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How to remove the sidebar on WordPress

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Do you want to delete the sidebar - sidebar- your WordPress website?

A sidebar is a ready-made section on your WordPress theme. It often appears to the right or left or below the content area on every page.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to easily remove the sidebar on WordPress.

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Why remove the sidebar in WordPress?

Most free and premium WordPress themes offer sidebars.

The purpose of sidebars in WordPress is to display elements that are not part of the post or page content. Usually these are links to different areas of your website, ads, registration forms for the newsletter, social network profiles, etc….

These elements can be easily added to a theme's sidebar WordPress using widgets .

Sidear on wordpress

In most WordPress themes, the sidebar appears differently when a user views your website from a mobile device. Due to the reduced width of the screen size, sidebars that appear on the right or left are moved to the bottom of mobile screens.

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Side barriers are extremely useful and can help you grow your website. However, some website owners find that removing the sidebar improves the user experience.

If you are looking to remove the sidebar on your WordPress website, this tutorial is for you.

Deleting sidebars everywhere on WordPress

This method allows you to simply remove the sidebars from every page of your WordPress website. But to get there you need to modify the files of your WordPress theme.

First, you need to log into your WordPress website using a FTP client , then access the folder "/ wp-content / themes / your-theme /".

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WordPress themes are made up of different templates, so you will need to edit any templates where a sidebar is displayed.

For example, in a typical WordPress theme, you will have to modify index.php, page.php, single.php, archive.php, home.php, and so on.

Open a template file to edit it, and then look for the line that looks like this:

If your WordPress theme has more than one sidebar, you'll see different instances of that code with a sidebar name in the function. For example:

Delete the line that represents the sidebar that you do not want to display.

Now save and upload the file to your FTP. Repeat the process for all template files responsible for displaying different pages on your website.

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Once completed, you can access your website and see it in action.

You may notice that although the sidebars disappear, your content area always appears with the same width, leaving the area of ​​the sidebar empty.

Zone demonstration without sidebar

This is because your theme has defined the width of the content area. Now that the sidebar is unavailable, you need to adjust the width of the content area by adding custom CSS to your theme.

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First, you will need to find the CSS class used by your WordPress theme to define the width of the content area. You can do this using the tool Inspect from your browser.

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Here is an example of a CSS code that we used on the WordPress Twenty Sixteen theme.

.content-area {width: 100%; Margin: 0px; Border: 0px; Padding: 0px; } .content-area .site {margin: 0px; }

Here's how it looks without the sidebars:

Wordpress theme example without sidebar

Now you can remove any sidebar or sidebar from your WordPress website. But, if you need a premium solution to manage your sidebars, we offer below 2 premium WordPress plugins that will help you in this task.

1. Sidebar & Widget Manager for WordPress

This premium WordPress plugin allows you to create powerful sidebars and widgets on your website or blog. It is a 2 in 1 WordPress plugin that gives you full control of your sidebars and thus allows any user to position them anywhere on your website.Sidebar widget manager for wordpress

Its main features are among others: a responsive design for its sidebars and widgets, support for bbPress, BuddyPress and WooCommerce plugins, compatibility with WPBakery, support for all types of content and many others.

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2. Visual Sidebar Editor

Visual Sidebar Editor brings the power of WPBakery Page Builder or TinyMCE Editor into the life of your website sidebars and lets you manage their content the same way you do for posts and pages.Visual sidebar editor

You will now be able to take full control of the contents of your sidebar with unlimited possibilities, you will be able to use Visual Composer - WPBakery - and its superb interface with its many custom shortcodes to finally give your sidebar the look it deserves.

With the revision system included in Visual Sidebar Editor, you will never lose a change, you can return to the previous revision at any time. It is also provided with a convenient export and import tool to help you migrate your sidebars between your websites or between the sidebars of a single website.

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3. ARMember

ARMember is a premium WordPress content protection plugin. It is a unique solution that allows you to sell subscriptions on any website. It has a whole range of tools that can completely or partially protect its content.

Armember wordpress membership plugin

Another of its features is the fact that it offers a free option which is a bit limited in terms of functionality. Speaking of features, this powerful WordPress plugin offers among others:

The ability to plan its content, support for multiple subscription plans, easy configuration, migration between different subscription plans, WooCommerce support, several forms templates, and more.

It is a reference in this niche.

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Other recommended resources

To go further in taking WordPress into account, we also invite you to consult the links below. 


Here ! That's all for this tutorial, I hope it will allow you to hide or delete the sidebar on your WordPress blog. If you have any suggestions or remarks, they will be welcome.

We invite you to consult our resources if you are a beginner blogger. But, nWe also urge you to share this article on your different social networks.


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  1. hello, in my case gutemberg, like the editor of previous versions of wp, provides the 'sidebar position' section in the page and post creation / edit settings where I can choose between 'right', "Left" and "full width" by default is set to "right". Is it possible to set default on all pages / articles to "full width" in some way? Thank you in advance.

  2. Thank you so much! I deleted my sidebar, now I want to center the content horizontally. How do you do this without using full width? The current width is fine for me, I just want to center.

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