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How to add a widget to your WordPress blog

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The main advantage of WordPress is that it is highly customizable. Almost all of the features it offers are decentralized, and accessible from a specific location. 

This is the case with widgets which allow you to add certain information and features (recent articles, products, forms, etc.) to the sidebar of your blog. It is therefore important to use widgets on your blog.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to add widgets to your blog WordPress. If you do not understand certain points (I do not want), then the comments form is at your disposal. If you find this tutorial useful, share it with your friends on social networks.

What to know about widgets

As explained above, widgets can be considered shortcuts. They are available on your dashboard after installing some plugins or themes. By default, WordPress offers widgets that you can immediately use after creating your WordPress site (12 total). 

Some themes have multiple locations for displaying widgets:

  • Left side column
  • Right side column
  • Footer
  • Header
  • Bottom of articles

To access the widget area on your WordPress dashboard, go to « appearance "And then" Widgets ».

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How to add widgets from the classic interface

how access-to-widgets

By accessing the widgets page (by following the link "widgets"), you will see all available widgets and columns proposed by your theme. Depending on the theme you activate, the proposed columns will be different. You must each time refer to the documentation of your theme, if the columns are not sufficiently named and identifiable.

On the widgets page, on the left you will see all the available widgets (can be used). On the right, the available slots and lower left.

To add a widget, simply drag and drop to the area of ​​your choice on the right.

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how add-a-widget-of-the-box-side

Once the Widget is on the right column, you can unfold and configure it. And If you want to remove a widget without deleting your settings, move it to the " Widgets disabled Located at the bottom of the page.

how off-the-widget

Since these widgets will retain their configurations, you can use them again whenever you want.

How to add widgets from the WordPress personalization interface

Since the 3.8 version of WordPress, it is possible to add and customize widgets from the theme customization interface. The main objective of this new feature is to simplify the management of widgets, but above all to have a direct overview of each modification made on the site.


To access it you just have to go on "Appearance" then "Customize". Then select a widget and the column in which you want to add them.

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how add-a-new-widget-on-a-column-side

Here ! You now know how to use Widgets on your WordPress blog. And if you're looking for a video tutorial, click here to watch.

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