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How to make a playful WordPress blog

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Making a blog fun can be fun, educational, retain visitors, boost audience recognition, and do a lot more for a WordPress site. It is just important not to overdo it. Making a blog fun should be memorable for the value it adds, and not just because you've created a diversion that you can use for a few minutes before getting back to work.

That said, let's talk about some practical ways that you can use to add playful features to your own website.

#1. tooltips

Info bubbles discussion

Most video games usually give you an overview of how to use its interface. Think of tooltips the same. While your goal should always be to create an intuitive first-contact pathway for better conversion, sometimes it helps to add quick tips as users navigate.

I recommend you to try the plugin WP Tour.

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# 2. Loading bars

Adding loading bars is one way to keep your visitors engaged while your pages are loading. These same types of transition animations work very well for the "gamification" of your website. Obviously, no one wants to sit and wait without knowing how long they will have to wait, but with fairly short and entertaining animation, you can increase the likelihood that visitors will wait longer.

# 3. Quiz

Wordpress quiz

Want to follow in the footsteps of sites like BuzzFeed and provide visitors with additional entertainment or educational value? Create quizzes, polls, and surveys to keep them engaged and to give you the opportunity to gain additional knowledge about what they want from you. You can use the plugin WP Pro Quiz which is pretty well noted on

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# 4. communities

Social network

One of the perks of playing video games is that it is an opportunity to meet like-minded people who are exploring the same landscape and universe as you. Some games even allow you to join forces and form your own virtual team, despite never having met one in real life. If your site has a large community that would benefit from collaboration and communication, forming a member area and community service would be a great way to foster that same team atmosphere.

If you are interested in building a community, check out BuddyPress, a plugin for free social network on WordPress.

# 5. Offer points to members

In addition to building a community on this idea, if you want to offer more and reward members with points, you can use a plugin like " myCRED ". For the most part, this plugin aims to help users design a point system and manage visitor point accumulation on their WordPress site. Purchase rewards, badges, games and other related features are available.

# 6. Membership Rewards

Now, if what you're looking for is a full-fledged reward tool with a complete gamification tool, then the plugin " Captain Up Is the tool you should use. This tool is chock full of gamification features like badges, levels, trophies, points, currencies, and rewards. You can also use it to manage communication with your community, promote and reward your visitors who engage with you on social media.

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To summarize

The gamification Is not at all new to a concept. When we discover more effective ways to create websites, we have the time to devote ourselves to innovative design techniques like gamification that we might not have otherwise considered by now.

As always, remember to keep the user experience in mind before introducing this new design or interactive elements to your site. Your goal should always be to improve the experience, not just to sell more. As for gamification, the simpler the functionality, the easier it will be to set up.

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