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How to optimize your publications before publishing them

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Need to know how to optimize your posts before publishing them?

If you are a blogger like me then you must know what it is like to wear zillion hats. As a blog owner, you are the one who searches for the commodity that will be of interest to your audience. You are the one to handle the writing, editing and optimization of your referrals.

It is no joke that doing all of these tasks and many more at the same time. It's easy to miss some important points when you click the " Publish ". So, in order to help you feel confident, we decided to offer this checklist for bloggers.

In this tutorial, we therefore offer you some practices to do before pressing the " Publish " While they may seem way too much at first glance, most of these steps are fairly simple and quick to reach.

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Then back to why we are here.

Step 1: Create a compelling headline

The title of your blog post is one of the most powerful elements. Depending on how you organize it, visitors will decide if your post is worthy of their attention. Organic search engine traffic to your website depends on how well you wrote your article. Typically, a headline is the last thing bloggers work on when creating the article.How to optimize posts before posting 3

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There are many techniques you can apply while working on the title of your post. Start with a test title. This will be the basis of your final version. Keep the title short. 70 characters will be sufficient for correct display in search engine results.

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Once you've found your version of the post's title, brainstorm with someone else. Remember to include keywords or phrases in the title. This will give you a better chance of reaching the right audience and getting more exposure in the search engines.

Step 2: Format your content

It is easier to read text that is divided into smaller sections. Avoiding long paragraphs is good practice. 5-6 lines of text are the appropriate length for paragraphs that will be read by your audience. How to optimize posts before posting 1

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Typically, when you come across a blog post, users analyze the content before deciding to read it. By means of subtitles, you can better convey the message of your article to readers.

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In this way, users can have a quick plan of the ideas highlighted in your publication, which helps to get to know it better.

Step 3: Format Image

We all know that a single image added to a web page equals a thousand words. Maybe nothing can harm your webpage more than a poor quality image and poorly formatted photos. So, before your post goes live, make sure every visual content is sized correctly and will look great on any device screen. How to optimize posts before posting

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In addition to the quality of the photos on your posts, take care to update your blog with a high resolution logo which will make your project more recognized to a larger web community. Also, don't neglect optimizing the alt tags and title tags of your images. This will help you make your content more accessible on the web.

Step 4: Image in the spotlight

This point is particularly relevant for anyone who uses a WordPress blog. Improving your posts with featured images can be important for several reasons. First of all, by means of a featured image, you can capture the attention of users. 

Image featured wordpress how to optimize blog images

Depending on how you designed it, the featured image might feature an intriguing article or be a clear indication of what you're going to highlight in your post.

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Due to the expansive functionality of WordPress, a featured image on your post can be used in a variety of ways. For example, this can be automatically used in the recent posts slider.

Step 5: SEO

Even if you publish your articles with beautiful images and make good articles, all efforts are in vain unless you optimize the data for search engines. How your blog ranks keywords for the SERP industry is of major importance when it comes to increasing organic traffic and generating leads. How to optimize posts before posting 2

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In order to make your post more engaging, be sure to include industry keywords in the text. When optimizing your data, make sure that keywords don't affect overall readability. Also, don't forget to add internal links to other pages on your blog.

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This can not only help you better optimize your content for search engines, but also deliver more value to your readers while giving them quick access to other relevant data on your website.

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Due unknown vulnerabilities plugins installed, your site can be an easy target for attacks. iThemes security identifies and protects you from these vulnerabilities.

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3. Sabai Discuss

Sabai Discuss is not a premium WordPress forum plugin in the strict sense of the term; but it contains very interesting functionalities just as provided as a traditional forum plugin.Sabai discuss plugin for wordpress plugin

Thanks to him, you will be able to create a forum on your blog or website, where visitors will be able to ask questions that will be answered by others.

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Also, once you install Sabai Discuss and your users start using it, it will automatically create a database for your website that can be reused.

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Other recommended resources

We also invite you to consult the resources below to go further in the grip and control of your website and blog.


Here is ! That's all for these tips, I hope they will help you make your articles better. If you have some Comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to let us know in the reserved section.

However, you will also be able to consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

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