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The Hummingbird plugin is now free on

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Do you have a serious need for speed? You can now have it with the Hummingbird plugin. Now you should know that the speed optimization plugin Hummingbird is now available for download on

Hummingbird is the performance optimization plugin offered by WPMUDev. Once enabled, it scans your site for potential speed improvements and provides fine tuning for file compression, minification, and browser caching. Hummingbird not only makes your site run faster, but also helps you improve your score on Google PageSpeed ​​Insights !

Well, everyone cares about their pagespeed score because it is essential. Slower pages have visitors bouncing faster than a rabbit and if your site isn't optimized to lightly load quickly, you can say goodbye to your ranking dreams on the homepage of Google.

With a quarter of a million downloads, Hummingbird with the Smush image optimization plugin at its side is an excellent optimization duo for WordPress.

Stay tuned to speed with Hummingbird

When you install Hummingbird, it will perform an initial scan that looks for files that slow down your site and will show a list of recommendations for your site to have maximum speed.

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Hummingbird instruction

Hummingbird even includes one-click enhancements that will quickly enable your site to do its best without going through complex setups.

Hummingbird Mining Powers

Loading all of your files from your site header helps your pages load slowly. Hummingbird will tell you where your files are being loaded and let you easily reposition them to speed things up.

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Rearranging files provides a big boost, but we know that bad movement can cause compatibility issues. With Hummingbird, there is no need to worry! Move the files around to find the best configuration and if something goes wrong you can reset with one click.

Hummingbird minification

Lighten your files with GZIP compression

Activate GZIP to make your site more efficient. Sending zipped files is faster and saves you money on hosting.

Sounds complicated, doesn't it? Not with Hummingbird. Simply activate GZIP and Hummingbird will take care of the rest.

Load your pages even faster at the second visit

Did you know that you can make your site even faster with returning visitors? Browser caches store content in your visitor's browser so they don't have to be downloaded a second time.

You will not be entitled to complicated settings. Hummingbird detects your server, applies the best settings for your configuration, and gives you precise control over cache expiration.

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Hummingbird browser cache

CloudFlare is included

We think CloudFlare is great, so we've added the ability to control your CloudFlare browser cache settings right inside Hummingbird. Just add your CloudFlare key and configure it.

Hummingbird is a unique WordPress performance optimization plugin that can run at better speed for free!

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