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Need to know how to get an email address with your WordPress hosting?

When you set up WordPress web hosting and start exploring the cPanel, it can be tempting to click sometimes on configure an email address with your domain.

While it's convenient to create an email address in the same place where you manage your WordPress website, it's not always the best idea. Of course, it's free and it barely takes a minute to set up, but there are a lot of responsibilities that come with it at the same time.

Today I'm going to share how you can set up an email address with your domain through the cPanel of your WordPress web hosting. We'll also talk about the pros and cons of hosting your own email web.

I'll also tell you when it's best to use a dedicated email provider instead.

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Then back to why we are here.

Configuring email with cPanel

After logging into cPanel, go to " Email> Email Accounts ". This is where you can set up your first personalized email address with your domain. For example, you create an email for your website.

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How to have an email address with your WordPress hosting - wordpress email account

Then enter the desired email address. Include anything that should appear before the @ symbol. Then enter and confirm the password you want to use.

You can click the "Password Generator" button to automatically create a strong password.

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Creation message account

You can also choose your mailbox quota. This is the maximum amount of storage space you can allocate to your email address.

Each email you send has a file size depending on what's in the email. Text emails are typically around 10KB in size, while emails with images and attachments can be larger. The exact size depends on the file sizes of the images and attachments that have been sent.

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It may be important to note that the email software that you use to view your mail is usually limited to the size of the attachment file that you have authorized by email.

The default mailbox quota is 250 MB, which is usually sufficient for average usage, but you can adjust this value as needed.

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You can also select the unlimited radio button instead if you do not want to set a specific limit and you want your storage to be infinite.

Keep in mind that you are limited by your hosting plan and cannot exceed the storage space you have for your account. For example, if you have a storage limit of 10 GB, your address cannot receive more than that amount in emails, even if you choose the unlimited mailbox quota option.

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Once you have made your selection, uncheck the box under the button " Create account If you do not want to receive a welcome email with the setup instructions.

Then go ahead and click on the button Create account to activate your new personalized email address.

If all is well, you should see a confirmation message.

Create a cpanel email account

Access to your new email account

Scroll down to the " Email Accounts And find your new email account in the list. Click on the button " Plus "To the right and select the option" To access to Webmail ».

Access webmail cpanel

A new tab should open in your browser where you can select the free email software you want to use to access your emails.

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First, you'll be prompted to notify you that you can change your email setup option at any time.

Then there are three options to choose from and the selection makes it your default email platform for your account.

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It does not matter which one you choose. It all boils down to a personal preference.

Selection of messaging software

Click the Webmail logo at the top of the page to access your email account.

You'll be able to check your email, send messages, and perform most of the tasks you use in a standard email account.

Cpanel email account

Host your own email addresses

Setting up a custom email address in the cPanel next to your WordPress website is pretty straightforward. But is this the best option?

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In most cases, this is often not the right solution and it is important to consider why before setting up an email account.

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Still, there are reasons why this could be a good solution:

  • Your website and email can be conveniently managed in one place
  • You have full control over settings, including anti-spam filters and mailbox quotas
  • You can create as many email accounts as you want

Regarding the disadvantages:

  • Much less stable  - If your WordPress website is not working, so is your email. Not all web hosting plans are heavy enough to handle emails properly.
  • Security is your responsibility  - It is your responsibility to make sure your website and email are secure.
  • A secure website doesn't mean your email is so secure. There is much more to do to secure your email.

Dedicated email provider

In most cases, it is best to set up your email through a specialized email provider. It's more stable, secure, and you won't need to migrate your email if you decide you want to change hosts.

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The downside is that you won't have much control, but for most typical use cases, it's not necessary.

It's always important to look for the email provider that offers you more features and the security you need. 

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Many web hosting companies also offer a free email address with hosting, but there are many disadvantages similar to those of personal hosting your email accounts:

  • Most web servers are focused on web hosting and don't offer a solid email solution.
  • This offer is usually made when you get shared hosting, less secure than other options.
  • If you decide to change web host, migrating your email is often difficult, especially if you are hosting with a less reputable company that decides to keep your email or other services as a ransom.

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