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Marketing With Facebook Pixel: What Is It All About?

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Have you noticed that when you search for a product on Amazon or read an article online, the products or content that you have seen often appear in the ads on Facebook? Well, this is called " Remarketing" page (in French).

Remarketing, also known as turnaround, is widely used by major brands. In addition, due to its ease of installation and low cost, it can also be extremely beneficial for small businesses. So, we're going to learn more about the benefits of Facebook Remarketing and how you can create your own Facebook Remarketing campaign for your WordPress site.

What is Facebook Remarketing?

What is facebook remarketing

The Remarketing on Facebook Essentially displays Ads on Facebook for those who have already visited advertiser websites. Often, people visit a website with an interest in products or services but leave before making a purchase. Facebook Remarketing uses Facebook ads to remind potential customers of your website, content and products, driving traffic to your site.

Since so many people are active on Facebook, the likelihood that your website visitors will regularly log into Facebook is high. This makes it the perfect place to promote your blog or your products, and to allow them to be in touch with your products again.

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Benefits of Facebook Remarketing

Advantage of facebook remarketingThere are many interconnection benefits for Facebook remarketing. Here is the most important ...

Knowledge of the brand

Facebook remarketing helps promote your brand. Show ads to those who have visited your website before, to keep your brand in their head. This, in turn, will increase the likelihood that it will be revisited, instead that they (visitors) be tempted to visit a competitor.

Transform traffic to your site

Using remarketing ads will help you reconnect with site visitors. Engaging in this way with your audience through Facebook will be seen as a kind of reminder for visitors who will return to your website. Once visitors are back on your website, you have a higher chance of converting your goals.

To increase the sales

There are many reasons why people might not make a purchase from your site. Perhaps they wish to continue researching a product, compare prices with competing sites, or are simply not convinced that they really want to make a purchase. However, just because someone doesn't buy a product the first time, doesn't mean they won't be tried next time.

Demonstrating a product will reinforce the image of your products / services in their memory, helping them to remember why they wanted it in the first place. They will already know your site, and will more easily return to complete their purchase on your website.

Achieve faster goals for your website

Facebook Remarketing is not just about selling products. Remarketing campaigns can be created to help your site achieve several different goals. You may be looking to sell a service or subscription, expand your email subscriber list, or increase your fan base on social media. Facebook remarketing can display campaigns that will help you achieve all of these goals.

A better return for your money

Facebook remarketing is more successful in generating sales than a standard ad campaign. This is because the ads are aimed specifically at those who have visited your site before and have expressed interest in your products.

Therefore, Facebook remarketing is a better short-term financial bet because you are more likely to get a return on the money you will pay for ads. This can be a big factor for small businesses working on a tight marketing budget.

So, now that we know a bit about Facebook remarketing, in an upcoming tutorial, I'll tell you how to create remarketing campaigns on Facebook.


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