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How to configure the WP Events Manager plugin: The tutorial

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How to organize and manage events, evenings on WordPress thanks to a plugin?

Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever found a plugin that does it professionally? No ?

Well, I recommend the WordPress Events Manager plugin.

But before you start, if you've never created a WordPress website, check out our guides on How to install a WordPress blog with an FTP client et How to search, install and activate a WordPress theme on your blog

how to configure plugin wp events manager tutorialAnd if you need to find other premium WordPress plugins capable of helping you manage your events, also consult this link Codecanyon

But as far as we are concerned, in this tutorial I'll show you how to use the plugin " Events Manager On WordPress.

If you are ready, let's go.

How to install and configure the Events Manager plugin

Of course, the first thing to do is to download and install the extension. You can do this directly from your WordPress dashboard.

To go further on the installation of WordPress plugins, discover our tutorial on How to install (add) a plugin on WordPress

events manager installationAfter installing and activating the plugin, a new menu " Activities Will be added to the dashboard. Click on its submenu " Parameters », In order to access the settings page.

settings-event-calendar menu

This new page consists of several tabs and sections. I will only explain the essential options.

The "General" tab

In the "General Settings" section

  • You can enable thumbnail visibility
  • You can also make it possible to book an event
  • You can disable mandatory placements (for events for which you do not want to specify the place).

general options events manager

One of the advantages of this extension is that it allows anonymous people to submit events. Of course, this is an option that you can activate in the " Event submission form ».

submission submission form


By default, the plugin manages the different styles of the elements it offers. But you can let your WordPress theme take over, by disabling some supported items in the " Style option ».

events manager style options

In the "Pages" tab

The "Permalink identifiers" section

Gives you the ability to edit permalinks events, categories, keywords and locations.

identifiers permalinks events manager

The "Event Pages" section 

Events can be displayed on the home page of your blog. But you will need to choose the option " Articles " for " View events as ". From this location also, you will be able to activate comments on events.

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the event events manager page

The "List location / archives" section

The options available in this section allow you to set up a section for archives. You can also change the display order of the archives and their number. Locations can also be included in blog searches.


The sections " Categories "," event keywords Have options quite similar to the ones above.

The "Formatting" tab

It is much more complex and not necessary for the beginning. I recommend that you do not make changes unless you know what you are doing.

The "Reservations" tab

On this tab, you can manage the entire area of ​​reservations. Among other things, you can:

  • Allow visitors to make reservations
  • Enable booking approval
  • Activate the cancellation of reservations
  • etc ...

You can change all information about the price (Currency, price format, brands, etc.).

Booking options-event-calendar

The "Emails" tab

It offers several options on the personalization of email templates. You do not have to change it, as the default settings are sufficient. However, for more personalization, you can modify some messages.

Discover also our 9 WordPress plugins to create powerful email lists

Make sure, however, not to alter codes preceded by the expression " #_ ».

settings email events manager

Now that we've gone through the settings, it's time to move on to creating an event.

How to create a new event

The first thing to do is to access the location " Events » >> Add an event >>. You will arrive on a page quite similar to the page of writing articles or pages.

create an event events manager

In addition to the default fields you probably need to recognize, you have a section below. Or ". This section allows you to provide more details about the area where the event will take place.

By the way feel free to browse our 10 best WordPress themes to create an event website.

events manager location

Below, in the section " Reservations / Registration You can authorize reservations by checking the box " Allow bookings on this event ". This will bring up new options, which will allow you to provide more information about reservations (deadline for reservations among others).

allow them-reservations-event-calendar

On the right we have a section " When », Which gathers information on the date of the event (date of departure and end).

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section when events manager

Once it's done, you can post your event and see how it displays on your blog.


Remark : The locations that you save during the creation of an event are kept for easy use later. You can manage these different locations by accessing the " Events >> Locations ».

How to create recurring events

Before all things, go to the submenu " Recurring event »From the menu Event ". You will notice that this interface is quite similar to the previous one.

Check out our 15 WordPress plugins to create a booking website (Booking)

I guess you know what it means "Recurring event". In short, these are events that are supposed to take place one or more times either in the same year or every year. So in addition to the sections that I presented to you earlier, you will notice a new section " Periodicity Which will allow you to customize its periodicity.


How to manage reservations

You will need to manage the different bookings added to your events. For that, I invite you to access the submenu " Reservations »From the menu Events ».


