Need to know how to integrate Google Calendar into your WordPress website? So let's take a look at this tutorial together.

Some of your websites would benefit from having a calendar. This is especially true if you coordinate the activity of a team or a community or if you manage an event website.

So your visitors or your users can see what is new or to be done, maybe by whom but especially when.

In this article I will show you how to integrate a responsive Google Calendar into your WordPress website.

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Then back to why we are here.

Go to a Google Calendar

If you already have Google calendars, make them public and skip this step. Otherwise, in your browser, visit Google Calendars and authenticate if necessary. If all goes well you should have the Google calendar interface.

how to integrate a google calendar to your WordPress google-calendar-interface website

To give you an example, we will use public calendars available in Google Calendar. To do this, click on the handle in front of other calendars which is on the left of your screen. In the menu that appears, choose Browse interesting calendars.

In the calendar list, choose one that suits you by clicking the link register which is located opposite. For this article I chose Holidays in France. You should see the one you have selected below other calendars.

Embed your Google Calendar in a page or item

Click on the handle in front of Holiday in France (Or your public calendar) and choose Calendar settings. In the Integrate this calendar section, copy the HTML code contained in the text box and paste it into your WYSIWYG editor that you have entered in text mode beforehand.

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Save your article and preview it. The display of the agenda on your website will strongly depend on your WordPress theme. If it's fully responsive, it shouldn't have any display issues.

Try reducing the width of your browser window to see how the calendar looks on smaller screens. If at any point the calendar display breaks, it means you will need to add a small line of CSS to your WordPress theme.

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Don't be alarmed, it's nothing complicated.

Add CSS to make the responsive calendar

To change your WordPress theme, especially if you are not the author, updating it should be done in a Child theme or a WordPress Plugin which allows you to add custom CSS.

In any case, whatever option you have chosen, add this little piece of CSS to your WordPress theme:

iframe {     max-width: 100%; }

Save your changes, reload the page of your article and check that this time the agenda is displayed normally on the small screens.

Embed multiple calendars in a post or page

To get started, subscribe to other public calendars as we did above (Other calendars> Browse interesting calendars), or create your own calendars and make them public.

When you have all the calendars you need, choose one, any one, click on its handle and choose Calendar settings. This time, in the section integrate this agenda, click on the link Customize color, size and other options. You will then be presented with a customization window.

Go further with the basics of customizing a WordPress website

Here you can modify some visual aspects of your agenda. An important thing to do is to give your calendar collection a title, otherwise it will have the title of the current calendar.

integrate Google Calendar

At the top of this window is a text box with a button Update HTML code. Use it to preview your calendar.

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Using this button also has the effect of updating the HTML code in the text box. When you are satisfied with your changes, you will copy this code into your article. Save and reload the page.

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As you have already inserted the CSS code earlier, the diary will behave perfectly on all screens.

As you can see, adding a Google calendar to your website is not very complicated. It's more about copying code from the Google Calendar application and pasting it into a page or an article of course with the editor in text mode.

But failing to occupy a whole page with your calendars you could also add a Google Calendar calendar widgets.

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