Not so long ago I showed you how to create a private blog on WordPress.

Now, I'll go a step further and show you how to create a fully private WooCommerce store. That is, restricted access to certain users.

To do this we will use a plugin called WooCommerce Private Store from Barn2 Media.

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Then back to why we are here.

Why create a private online store?

Well if you are trying to be the next Amazon then yes it is rather counterproductive to hide your store from the general public.

But there are many legitimate reasons why you might want to create a private WooCommerce store.

Here are the cases where this feature can be useful:

  • Wholesale Stores - many wholesale stores do not want their stock (or price) to be accessible to the general public.
  • Member Stores - if your WooCommerce online store is for registered members only, you might not want the public to see your products.

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I'm sure you can probably imagine a few unique situations for yourself, too.

How WooCommerce Private Store Helps You Hide Your Store

Like many other WooCommerce plugins from Barn2 Media, rather than trying to offer a bunch of different functions, WooCommerce Private Store focuses on one thing really good. Woocommerce store protection

In this case, this "thing" turns your entire online store into a real private WooCommerce store. This means that everything will be hidden from both unauthorized users and the prying eyes of search engine.

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So, how will users access your store? Well, you can use two different methods:

  • WooCommerce login form - with this method, users will have to enter a password. Once they enter the password, the entire online store will be unlocked for a period that you can specify ( no need to re-enter the password multiple times ).
  • Unblock for logged in users - with this method, the store will be automatically unlocked for all users who are logged into your WordPress website. Users who are not logged in will only see the non-WooCommerce parts of your website. This is perfect for hanging your store on a member area plugin, or something similar.

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The good thing is that in addition to protecting the pages of your online store (product listings, payment, etc.), WooCommerce Private Store also protects:

  • The links of the navigation menu
  • The widgets sidebar

And this will also remove your store from:

  • Search results
  • XML Sitemaps

All in all, it is very important to make sure that unauthorized people or search engines do not have access to any part of your store.

How to Use WooCommerce Private Store - A Practical Look

OK, now you know the features. But how do all these features really come together to help you create a private WooCommerce store? 

The first thing to do is obviously install and activate the WordPress plugin. Once you have installed and activated the plugin, there is only one settings page to complete by going to WooCommerce → Settings → Private Store .Woocommerce private store settings

In the upper section, you can:

  • Enter the password (s) to unlock your online store. If you wish, you can add multiple passwords by clicking on the icon +.
  • Choose how many days the store should remain unlocked after a user enters the password.
  • Enter a page (optional) to redirect users after they enter the password.
  • Choose whether or not you want to unlock the online store automatically for logged in users.

Below these settings you can also configure the login form using the different options:Login form

To add a login form, all you need to do is use the shortcode [store_login] ( without the spaces ).

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By default, the plugin will retrieve information from the settings you just entered. But if you plan to display a login form in multiple places, you can change the shortcode on an individual basis with one of the three parameters included:

  • message - allows you to customize the message displayed above the login form.
  • unlocked_message - allows you to customize the message that is displayed after that a user has entered the password.
  • visit_store - allows you to customize the call to action displayed after the user has entered the password (in assuming you are not already redirecting users to a custom page )

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Here's what the raw shortcode looks like in a page or widget frame using the default style of the free Storefront WordPress theme:Woocommerce private store login form

Because you are creating the form with a shortcode, you should also be able to use it in a visual constructor of pages such as WPBakery.

And you can also use your own CSS style to customize the look of the form.

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