From this interface, you will be able to provide all the administrative actions necessary for the various reservations.

That's about all you need tonight on the configuration of the WordPress Events Manager plugin.

Other WordPress plugins are capable of providing you with a similar level of functionality to this one. We offer you below, 3 that we use regularly.

1. Event Booking Pro

This is another 100% responsive WordPress plugin, easy to customize and dedicated to the management of reservations on any website, which offers its services in the fields of events.

Event Booking Pro

Its main features include: text, color, border and other customization, PayPal support, coupon and coupon management, Google Maps support, email management support , support for shortcodes, intuitive control panel, easy event creation, total control over appearance, etc.

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2. Calendarista

Calendarista is a WordPress plugin designed to provide an online booking experience -Booking- faster and more efficient to your customers. Its goal is to make services very fast and easy to add for companies that book sessions or go online.


So if you are looking for a complete reservation system for a hotel, car rental company, apartment rental, travel agency, beauty salon, restaurant, etc.…, this plugin will be perfect for you.

As features it offers among other things: 10 ready-to-use reservation methods, support for 3 payment gateways, support for WooCommerce, integration of a customizable form builder, support for Google Map, a great calendar to display your appointments, and more

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3. EventOn

The WordPress plugin EventOn is the # 7000 selling calendar plugin on CodeCanyon, with over XNUMX sales. It has a ton of useful features like featured images for events, shortcodes, unlimited creation of event calendars, customizable metadata fields, and event features.

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Its main extensions are among others: the possibility of selling tickets, import / export of events in CSV format, free integration with Google Map, sorting and filtering on the list of events, fully responsive layout , multilingual support, and easy calendar customization

Some features are already available for free in other plugins, but the value is an effective compromise.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

Other recommended resources

If you want to go further in optimizing your blog or your website, we also suggest that you consult the links below.


Here ! That's all for this tutorial dedicated to creating events on WordPress with the Event Calendar plugin. feel free to share the tip with your friends on your social networks.

If you have any suggestions or remarks, they will be welcome. We also invite you to consult our resources if you are a beginner blogger.


This article features 103 comments

  1. Hello,

    I just have a WP site at OVH all that is standard.
    I just added Events Manager, and I'm struggling with a date issue

    test 3
    Edit |
    | Trash | Preview | Duplicate
    None January 1, 1970
    0 h 00 min - 0 h 00 min

    a test from the list

    when posting I get

    “Details for your event are incorrect, and cannot be published, please correct the following errors:

    Dates must be in the correct format, please use the date picker. "

    and the event is in draft:

    "Customers 1
    Edit | To erase
    12,33 1/2 05/08/2020 00:00
    07/08/2020 00:00 5/10 0 »

    seen like that the dates are correct, except January 01, 1970, which appears from I do not know where and makes me think of a bad setting, but which one?

    Thank you for your lights

  2. Hello,

    thank you for all the information already given.

    I am having the following problem. I have enabled the anonymous event submission option ”. Normally, from what I understand, these events should remain pending validation. However, on my site, they are published directly.

    Do you know where this problem can come from?

    Thank you in advance.


    1. Hello Clara,

      Please do not log in with your admin account when submitting.
      Otherwise, the event is effectively integrated.

      Once disconnected, by default the form is no longer displayed because it is not authorized, to achieve the desired result, I had to choose an Author profile as a guest user profile.
      The form is then displayed and the event is pending validation once sent.

  3. Hello everybody
    an excellent article that brings the plugin very well, thank you very much!
    Unfortunately, I could not set the time: the time is always set in the hours am / pm. Does anyone know this problem?

  4. Good evening,
    after reading, (and yes even if your tutorial date a little (2014 I think, well it is always useful!)
    I did an installation that works pretty well and I would say ... easily!

    I just miss a tip to report in the list of events those are complete without removing them from the list of events.
    An idea ?

  5. Hello,
    I just set up events manager to manage our evenings and outings.

    Is there a mailing plugin that can link to events manager to generate automatic newsletters?

    Thank you!

      1. Hello,

        i tested both and searched but it doesn't work. Possibly a trick or procedure would exist somewhere? paid functionality?

        An idea ?

        It is still a shame not to have a somewhat automated promotion system ...

