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9 tips to have more targeted visitors to your blog

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How can I get more traffic on my blog ? How to have hundreds of visitors a day on my blog? How to create a popular blog? All these questions and many more are regularly asked by many beginner and intermediate bloggers.

And this is not wrong because to exist on the internet, it is essential to be known. And to publicize your blog, you have to generate maximum traffic Free or paid. Unfortunately, many bloggers are forced to close their sites because of the lack of traffic.

So here are 9 tips that will definitely save the deal you are trying to build on the internet. These are tips that will allow you to generate more visits to your blog ... so to exist on the internet. Let's start with the first ...

1. Be Sociable

When I started blogging, I wanted (like all other successful bloggers) generate maximum traffic from Google. I was expecting hundreds of visitors / day to my blog. In fact, I did not know how far I was from reality… because it is simply impossible for a new blog to generate maximum traffic from Google. You have to wait at least a year of intense activity (optimization and regular publication of relevant articles) have to see his blog pretty well referenced.

The best way to have a large number of visitors (free) in the short term on his blog it's aboutto be sociable. In other words, it is to be present on social networks. Preferably, the most popular ones: Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest or even Google+.

These social networks, if they are well exploited can drive hundreds of visitors a day on your new blog.

The small drawback with this approach is that it requires a lot of time and D'efforts. Better yet, she asked relevance. You're going participate in the community, add friends, join groups, send messages to other users.

And if you have neither the time nor the experience to promote your blog via social networks, know that you can always Buy traffic via advertising boards such as Google AdWords or even Facebook ads. Here too, a minimum of experience is needed.

Tip: Do not limit yourself to these sources of traffic because over time, they can become unpopular ... which will negate all your efforts. The source of traffic to which you must devote more time is: your Content.

2. Consistency is the key to growing a blog

This was a factor I had never considered in my marketing strategy. A few years ago, I saw no link between the frequency of publication and the increase or decrease of traffic on my blog.

Sometimes I would publish one article per week, and other times I would publish 5 in a week. Other times, I didn't even publish a single article in 45 days.

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It is only in 2012 that I became aware of the negative impact of this approach on my traffic and my income. It took me 3 months of constant blogging to recover my traffic. All this to tell you that blogging on a regular basis can only lead you to regular growth.

Here are some tips to help you:

  • Blog on a topic that you like and know. So you will not always be lacking in inspiration and you will always want to do your job.
  • Publish the same number of articles every week.
  • Choose one or more publication days.
  • Post your articles at the same time. With WordPress, you can schedule the publication of your articles in advance.
  • Post articles of at least 500 words.

3. What happens on the internet, stays on the internet

When I started blogging, my content was mediocre and it affected my promotional efforts on social networks. I do not tell you how much the reputation I was trying to build took a hit.

Nobody respected my work and they were right because I was publishing more to have content than to help my readers solve one or more specific problems. The news going on the internet very quickly, even today, I still pay the price of this bad start.

This is unfortunately what awaits you if you do not treat your readers with respect. So make sure that every content you post on the web is a masterpiece. Every mediocre content you publish will always have a long-term negative impact on the business you're trying to build.

4. Everything is in the list

The best source of traffic for your (after the search engines) it's your list of subscribers. Forget the RSS because people do not use it anymore. So why should you capture emails from your readers?

Well, it's simply because for most popular blogs, subscriber lists represent about 12% Of their traffic and 41% comments left on the blog. In addition, subscribers of a newsletter are 3,9 times more willing to share your content on social networks than people who are on their first visit.

Quick calculation:

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  • More traffic = A better rank on Alexa (which will improve your SEO on Google)
  • More reviews = more credibility + content updates (which will improve your SEO on Google)
  • More sharing on social networks More traffic + better SEO on Google and other search engines

A well-built subscriber list = more traffic for your blog.

5. It's easier to have new visitors than to keep them

Yes, it is the sad reality. And the challenge of any blogger who dreams of building a powerful, large and profitable community is to transform a maximum of loyal reader visitors. In addition to adding an email capture form to your blog, you must also:

  • Publish epic content: Articles so relevant and useful that they immediately make you want your readers to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Add powerful calls to action: Do not limit yourself to inviting your visitors to do such and such things. Do it with the way and above all, in the right place.
  • Build a community: Make your readers feel that they are part of something. The more they feel concerned and involved, the more likely they will be back on your blog. For example, invite them to leave comments and answer them. Do the same for all the emails they send you.
  • Try to find out more about them through surveys: Ask them what they want to read on your blog. Once you have this information, do your best to come up with concrete solutions that you will submit as articles.
  • Once again, you must make every effort to retain as many visitors as loyal readers because they are the ones who will make the success of your ... and your fortune.

