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How to fix the error of access to a page of the WordPress dashboard

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Imagine this: you are working on your WordPress website and then bam! You see this contortion and confusion error:

« Sorry, you are not authorized to access this page »

« How is it possible ? You are shouting in silence. " I need to access this page. I am the administrator! »

Frustration continues when you realize that the correction is not automatic since there are several possible reasons for this error.

Do not worry. Today I will share more details about the cause of this error as well as how to fix it.

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But back to why we are here.

A short history of this error

This error is originally a permissions or security issue, but there could be several reasons for this error.

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In case you are the administrator, there is a loss of connectivity between the files of your WordPress blog and your database. The core of WordPress, plugins or themes have data that does not match what is saved in the database. Since the information does not match, the request can not be processed.

This happens when information such as username and password in the wp-config.php file that do not match what is stored in the database.

It is also possible that you have a PHP version installed on your server that is not compatible with WordPress, which is also a security risk. 

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There are many more examples, but all of these serve to illustrate the different reasons for this page, although not all of them can be easily detected.

With that in mind, here's how to diagnose the reason for this error on your WordPress blog.

You do not have access to this wordpress dashboard page

How to diagnose the dashboard access error

Assuming you are logged in as an administrator or super administrator and not with an account with a different user role, here's how to diagnose the problem. You do not necessarily need to follow the letter, but it is recommended.

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This list starts with basic tips for advanced tips.

First of all, you must necessarily make a backup of your database. This will be useful if something bad happens, you can use that to restore the website.

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1. Restore your actions

Try to remember what you did before the error occurred.

For example, if you have updated a WordPress theme or plugin. This can also happen when you are migrating from a local environment to a server. During the WordPress update, you may also experience this error.

2. Activate WP_DEBUG

The Boolean " WP_DEBUG Can list the errors on the front end that are currently plaguing your WordPress website. With this particular error, this usually does not generate any results. 

Either way, it's a good idea to try this out, as you might be notified of any errors related to any plugins or themes you installed that are contributing to the problem.

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Try to activate WP_DEBUG And check the error log when it is finished. Also, be sure to add the logging option so that " WP_DEBUG Be printed in a private newspaper. This prevents errors from being displayed on the front end, which is a security risk.

3. Check for errors and your access logs

After you have checked your access logs while sleeping from debug mode, it is also a good idea to check the access logs that are on your server for errors.

If you see any errors listed, it might help narrow down the potential sources of the problem. You can also use your access log to determine the last action before the error appeared.

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You can also check if there was unauthorized access to your website. If a hacker has been able to gain access to your files or database, you may be blocked if the hacker has modified vital data that would limit your access to pages to which you would normally have access.

4. Notifications of security plugins.

It is possible that a hacker may have infiltrated your website and in such a case it is likely that you have received a notification if you have installed a security plugin.

If you are receiving email notifications from the security plugin you installed, check if you received one in your inbox and don't forget to check the spam folder in case your email provider mail has strict spam rules in place.

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It's all for these different practices to correct the error of access to a page. There are many more solutions, but this can be considered a start.

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