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How to fix the WordPress "Unable to write to disk" error

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Have you ever encountered the error " Unable to write file to disk When uploading files to WordPress?

This fairly common mistake can be very frustrating for beginners. In this article, we will show you how to fix this error on WordPress.

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But back to why we are here.


What are the causes of file write error when uploading to WordPress?

This error may be due to some causes. But the most common cause is incorrect permission to access folders. Every file and folder on your website has a permission set. Your web server controls access to files through these permissions.

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Incorrect permissions to access a folder may deprive you of the right to add files to the server. This means that your web server cannot create or add new files in this folder..

If you try to upload images or other files from the WordPress admin area, you will see one of the following error messages:

  • WordPress failed to write to disk
  • WordPress failed to download due to error writing file to disk
  • Could not create folder wp-content / uploads / 2016 / 03. Is its parent folder writable by the server?

How to fix the write to disk error in WordPress

First, you need to log into your WordPress website using a FTP client. For this tutorial we are using the free FTP client fileZilla. If you use another FTP client, it may look a little different.

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Once you are logged in, you have to right click on the folder wp-content and select the file permissions.

configure-the-permissions-of-files-tutorial-wordpress-how fix-a-mistake-décriture-on-disk

This will bring up the file permissions dialog in your FTP client. You will see the owner, group, and audience permissions.

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change-of-permissions-tutorial-wordpress-how fix-a-mistake-décriture-on-disk

You must enter "755" in the numeric value field.

After that, you have to check the box next to « Proceed recursively in subdirectories« . Finally, you have to click on the option « Apply to file only« . Click on the button " OKAY " to continue.

Your FTP client will set folder permissions to 755 and apply them to all subfolders in the folder wp-content. This includes downloading the folder where all the images are stored. You can also make sure that the permissions for the individual files in your folder wp-content Are correct.

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Again, right click on the folder wp-content and select file permissions. This time we will be able to change permissions based on files. Come in " 644 In the field, then check the box next to "Proceed recursively in the sub-directories".

Finally, you have to click on the option « Apply to file only« . Click on the OK button to continue. Your FTP client will set permissions to 644 for all files in the folder wp-content.

You can visit your WordPress website and try uploading files. If you still see this error, contact your hosting provider and ask them to empty the temporary files folder.

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WordPress uploads your images using the language PHP, which first saves downloads to a temporary folder on your web server. After that, it moves them to your WordPress folder.

If this temporary folder is full, or if it is misconfigured, WordPress will not be able to write the file to disk.

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The temporary folder is on your server and in most cases you can not access it using FTP. You will have to contact your host and ask him to empty it for you.

Here ! Now you will be able to correct the error " unable to write to disk »

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