  6. Hello,
    I created a site a year ago. I used Events manager at the time. The problem I have today is being able to retrieve past events to modify their dates. In setting, I can see that 120 events are published but it does not show them to me, even when I filter “Past events” or “All events”. Do you know how to recover these archives? Thank you for your help

  7. Hello Thierry,
    For a few days now, I have not been able to display plugins on the pages of my events, such as sharing buttons on social networks or similar articles; I did an event manager update (I hadn't done it for a very long time), I wonder if the problem is not there. Do you have an idea?
    Thank you

    1. Hello Yan,

      If it is after the update, then the problem is certainly there. try to disable Events manager and then test again. Otherwise, also check that all the other plugins are up to date ... the WordPress theme too.

      1. I am not even sure I have made an update, but it must come from there. By cons, if I disable the plugin, I will not lose all the events recorded?

  8. Hello,

    When you click on the date to choose a day or a month in the calendar, the latter opens upwards and is positioned under the menu in my case = impossible to change the month or choose the first days of the month .
    I find this problem in various sites, have you already solved this problem?

    thanks in advance

    1. Hello,

      We cannot solve it because the plugin was developed by someone else. Here, we are content to offer a few tutorials.


  9. Hello,
    Thank you for this tutorial, I see that when you click that date for the "small calendar" opens up and goes under my menu ==> impossible to choose the month where you want to do the research and impossible to choose the 1st day of the month following the screen resolution.

    What was the solution?

    thanks in advance

    1. Yes it is possible, but you need to have some code knowledge. Or, try adding these codes with a plugin that manages columns.

  10. Hello,

    How to have the automatic events page managed in 2 different languages?
    I have the automatic page in French and I would like the same one, managed automatically in English as well. Is it possible?
    Thank you for your help.

  11. Hello and thank you for this interesting news.
    A small question:
    How to remove the display of the word 'CONTENTS' from the summary page of events?

  12. Hello and thank you to everyone for this tutorial on the event manager plugin but just a question concerning: how to put a "registration" button on each event at the level of the list of events which opens a form and a user enters their name and submits his reservation at the event

  13. Hi
    Wp-calendar + events manager
    2 small questions
    The appearance of the calendar is not good in responsive mode, I do not see all the events and the week and day mode is wrong…. Is there a setting somewhere?
    Then qd I have 2 events on a day and I click on the date in the widget, it directs me to a "no results" page. It only works when there is only one event.
    Thank you

  14. Hello,
    Thanks for this tutorial. I configured Events Manager and created my first events for an association site on which I also use BuddyPress and everything is working fine (the site is currently local). I need an additional feature that I couldn't find: I would like all my registered members to be able to see who is attending the event. Is it possible ?

    1. Hello Pacoute,

      Unfortunately, we haven't tested this feature yet. I invite you to contact the plugin support.

  15. Hello, I want to add times and dates to online courses (I am using learnpress). Is it possible to synchronize learnpress and event manager?

  16. Hi,

    Could you help me please? I created a list of categories with Events manager, on the theme event by freesia on wordpress, and when I add an event by checking the parent category, I cannot find it classified in the category, it does not go there . I would like to be able to allow people to register their events on my site, according to categories, everyone will put their event according to the theme of the category they want. Thank you in advance for your help, thank you very much.

    1. Hello Hassna, Are you the one who wants to create them or are the members of your community who will? If this is the second case, then I recommend the User Role Editor plugin.

      1. Thank you very much Thierry for your answer, it's very very nice, yes it will be the members of my community who will create their events, I would like my platform to be a platform for broadcasting their events by category, by providing the location, the date and times, and therefore the category, where they can add their flyer, and where internet users can search for events that interest them by category, after that it would also be good if they could enter category + place + date all at the same time, to display a result bringing together the 3 criteria, but I don't know if it's possible to do this alone, without going through a web developer, because no means.

        1. Good evening Hassna,

          In fact what you are asking for is more of a quote than anything else. And in this case, I recommend our team on . You can also do a search on our site in the category WordPress Themes


  17. Hello,

    I'm looking for an answer to my problem as best I can and I hope you can help me
    How do you change the text in the event manager buttons?
    I manage to modify the color, the size, but the text… and on my site here is the result of "find an event":

    Thanks for your help

    1. Hi,
      I don't think the plugin offers such functionality. One of the alternatives is to modify the translations or failing that to modify the plugin directly.

