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How to optimize your WordPress blog for SEO

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You have just created a WordPress blog and want to be visible on Google? Want to, like many professional bloggers, attract more visitors to your site?

The solution to your concern is to optimize your blog for Google SEO.


On WordPress, there are an infinite number of SEO plugins and even today, I come to present a new plugin called " SEO by Squirrly ».

This plugin is quite easy to use and offers several other very interesting options.

How to install and configure the "SEO by Squirrly" plugin

This is obviously what we will do first. Being available on, you can do it From your dashboard, if you wish, you can download the compressed version of the plugin directly on its details page.


After installing the plugin, a new menu " Squirrly Will be displayed on your dashboard, and you will go directly to the first plugin configuration page, where you are asked to connect with Squirrly (By default the administrator's email is already available). Once it's done, click on " Sign Up ».

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After clicking on it, a confirmation message will appear, informing you that your blog has indeed connected to


After the connection, the menu presented above will change and offer more sub-menus. Clicking on " Dashboard You will go to the main page of the plugin that lists the different features available.


You have the opportunity to:

  • To optimize your articles (Which will open one of your articles)
  • Access SEO analyzes
  • Make an audit of your blog
  • Perform new keyword research (which will open the article writing interface).

How to write an optimized article

After installing and activating the plugin, you will notice new areas available in the article writing interface. The most interesting feature is certainly the keyword search engine.


Depending on your keywords, you will also have access to associated free images.

image-free squirrly

You will also have the possibility to see a status of the article, that is to say the conformity of titles, keywords against SEO standards.


Above the visual editor, you have a keyword analysis tool, which provides a conversion report, which will allow you to choose the best phrases for your posts.


That's it for this tutorial. Hope that will help you better optimize your articles. Feel free to share this tutorial with your friends on your favorite social networks.

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