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Should you use the Jetpack plugin on your WordPress blog?

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Would you like to use the Jetpack plugin on a WordPress blog?

Users are looking for features. All the features. So many features. And because WordPress is free, they hope they can get these features for free.

use the Jetpack plugin

And that's when people start talking about Jetpack because it has a ton of features. So many features. All the features, really. And it's free.

  • So should someone be using it?
  • Do you have to install it?
  • Will this help you?

Does this mean that you won't need to buy any other premium plugins for your website?

The answers to these questions have uncertain answers and it depends.

But you probably already know that. What I plan to do is tell you why this WordPress plugin is powerful, and why you might need to consider using it on your website.

But for that we have to deal with the first concern that you probably have and that I hear all the time ... Eis it going to slow down your website?

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Will this slow down your website?

WordPress is a powerful and flexible content management system for your website. What makes it so flexible is that it doesn't come with a million features you'll never use. That's why we have plugins. That allow us to add features that we want.

And the Jetpack plugin is a special plugin because it's more like a plugin container than just a plugin. You install it as a plugin, but that's the only similarity with other plugins. The moment you activate it, you will notice that you now have access to tons of other features that you can add to your website.

But that idea, with a ton of other features, is what scares people. Because they've certainly heard that having multiple plugins will slow down their blog.

Repeat with me: it's not the quantity of plugins on your website that matters, it's the quality.

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So, let's talk about this “slowness” myth caused by Jetpack. What you need to know is that Jetpack will not automatically slow down your site. The code is pretty good. And here's the really good news: if a feature is turned off (which you can control), then the code won't be running in the background on your website. This allows you to control the weight of the Jetpack plugin on your hosting.

What can Jetpack do?

The Jetpack plugin is pretty massive, in terms of the features available. And while most of the features are free, there are premium packs that give you even more features.

  • The CDN image - Jetpack allows you to unload your images on their servers so that your site loads faster.
  • Site Statistics - Jetpack monitors your site traffic and gives you stats to help you see which items are popular
  • Similar items - You can offer other similar articles to your visitors to keep them on your site.
  • Automatic publication - Jetpack will publish your posts to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter automatically
  • Social sharing - Jetpack gives you social share buttons on your articles so readers can share your content
  • XML Sitemaps - Jetpack will create a sitemap for your site and share with Google to help you rank better in
  • Attack by brute force - Jetpack knows of attacks and can use this data to protect your own site
  • Site Monitoring - Jetpack will monitor your site every 5 minutes to see if it is still active and available
  • Custom Sidebars - Jetpack allows you to contextualize the sidebar of your site and dynamically change it which is visible
  • Publish by email - Jetpack allows you to write your messages by email and send them to get automatically published
  • Comments improvements - While WordPress has comments, Jetpack will provide a way for readers to be notified of comments
  • Contact forms - With Jetpack, it's easy to create contact forms for your site.
  • Custom CSS - Jetpack can give you an easy way to add your own custom CSS to your site theme

And over 20 other features ...

As you can see, Jetpack was designed to be useful for everyone. The advantage of the plugin is that they can have these features without installing other plugins.

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Of course, even with the ability to turn these features on and off, aren't there other plugins that could let you do the same?

Are there alternatives to Jetpack?

Yes, absolutely, there are other solutions. But nothing exactly like Jetpack. Most of the time, the alternatives are straightforward solutions for equally straightforward functionality. The only exception I know of is called Slimpack which has a series of features like Jetpack all included in one plugin.

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The biggest difference between Slimpack and Jetpack is that it removes all the features that require you to have a account.

And it's certainly one of Jetpack's flaws, which only works when you have a account.

That's all for this tutorial, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to share them with us.

This article features 6 comments

    1. Hello,
      Jetpack we do not install several plugins for you, but it does offer several features that are exactly what many plugins do. which allows you to control these features by disabling them if you don't need them or by enabling them.

    1. You have to start by uninstalling all the other plugins, and everything is fine, so start by activating them 1 to 1 and you will find the one that your Jetpack plugin is in conflict with.

  1. Hello,
    A myth that Jetpack is slowing down sites?
    I tested several times, just by activating it, if we test on Pingdom Tools or GTMetrix, we see the difference, we waste time, I do not recommend it.
    And worse if we start to activate certain options, I read articles, which plebiscite this gas plant, followed their adjustment, nothing has to do.
    Without the sites are faster. Put WP Fastest Cache, Ewww Image Optimized, a Lazy Load plugin, your site will be happy

    1. Hello Jean,

      Personally, I use it for stats and for VaultPress which in my opinion offers the best WordPress backup service.

      Thanks for the cache plugin. At BlogPasCher, we use WP Rocket.

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