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How to protect your WordPress blog from attacks with the Rublon plugin

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The security on the WordPress login page is definitely one of its weak points. To be honest, this is the favorite target of hackers. They will use this page with an attack called " brute-force To access your dashboard, and once it's done, you will only have your eyes to see the damage.

In this new tutorial dedicated to WordPress security, I will show you how to protect this login page with a Plugin which is called Rublon available on You can also install it from your dashboard.


Download the Plugin

How does this work? Plugin ?

Rublon uses the dual authentication system to protect your login page. Indeed, the first authentication is normal and the second is that of the device that connects.

Rublon allows you to define a list of devices allowed to connect. It may laptop, Smartphone, desktop PC etc. With each new device, you will need to confirm it.

This means that when a device, which is not a safe device, attempts to access the dashboard, access will simply be denied.

How to configure Rublon

After installing and activating the Pluginyou will go to the settings page of the latter. This page allows you to activate protection Rubon for certain roles. You may also require the installation of the application Rublon On portable devices (what is a recommended safe measure).

At the bottom, you have the functionality XML-RPC that allows you to control your dashboard remotely without authentication from Rublon. By default, this option is disabled.

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Once done, you can save your settings. Now you will notice the label " Account Protection On your login form. If this is the case with you, then Rublon has installed correctly.


After login, you will access the site Rublon To confirm your device.


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A new email will be sent to the address e-mail Of the user who logs on.


Once you've clicked on the link to check your device, you can now tell if the location you're from connecté is on (Staff) or not (Public space such as a cyber coffee).

Click on next to connect to your WordPress dashboard.


You can now access the menu « Rublon >> Trusted Devices » (safe devices)

Rublon camera-on

configuring Rublon For mobile devices

As it was said earlier, it is desirable to require the installation of the software Rublon to access your blog. Rublon Is available on iphone, Android and Windows Phone.

Rublon-installation-portable camera

Once the application is installed, the email address of the user will be sent because an activation email will be returned.

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If mobile authentication is enabled on your blog, a connection from a new browser, a code QR will be displayed. It will therefore be necessary to scan this code to connect.


This is all you need to know about the Plugin Rublon that helps secure the login page of your WordPress site. It's one of many security measures you can put in place. I invite you to consult our different security tutorials WordPress.

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