      1. Hello to change the size of the text it happens in the settings of the theme
        For my part I have not found how to modify the text

  18. Hello Thierry,

    Question that might seem very silly, but how did you manage to put Events Manager in French? At home, everything is in English ...

    Have a good day

      1. Hello,

        I encounter the same problem, the fr_FR.po and files are indeed present in the FTP, but the calendar remains in English. I can't figure out how to get the .po and .mo files to take effect. Can you help me please ?

        Thank you in advance.

  19. Hello,

    I'm looking for a solution to create a search / filter menu for my events (without going through the calendar plugin). I want to be able to filter my events by category, by month and even by “audience type” or by “age” which are event attributes or by “department” which is a Location attribute.

    Is it possible ? If so, can you tell me a track?

    Thank you in advance.

    Delphine C.

    1. Hello Delphine,

      If you do not want to use the plugin, how do you link the search results to those of the plugin?

  20. Hello,

    thank you for your tutorial, I installed without problem event manager for a simple calendar of events presentation. It works very well except in the case where I have 2 events on the same day (example April 2, 2017 on the site mentioned above): it answers "nothing found"! I guess it's a simple setup but I can't find the solution. Thank you for enlightening me if possible.

    Happy New Year.


    1. Hello Jakez,

      Sorry for the late reply, the holidays go by. Regarding your request, our support is limited to this tutorial, unfortunately we cannot provide plugin support. Please get closer to the author.


  21. Hello,

    Thank you for your very detailed tutorial. I just installed the plugin but there is something that is not clear to me. What is the difference between the selection of seats in the edition of a ticket and the "Available seats" field in the "event options" section?
    To organize a 10-seat event, say, I have to create a single 10-seat ticket by allowing only one seat to be booked… or create a 10-seat ticket? (′ ︿ ‵。)

  22. I have a problem with the event manager thumbnails. in fact, these are not displayed in the list of events or in the sidebar dedicated to events. And yet, the option “Disable thumbnails” is not activated.

    If anyone could help me, thanks in advance



      1. Thanks, I solved the problem by adding the image tag. however, I still have three issues that I stumble upon.

        1) The photo of the event is truncated in height on the details page of it.

        2) On the details page of the event, there is a link to the category of the event which refers to / event / categories / nom_de_la_categorie. The problem is that this page is empty, it does not contain the list of events in the category.

        3) I downloaded the WP Full calendar extension associated with Events Manager. Above the calendar, there should be a select with the category list like on the demo However, my select is empty, does not contain the list of my categories, and therefore I cannot filter the events of my calendar. So I looked at the settings of WP Full Calendar, I configured the display of categories in the Calendar search options. When I go back to my calendar, it takes time to load. We visualize the calendar but in the background with an endless loading.

        Thanks in advance if anyone can help me.

        1. Hello,

          we are sorry to hear that you are having so many problems especially after reading the tutorial.

          for the truncated image, it is possible that the style (css) of the plug-in is not adapted to your theme.

          The category in question, does it already exist for your events?

          for this last error, we cannot give you a precise answer without manually checking the error on your blog.

          If you need a quick and prolonged help, I invite you to contact our customer service.

          cordially and courage.

          1. Hi

            Thank you for your reply.

            Yes, the category is exite well for events. can you give me the link of your customer support site. thank you in advance


  23. Hello,
    I'm trying to install a system that classifies my posts by period, i.e. if a user does a search, he gives a departure date, an arrival date (but first of all a place) as if to choose a flight on a period of 5 days (which serves his destination) where he can select the most convenient for him according to his criteria. it will therefore have as an answer on the search result page all the flights that exist between these two dates. By default wordpress only offers to give the date on which the post is created.
    I would therefore like to indicate in my metadata that the post is' valid 'from such date to such date' (like an event) but to be able to do a multicriteria search on the site which returns to users strictly the posts which are linked to this date interval .
    Do you have an idea of ​​a pluggin, or a solution that gives me this possibility.

    1. Hello,

      I recommend that you look for an article on article plugins because your topic is submitted in the wrong category.


  24. Thank you very much for your article.
    I used the plug-in on my blog and it works perfectly. I want to create a multilingual blog which with the plugin g am blocked at the level of the translation of events. Thanks for your help

  25. Hello everybody

    thank you for this article.
    Is it possible to integrate the events created under Events manager in Revolution Slider with automatic update of events in the slider?

