because I believe that the organization of tasks is the basis of all success. I establish myself a list of my daily tasks, working hours
    and I see the impact of careful time management on my bottom line.

    Especially when we set up such an organization, after a few weeks, it becomes natural, we take good work habits and we realize that we can do a lot of efficient work in a short time if we are well focused. And then we get great personal satisfaction.

    Thank you for this article,



    1. Hello Sylvie,

      I just want to clarify that we are not machines therefore it is crucial to know how to stop when the body can no longer. Rest is a form of work. 🙂

      Thank you for your comment.


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