6. always be among the first

There will always be new marketing strategies and new tools. Do your best to take advantage of it before anyone else. Just be a little creative and you will see that your traffic will increase over the days. Use the same tool or strategy, but differently.

7. Content length affects traffic

I only became aware of this reality from the moment I started writing detailed articles. I did not make that choice to seduce Google, no. I did it because I wanted to help you better solve the problems you are having in building a successful blog.

The longer and more relevant your article is, the more likely it is to be on the first page.. And who says first page Google says more traffic. If you look closely at the results of the first Google page, you will notice that all of these sites (or almost) offer content of at least 1500 words. This confirms once more that Google, content is KING.

Just be careful not to write anything under the pretext that you have to write articles of more than 1500 words. Always write for your readers and never for search engines. Your readers want details on how to solve their problems and believe me, it's impossible to do it in a few words. Once again, the referencing of a page depends on the length of its content.

8. Write as you speak

Instead of language too conventional, use a language instead conversational. When I used this approach, I noticed that the time spent on my blog by visitors was longer. Once, I even dared to ask my readers why they seemed to like my content more, and for the most part they answered me: it looks like there is less barrier between us now.

You can make your content more conversational by:

  • Using the words ''you'' et ''I'' - These are the two most common words in our conversations. Use them instead of '' They '' or '' them ''.
  • Using line breaks - Avoid having paragraphs of 15 lines. Not only will this make reading difficult for your readers, but it will also be a style they will not really recognize.
  • Using italicized sentences - you have certainly noticed that I regularly use italics in my articles. I do it especially when I ask a question or when I use parentheses. This style allows me to effectively turn my articles into conversations.
  • Using humor if you have - a hint of humor from time to time in your articles can only do you good. A smiling visitor, will always want to know a little more ...

9. Your readers have

With my first blog, all that interested me was the number of visitors and how to convert them into prospects and loyal customers. I did not really care about my readers.

Today, I know that in addition to these two priorities, I must pay a lot of attention to my readers. And curiously, since I care about these, I have more traffic, more subscribers and most of all more money. My products are also better than before.

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Never forget that your internet success begins with your readers and ends with them. Do not just limit your efforts to increasing traffic and revenue. Help your readers solve their problems better than anyone in your niche and you will see that the rest will come automatically.

OKAY ! Let's say it's good for today.

I just wanted to give you some valuable tips to avoid making the same mistakes as me when I started. Put these tips into practice and not only will it be easy to generate hundreds of visitors to your blog, but you will also be able to turn all that traffic into revenue.

So what do you think of this article? Please leave a comment to let me know. And don't forget to share this article if you liked it.


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  1. Hello, thank you for your constructive article. I too have produced an article inspired by yours. Thank you;)
    Excellent day everyone!

  2. Thank you for your advice, I have a problem, well not really, but I noticed that many of my visitors were very young (10 years old…) when I am 22 years old and the expectations are not the same… So should I make more targeted articles or accept them…?

  3. These 9 tips are really useful for increasing the number of visitors to a website and having a hyper traffic

  4. I devoted a lot of my time to creating my blog, except the number of visitors was poor. I appreciate the advice in this article so much, and I just want to let you know that there are other ways to get more visits to a blog and that is the site.
    I order the number of visitors I want online and I get an answer immediately, I recommend professional service 🙂 See you!

  5. Thank you for the article .. My blog is very recent and jesaaie to put a little wind in it. Sailing .. I will remember your advice ..

    Do you think that the frequency of publication is more important than a regular interval? 1 article at 2 stable week can it be classified too?

  6. Hello,

    It's true that I find it more fun to speak in the first person. It personalizes the blog more.

    And the contents easy to write.

    Very good article.


  7. Hello Thierry,

    I am really pleased to read such an article.

    We really feel throughout the article that you put into practice the points that you suggest.
    As I told you in one of my comments on a previous article, I am currently trying to post 3 articles per week on my blog.

    And even as the traffic is not yet the way I want it, I find it more constant in terms of visits.


    1. Hello Samuel,

      You are on the right path. After that, you would just have to publish relevant articles.


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