    Thank you!

  26. Hello and thank you for this contribution, I admire the 'donations' provided by the well-used web ...

    I take advantage, I exaggerate ... I ask a question 🙂

    I got this far by the answer given to me to the following question: is there a SIMPLE plugin that allows the setup of a shared agenda on a multi-site WordPress installation?

    Example: I have 2 "sub-sites" A and B; I installed an agenda; I create 3 events 1, 2 and 3; on site A I see event 1, on site B event 2, on 2 sites A and B I see event 3 ...

    The answer which was given to me is wp-events… but how to do?

      1. Hello Thierry, thank you for your answer, I will try to be clearer ...

        I have made some progress in my research: I will therefore use Events Manager (free version a priori). My problem is more in the "can I do what I want?" ". So here is what I would like to do:

        I install WordPress Multi-sites option 'sub-directories'; I created 2 sites S1 and S2 there.

        One of the advantages that I see in this type of installation (apart from all that can be said about it) would be to be able to use a shared common agenda which would allow:
        - create an E1 event only visible on the S1 site
        - create an E2 event only visible on the S2 site
        - create an S3 event visible on the two sites S1 and S2

        Is it possible with Events Manager?
        [request for bonus] And if so, how? (because in addition I'm bad enough in English to understand the subtleties of the tutorials posted on their site)

        PS: I'm talking about 2 sites to keep it simple but in fact I have 5 hence the interest of the multi-sites AND the shared common agenda

        1. Hello,

          I haven't tested it yet, but with a multi-site network it should be possible. Sorry for the late reply 🙂

          1. Hello,
            I'm a little ashamed to respond so late, but I only hope to contribute ...

            So in fact it is possible. You have to work on the trick a bit but we get there. You have to play with:
            - blog IDs (look for them in the database
            - the category IDs (idem); I use the categories as a 'filter' to display only the events of this category; the thing is, I said 1 site = 1 category
            - once the information is found, put this type of line in the page: [events_list blog = »1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 ″ category = 4] [/ events_list] (I post for all blogs only category 4…
            - in my case it corresponds to what I want because suddenly I create my events on a single site; I say that this event is category A, B, C (which corresponds to each of my sites) and voila
            - finally to 'improve the basic presentation, I also played on Event in the WP menu >> Settings >> Formatting tab >> event section… the 3 boxes “Default format of the header of a list events "," list "and" footer "

            This is what it looks like when I post all the events on my main site (
            This is what it looks like when I post the events on a secondary site (


            I take this opportunity to ask a question: where can we change the presentation of the 'default' event pages? Indeed, during the installation Events Manager creates default pages. The one called event displays a standard calendar. I would like to add the same filters to it. Where can I do it?
            thank you in advance

          2. Hi,
            I answer Thierry concerning "the adventure of the calendar"!

            No I have not tried because I do not see (I do not know) where I could insert a shortcode since by definition the created page which is called 'event' does not contain anything (except the CONTENTS keyword) and it ' is precisely the subject of my question: where is the code for displaying the page named "events"?

          3. Have you looked at the author's site or forum? Because I believe I worked with codes on a client's site.

  27. Hi

    after reading this article, I installed Events Manager. Problem: I can't find the page with my events.

    I read on the English support that apparently you have to first create an empty page, name it whatever you want and then specify the same name in the Pages settings.

    All I can get is a page with my blog archives. No timetable!

    I am especially looking for an agenda with the possibility for visitors to my site to submit an event and that I just have to validate it. And then it all appears as a calendar or a list.

    But here I can't get anywhere, I even uninstalled the plugin, reinstalled, etc. nothing works

    Can it come from my theme? (I use color mag)

    1. Hi,

      To know if the problem comes from the theme, you must activate the default wordpress theme, if the display is normal, then yes it is your theme and not Events Manager.


    2. Hello,

      Try not to create a page, but to save for example "events" as "slug" of the event page and do a test by accessing the address, for example to see if everything is working normally. During the plugin test, I did not have to create a page, otherwise I will have indicated.

      Thank you

  28. Hello,
    I installed the Events-manager plugin, and like in Quentin's site in his post of February 20, 2015, I would like to put a “My reservations” page with Username and Password. I know that when installing the plugin, it created the "My reservations" page. However, I don't know how to put the username and password. In addition, if I put this page in the menu, when Internet users click on edit, they have access to my admin page.
    I'm also trying to put a secure members page so that all members can see who has registered for an event (for a grouping).

