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How to integrate Google Forms WordPress

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How to integrate Google forms on WordPress?

There are an impressive number of plugins available that allow you to add different types of forms to your blog., whether it is Contact forms to survey forms through premium forms with customizable fields.

But before you download the latest WordPress plugin for creating trendy forms, you may need to consider using Google Forms.

But before, if you have never installed WordPress discover How to Install a WordPress Blog in 7 Steps et How to search, install and activate a WordPress theme on your blog 

Then back to why we are here.  

Google Forms overview

Google Forms is a tool that is both free and incredibly versatile. Being included in the service Google Drive, the feature is so hidden that many users are not even aware of its existence.

If you don't have Google Drive yet, you can set it up in no time. But if it is already the case, connect to "My Drive".

How to integrate Google Forms WordPress

Have Google Forms you can:

  • Create surveys, questionnaires, quiz
  • Format your custom fields, paragraphs, checkboxes
  • Collect email addresses for the newsletter
  • Use the interface " Drag and Drop To order the questions
  • Add images and Youtube videos
  • Select a theme
  • Collaborate with other Google Forms users
  • and more…

Sharing a form's link is pretty straightforward, but did you know that you can add that form to your WordPress blog?

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The quickest solution is to use the feature integration, which can be done by clicking on " File At the top of the menu, where you edit your Google form. Then click on " To integrate« 

How to integrate Google Forms WordPress

You will see a new window with the code to embed on your blog.

How to integrate Google Forms WordPress

The problem with the code to integrate is that you will not be able to modify its style (the one with the colors of Google), and therefore it is very possible that it does not adapt to the style of your WordPress theme.

Fortunately, there is a plugin that helps to correct the concern.

Presentation of the Google Forms plugin for WordPress

the plugin Google Forms WordPress, allows you to integrate and manage your different forms from your dashboard WordPress. How to integrate Google Forms WordPress

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It also offers several options for better integration and customization compared to the integration of an HTML code.

Here is how you can start using it.

Using the Google Forms plugin to add Google forms to WordPress

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you will notice a new menu available on your dashboard. When your mouse hovers over the menu, the submenus will be displayed.

How to integrate Google Forms WordPress

The tab « Google Forms Allows you to see all your forms (it is identical to the list of WordPress articles or pages), so you can apply aggregate actions on the forms (editing, deleting).

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If you don't have a form yet, this table will be empty. Click on " Add New Google Form "(Create a new Google form), to create a new form, and provide a title, and fill in the fields.

The Google Forms plugin doesn't let you create forms, so if you haven't already, go to Google Forms, to create your form. Once you have created your form, add its address to the first "Form url" field. To get this URL, go back to Google Forms and click " Send form" page (in French).

How to integrate Google Forms WordPress

Copy the address on the share link and add it to the " Form URL« 

How to integrate Google Forms WordPress

Then you can add a confirmation URL. Since the default confirmation page is quite basic, and cannot be integrated into your WordPress blog, it is strongly encouraged that you complete this field.

For the field Custom Confirmation Page Style", You can specify how it will be displayed by selecting "Redirect" ou "AJAX". Keep in mind that if you leave the default value "None", then "Redirect" (For redirection), will be selected by default. These are the 3 default fields that you can configure on your blog. 

Go further with redirects by consulting How to make a redirection on your WordPress blog

Then let's go back to our form

How to fill in additional Google Forms fields

There are several fields below the option " Form URL "And" Confirm URL“, But you will have to configure them all. Let's explore together what they can do for you

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  • Alert : Allows you to display a confirmation message to users, you can specify simple text like “Thank you for your contribution… !!! Which will be displayed in a JavaScript alter.
  • Class: if you want to add more customization, you can use attribute "Class" to apply a specific style.
  • E-mail: The administrator will be able to receive an email when a form is submitted.
  • Send To: If the previous option is filled, in this field you can specify the name of the author of the email (your blog in this case).
  • Form CSS: this field allows you to enter a custom CSS code to make fields more extensible. Look at the appearance of your forms on your blog.
  • Form Caching : allows you to save form data temporarily in the cache
  • Google Form Field Validation: This feature is disabled by default. It allows you to add a validation using the jQuery Validate plugin, which will allow you for example to make all the fields mandatory.
  • Google form Hidden Fields: If you have hidden fields on your form that you want to configure, you can do so in this box, which is also disabled by default. You will need the name of the field (the name attribute), from the Google form. Value, Url, and Timestamp are types that can be used with the optional field value.
  • Google Form Field Placeholder: If you used a placeholder on your fields, this option allows you to set the displayed value.

How to configure the Google Form plugin

We are not yet completely finished. While there are optional fields, you can configure more settings to make the form work the way you want by looking for the Google Form options located on the right column of all of the fields that were mentioned above.

  • Captcha: Enables you to boost security by moving away from spams.
  • Columns: Google Forms display in a column by default. With this feature, you can separate form fields into two or more columns. You can also specify the order of a column by choosing “Left-to-Right” or “Right-to-Left”.
  • Email End User: By activating this feature, you will be able to send emails to users of this form.
  • Legal: Google form uses the term “Powered by Google Docs”, an option that can be disabled.
  • Read Only: If you want to disable the modification of a form.
  • BR: Allows you to add a new line on the form and on each field.
  • CSS Prefix: By adding this prefix, you will be able to avoid conflicts with CSS customization.
  • CSS Suffix: allows you to add a suffix after each label.
  • title: If you don't want the title of your Google Form to appear, you can turn this option off. 

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How to publish your Google form on WordPress

Now that you have a new form configured, you can save or publish it. To preview the form, all you have to do is click on the " View Google Form" page (in French).

How to integrate Google Forms WordPress

You can also use the shortcode the form by visiting the list of created forms.

How to integrate Google Forms WordPress

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Here is ! That's it for this tutorial. We hope that the latter will allow you to easily integrate Google Forms on your WordPress website or blog. Si liked you, feel free to share with your friends on your favorite social networks

However, you will also be able to consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation.

But, in the meantime, tell us about your Comments and suggestions in the dedicated section.


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