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How to keep your subscribers constantly informed on WordPress

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Web push notifications are one of the newest additions to the arsenal of tools available to internet marketers. However, like all marketing tools, they have a time and place.

There are two keys to getting the most out of Push Web notifications:

  • First, you need to understand what kind of web push notifications messages are good at delivering.
  • Second, you must know how to write and deliver notifications effectively.

In this tutorial, I will educate you more about Push Notifications, to consider their pros and cons, determine the kind of messages they can deliver, and I'll give you other tips. When we are done, you will know whether or not push notifications are good for your website and whether you are ready to develop an effective strategy for their use.

What are push notifications?

Web push notifications are short messages delivered in a web browser for site visitors who opt to receive notifications. They are supported by modern versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari. This means that far more than half of all web users are eligible for push notifications and can start receiving push notifications from your website.

Web push notifications work in two steps.

Step 1: Site visitors agree to receive notifications.

Push notification acceptance

When a visitor arrives at a site that uses push web notifications, they will be prompted to allow notifications.

Step 2: the site sends a notification.

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Notifications are delivered immediately (or according to the schedule set by the sender) to all users whose browsers are open at the time the notification is sent. Users who do not currently have an active browser will see the notification the next time they open their browser.

There are many providers of push notifications. We talked about some solutions before. So, let's jump on the details of the implementation in this tutorial and come up on how to use them effectively.

Push Notifications: Pros and Cons

There are many things to enjoy with push notifications but they are not without gaps. If you do not understand these facts, then you will be ill-equipped to use push notifications effectively. Let's take a look at three features of push notifications to get a better handle on their real value:

  • The effectiveness of Web Push notifications.
  • Ease of installation and use.
  • The deficiencies of push notifications make it a bad substitute for email notifications.

Efficiency: Push notifications have an excellent response rate

What percentage of your subscribers use a disposable email address? A significant percentage. In addition, the inboxes are crowded, and while it is true that email marketing is certainly useful, the response rates are not very good.

On the other hand, the reactions to push notifications are always impressive. Indeed, there is no real incentive for users to accept notifications. Thus, visitors who actually opt in wish to receive your notifications. Since activation of notifications is not prompted, any feedback becomes valuable.

As a result, the list of users who get your notifications is usually higher than the quality of your email subscribers and the click rates for email push notifications often dwarf click rates. Although statistics on this new form of marketing are limited, to some extent, push notifications produce a click rate more than three times higher than email notifications.

Ease of use: Push Web is easier than the Alternative

First of all, let's talk about the "opt-in".

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Push notifications have a very simple "opt-in". All visitors have to do to opt-in is click a button. Email subscription, on the other hand, requires users to type in an email address and then go through an email confirmation process.

Second, let's talk about implementation.

Web push notifications are often compared to mobile app notifications. In a sense, device notifications are superior to push notifications: they are delivered even when the app in question is closed. However, web push notifications are much easier to implement.

Gaps: Push Notifications can not replace email subscriptions

Push notifications are only delivered once, and once they have been delivered, they cannot be retrieved. This is a pretty bad delivery method for items that the receiver can see only once. Email, on the other hand, is an ideal delivery method for information that the receiver may need to consult repeatedly.

Tips for using push notifications

To get the most out of push notifications, you must use them to send the right type of message and develop a thoughtful strategy for delivering those messages. We will talk about the push notifications strategy.

Here are our best tips for developing an effective push notification strategy.

Tip # 1: Use push notifications alongside other streaming channels.

Push notifications should be part of a larger multi-channel marketing strategy. While it is true that push notifications are good for delivering specific messages, they cannot replace your email newsletter or other on-going marketing efforts such as ad recalibration, exit popups, and marketing. on social networks.

Tip # 2: Push notifications must be short and straightforward.

When writing push notifications remember that you are dealing with a very limited visual space. The most effective push notifications are short and short.

Tip # 3: Deliver relevant messages in a timely manner.

Use the segmentation list and personalization provision options made available by the provider of your push notification system. If the provider you have chosen does not offer the custom segmentation and delivery list, consider switching to a provider like OneSignal who offer these features.

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One signal dashboard

That's all for this tutorial, I hope you'll know now how to create more effective push notifications. Feel free to share the tutorial with your friends on your favorite social networks.


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