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Would you like to accept Stripe payments on your blog? So here are the best WordPress plugins Stripe for this task.

Everybody (except a few people) starts a blog hoping to make a profit. Otherwise, why do you want to spend hundreds of dollars on web hosting, domains, and content creation?

So if you plan to monetize your WordPress blog Whether selling your own eBook, an online course, a subscription, or even planning to start your own online store, knowing how to accept payments is a crucial part of the process.

Stripe is one of the most popular payment processors for accepting payments online. The platform is used by popular tech giants like Kickstarter, Lyft, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

Obviously, the 100.000 businesses around the world who use Stripe must definitely be using it for good reason.

If in a previous tutorial, we showed you how to accept Stripe payments on WordPress. This time around, we're going to focus on some other solutions that you can adopt as well.

First of all: Why use Stripe?

Why use stripe - accept Stripe payments

Now you might be asking yourself why should you use Stripe? Why not use PayPal instead, wouldn't it be easier to set up? Of course, but can you accept VISA, American Express or Discover or Bitcoin credit card payments when using PayPal as a payment gateway? Of course not !

Stripe is a great option to accept payments directly from credit cards. The platform supports all major credit and debit cards and more than 100 currencies, as well as payments by Bitcoin, Alipay, and more.

Stripe is also more secure than PayPal and comes with additional user-friendly developer tools like a simple dashboard for payment tracking, automation, and the ability to customize the payment page. Its control system will also allow you to improve user experience of your website because people can directly make payments without having to load additional pages.

Big or small, Stripe is a suitable option for all types of business websites.

List of plugins that you can use

The best way to accept payments with Stripe on WordPress is to install a plugin. There are many WordPress plugins free and premium, which you can use to integrate Stripe into your blog. Here are some of the best plugins you should consider using.

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1 - WP Simple Pay

This is one of WordPress plugins most popular and easy to use Stripe integration available on WordPress. “WP Simple Pay” has many features like Custom Checkout Overlays, Custom Fields, Coupon Codes, Subscriptions Extension, and more.

Wp single pay

The free version of the plugin has been installed on over 8000 blogs. Its free version is sufficient to integrate Stripe on your WordPress blog with basic functionality. For other features, like support for custom fields and coupon codes, you will need to purchase the Pro version.

DownloadDemo | Web hosting

2 - WP Full Stripe

"WP Full Stripe" is yet another plugin that allows you to easily embed Stripe checkout forms anywhere on your blog using shortcodes. It also supports sending email receipts to your customers for successful payments.

wp full stripe

The free version of the plugin is just as good as the premium version. But, you will not be able to configure recurring subscriptions, add custom fields, or completely customize payment forms.

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DownloadDemo | Web hosting

3 - WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

This is an extension for WooCommerce, which allows you to add Stripe as a payment gateway on your WooCommerce store. The plugin is supported by WooThemes (WooCommerce developer) And Automattic (WordPress developer).

woocommerce stripe

It is simply what the name indicates: Stripe Add as a payment option on the pages of your WooCommerce products.

DownloadDemo | Web hosting

4 - Stripe Payments

It's yet another WordPress Plugin simple and very basic that integrates Stripe on WordPress. The plugin also uses shortcodes to embed the forms for your blog checkout.

Stripe Payments

However, this plugin doesn't offer a lot of customization options like adding fields or custom subscriptions. It also doesn't have a premium version to expand its options as well.

DownloadDemo | Web hosting

5 - Easy Digital Downloads - Stripe Gateway

Similar to WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download is yet another popular eCommerce plugin on WordPress. It is an extension that adds Stripe as a payment gateway for Easy Digital Download.

best WordPress stripe plugins - Edd stripe extension

This extension is the most expensive option in our list. However, if you are already using Easy Digital Download on your blog to sell products, this add-on will be useful.

DownloadDemo | Web hosting

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So ! That's it for this list of WordPress plugins to integrate Stripe on your blog. 

However, you can also consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

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