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How to give a unique style to the buttons on Divi

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Very often, you will have to create pages that contain calls to action. One of the main features of the calls to action are the buttons. By default, Divi proposes a style common to each button. It is therefore normal that you want to give them a style that is proposed to your brand.

In this tutriel Divi, I will show you how to give a unique style to the buttons of your website.

Divi buttons are infinitely customizable

The Theme Customizer is equipped with every button customization option that may be useful to you. By using these customizable commands, you can create unique and beautiful buttons for your website.

To start customizing the buttons on your website, you must first access the Theme Customizer by clicking on the link Divi> Theme Customizer in your WordPress dashboard. Then click on the "Buttons" panel to display the button settings. The button settings are separated into two sections: Button Styles and Button Fly Over Styles.

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personalization of sboutons divi.png

Button style

Here you can adjust the overall appearance of your buttons using the different Customizer controls. You can change the color of the text and background of your buttons, adjust the size and style of the button font, and even create rounded buttons using the Border-Radius slider. In addition, you can change the default font and icon used in the buttons.

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customizing buttons.png

Stationary flight style

You can also adjust the hover style of the button. When you make a hover style different from the normal button style, the effect will be transferred during flyover, creating a nice animation. This animation is triggered when visitors hover over the button with their mouse.

button configuration at overflight.png

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That's all for this tutorial, I hope it will allow you to customize the buttons on Divi.

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