    I'm making the site for an association and I'm new to WordPress. So your help will be very precious to me. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hello,

      Sorry for this type of service, we invite you to contact our support by starting a chat via the form below. Unfortunately we can not fully explain or ensure the complete support of its plugins.


    1. Hello Yan,

      In principle, yes. However, it might be necessary to have the pro version of the plugin.

  29. Hello you know if it is possible to publish events without end time,
    the parties we organize often end with random factors like everyone's gone.

  30. Hello and thank you for this tutorial which really helped me get started. But here I am stuck and nowhere can I find an explanation or tip. I therefore allow myself to contact you.

    So I installed the "Event Manager" extension to present various events and allow the Internet user to register. So I created events with a ticket each time.
    However, while my event has not yet taken place and no one is registered, the #_BOOKINGFORM #_BOOKINGBUTTON button indicates in my event page that my “event is closed”.

    Can you enlighten me please?

    This website is created in LocalHost on MAMP.

    Many thanks in advance for your help. Otherwise what other extension, simple and intuitive, could meet my needs (event list with limited number of places and possibility of registration, reservation? Or maybe just one that I can add that will allow me to manage registrations and a counter….

    See you soon and thank you for your help!

    1. Hi,

      For us Event Manager is the best in this area. Regarding your question, I recommend that you ask the question on the plugin forum please because we do not intervene on Localhost installations. Sorry.

      But if Hervé has a solution (it's his domain) he will suggest it to you.


    2. Hello,
      So far, we have not encountered such a problem, but above all we cannot easily put ourselves in your situation given that local tests are in most cases different from hosted ones. You will understand that it is therefore impossible for us to provide you with a solution other than to check whether everything has been completed correctly.

      I recommend this plugin, Consistent with your industry.

  31. Hello,
    Unless you modify the source code, it is impossible to use the categories of the articles on Event Manager ... Being a kind of Custom Post types, it uses its own taxonomies (therefore categories).

    1. thank you and sorry for the delay, I did not see an email indicating an answer.

      I made a volunteer site: but my categories page (not automatically create events manager) is really not at the top. We do not know who is substitute, we have to turn the page .. badly arranged

      I'm trying to put a drop down list instead but no idea how to do it. I saw in event> settings> formatting> categories> categories list header format:. If I understand (I am starting) it creates the list with the css: em-categories-list?

      How can one make a correct drop-down list by going directly through the css?
      OR I create a page directly with my html code and my redirects? (to be updated manually so ...)

      Thank you !!!

      Ps: don't hesitate to tell me what you think of my first site

      1. Hello Quentin,

        I think Hervé is better placed to answer this question. Otherwise, you should contact our Paying Department to try to resolve the issue.


  32. Hello thank you for this car to the top
    A little help regarding categories, can I activate a parameter to use the same categories between the extension and wordpress?

    Thank you very quickly

  33. Thank you for this beautiful tutorial in French!

    Here is a small Complement to display an ical calendar with month, week, day view, just couple the wp-fullcallendar plugin to events-manager. In the latter, you must activate the option that asks events-manager to take over the configuration to be able to display the categories with their selectors in the view.

    .. and there you have it, it is possible to display a calendar like ical or google calendar directly in wordpress 🙂

    1. Hello Martouf,

      Thanks for the contribution. It's very appreciated. Hopefully other readers will have better results with this approach.

    2. Hello,
      Thank you for this little tutorial well done but I meet a pb. I'm redoing my client's site on a test version and there's something I don't understand: I don't have a "where" section, yet there is a Google Maps but it doesn't show up anywhere how with the text. I don't understand how this map was integrated because there is no code associated with this Google Map either.
      And when I go to Location there is indeed a location created with an address, but I do not see where this address has been entered because when I open the page is empty and I have no section allowing me to enter the address on the side ...
      Thank you in advance for your help

      1. Hello and Merry Christmas,
        in this kind of situation, I sometimes do several preliminary checks.

        - Database on phpmyadmin
        - Creation of a new test environment
        - Inspect the code

        Unfortunately, I cannot tell you exactly what is wrong. Since you work locally, it is impossible for us to provide assistance. However, I hope these points will help you.

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