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How to add a quiz to your blog: the tutorial

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The Quiz is one of the oldest games on the internet. You can use it to submit your subscribers / visitors to certain questions, or simply to collect opinions, organize polls on your WordPress blog.


In this tutorial, I will show you how to add a quiz on your WordPress blog using the plugin " Watu ».

How to install and configure the plugin Watu

This is of course what to do first. Watu is a plugin that you can Install from your dashboardBut also you can download it as a zip file.


After installing and activating the plugin, a new sub-menu will be added to the " Settings ". Clicking on it will take you to the plugin settings page.

watu-SETTINGS menu

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From this page you can:

  • Do not show correct answers « Don't show answer »
  • Show the correct answer at the end of the quiz Show answers at the end of the Quiz ».
  • Show the correct answer after each choice " Show the answer of a question time immediately after-the user-have selected an answer »

You also have the option to customize the type of the response, a single response (Single answer), or several answers (Multiple answers).

The other options are for developers. You can check the option " Database Option To delete the data saved by the plugin during its uninstallation.

How to create a new quiz

You need to access the submenu « Quizzes Watu »From the big menu« Tools ».

watu-quizzes menu

On this new page, the different quizzes you have created are displayed, you will probably notice that there is a quiz already available by default, and it has a shortcode. To create a new quiz, you must click on " Create New Quiz ».


On this new page, provided you can:

  • A title to your quiz
  • Show questions randomly (randomize issues)
  • View responses randomly (Randomize answers)
  • Show questions on one page (Show all questions were single page)
  • Require the connection to access the Quiz (Require user login
  • Receive a notification each time someone tries the Quiz (Notify me when someone takes this quiz)

In the section " Correct Answer Display », You can choose to display the correct answer immediately after. This option does not work if you select the option " Single page ».

In the section " Description You can add a description to the quiz.

The section " final Screen »Allows you to customize the display of the results page. You have templates that should not be modified. Each template has a precise meaning. Among others, we have:

  • %% ANSWERS %% will show answers to questions
  • %% POINTS %% will display the points scored by the user
  • %% %% POINTS MAX-the maximum number of points
  • %% GRADE %% the level reached by the user

Clicking on " Save You will access a new page that displays all the questions available for this quiz. To add a new question, you must click on " Create new question ».


Clicking on this link will take you to a new page where you can enter the wording of the question, and further down in the " Answers The different answers. Click on " Correct Answer To choose the correct answer and don't forget to add points to each answer.


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You can repeat the process each time to add new questions.

Remark : Don't forget to use the shortcode in a page / article to display the Quiz.

I invite you to check out this demo, to get an idea of ​​its use. That's it for this plugin, don't hesitate to share the tip with your friends on social networks.

This article features 9 comments

  1. Hello and thank you for this article.

    If you are looking for a super complete alternative, you can try . I used it to create beauty quiz and many more on my free contest and quiz site.

    It is in my opinion one of the best tools for making quizzes that integrate perfectly into wordpress. Best of all, there are hundreds of ready-made quizzes and very detailed analytics.


  2. Thank you for this well done tutorial.
    My question :
    Is it possible to automatically display on a page of your choice (the home page for example) the results of the survey (taking into account all the questions and answers)
    For me, this is to display the satisfaction rate of trainees following training.


  3. Hello,
    Do you know if it is possible to customize the answer?
    By that I mean to add line breaks. bold, color, etc.

    thank you,

    1. Hello Romeo,

      Please just add the shortcode generated when creating your quiz on any page of your blog or WordPress site and it will be displayed.


  4. Thank you for sharing this quiz plugin WATU.
    My question today: Is there a limit of questions? (example a quiz of 100 to 500 questions with a choice of answers and / or true or false)
    Thank you

    1. Hello Afaq

      Unfortunately we haven't tested the plugin until this point, so I'm unable to tell you whether or not this is possible.


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