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10 PrestaShop plugins to create image galleries

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There is no shortage of PrestaShop plugins (add-ons / plugins) to make photo galleries and slideshow on your site. They all offer features that increase display quality, ranging from light tables to 3D images. Thanks to them, you can present your various products in a professional and aesthetic way.

However, all of this makes choosing your plugin more difficult. In this article, we suggest you take a look at 10 powerful plugins with which you can easily create image galleries for your online store.

1. Responsive Photo Gallery

Responsive Photo-gallery-plugin-prestashop-to-galleries

Want a modern, original photo gallery module to showcase your achievements, products or even a review of press articles? “Responsive Photo Gallery” is for you. Developped by Kiwik, French Platinum Partner Prestashop Team.

Feature Summary:

  • Fully responsive design: the gallery fits all media (smartphone, tablet, desktop PC)
  • Integrated editorial functions: Possibility to customize the title of the section and a preamble (rich editor) before presenting your photos on the page.
  • Featuring the infinite scroll system: the gallery uses a trendy progressive display mode (like Instagram or Pinterest galleries).
  • Optimized photo layout & automated image positioning: the module maximizes space occupancy
  • Advanced configuration system to give the look you want to your gallery.
  • "Fancy Box" zoom system with easy navigation between images (next / previous possibility to navigate with the arrow keys!)
  • Layout of optimized photos (possible mozaic mode with images of different sizes)
  • SEO Friendly with metas management title, description, simplified URL on the gallery page
  • Compatible with 1.5 and 1.6 versions of Prestashop.
  • Multilingual and multi-shop module.
  • Module developed by a French partner Platinum Prestashop team.
  • Team dedicated to assistance.

Download | Demo | Price: 49,99 €

2. Gallery - Photo album - Press releases


This is a PrestaShop plugin allowing you to add a new page on your store containing an image gallery.

According to your wishes, you can for example create a photo gallery of your customers using your products, a photo album of your products, or a catalog of your press releases.

The plugin is responsive. Images are displayed automatically when your visitors reach the bottom of the page (like on Pinterest ou Instagram).

Download | Demo | Price: 39,99 €

3. Gallerique - Printing photos

gallerique image-gallery-plugin-prestashop-to-galleries

With "Gallerique", you can create photo galleries to give your Prestashop even more good photos and patterns.

Use the galleries to represent your business, your products marked with your logo, the production of handmade products and much more. With Gallerique's features, you can add value to your shop.

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Feature Summary:

  • Multiple snapshot download
  • Unlimited number of albums
  • Description of the album before and after the gallery
  • Unlimited number of photos per gallery
  • Title, description and link to each product
  • Link in bold to each gallery connected to the other pages of navigation or to use in direct link.
  • Editable photo size and photo conversion (automatic | crop | exact | fixed with | fixed height)

Download | Demo | Price: 49,99 €

4. Galleries


"Galleries" is a PrestaShop extension which will allow you to simply create several galleries each containing different elements such as images, links or videos.

Feature Summary:

  • Multilingual
  • Creation of an unlimited number of galleries
  • Lightbox effect on an image
  • Link to another website
  • Integration of a video from Youtube or Vimeo
  • Embedding a photo or video from Instagram
  • Link to a Google Map
  • Link to a category on your site
  • Link to product on your site
  • Sorting by date
  • Translations in FR and EN included but you can easily translate it into other languages
  • Possibility to display the titles of the elements as well as their creation date
  • Possibility to modify the addition date manually
  • Optimized for SEO (SEO)

Download | Demo | Price: 49,99 €

5. Gallery Module


This is an ultimate gallery / image module for your PrestaShop site. It allows you to design a personalized gallery for your online store.

Enjoy the many benefits that this plugin can offer to you and your customers.

Feature Summary:

  • New hook on left, right, inside, and above pages
  • Activate as many categories and subcategories as you need.
  • Categories may have subcategories and subcategories may have subcategories
  • Lateral container block
  • Number of random photos
  • Display image names (in image box, in image area, do not display)
  • And many more functions

Download | Price: 29,99 €

6. Photo albums


This PrestaShop module allows you to add a page with image galleries from a file upload via ftp. It brings a lot of advantages such as for example the display in thumbnails, the zoom fancybox, the comments and notes of the Net surfers all generated automatically from the file tree.

Feature Summary:

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  • Additional content in the shop.
  • Display of album galleries, customizable by the administrator.
  • Updating files is easy and comments can be moderated via the dashboard.
  • Ideal for managing a large number of photos.
  • And many more functions

Download | Demo | Price: 49,99 €

7. Press releases / press review


Thanks to this PrestaShop plugin, you can add a gallery-type page ideal for a press release page or to show your achievements (downloading images, creating thumbnails, displaying thumbnails, zoom type fancybox).

After installing the plugin, simply download and manage your images in the administration interface. The configuration page allows you to define the display on the public interface side. The module Ecopresse is sold with a user guide in French and English.

Download | Demo | Price: 49,99 €

8. Products Anywhere


"Products Anywhere" is a PrestaShop extension that allows you to create galleries of animated images and insert them into any website supporting HTML 5 or "iframes".

Simply generate the code when configuring the module. You can select the IDs of each product you want to display, width, height, color, vertical or horizontal position and many other options. All you have to do is paste the code on your site.
Now you can select the products by category and the choice of the kind.

The code can be inserted into HTML sites, sites with CMS like WordPress, Joomla, other PrestaShop stores or any site that allows "iframes" or 5 HTML.

The products are directly linked to their card. You can also create any banners you want because they are unlimited and dynamically generated.

Download | Price: 39,99 €

9. Responsive Product Gallery


"Responsive Product Gallery" allows you to display beautiful galleries on your product page. With the help of this module, you can scroll through all the images of a product and make your visitors appreciate them.

Feature Summary:

  • View the gallery in the product page
  • Compatible with Swipe mobile devices
  • Keyboard navigation for desktops
  • Support for retina functionality for UI icons
  • Fully responsive
  • Functional multilingual functionality.
  • Multi-store support
  • Compatibility (IE8 +, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome).

Download | Demo | Price: 29,99 €

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10. Fotorama Gallery


“Fotorama Gallery” is a powerful yet easy-to-use PrestaShop module with which you can add image and video galleries to your website.

Feature Summary;

  • Create attractive galleries with images and / or videos.
  • Add a gallery of photos and / or videos on the product page.
  • Add a photo and / or video gallery on the categories page.
  • Add a photo and / or video gallery on the CMS page.
  • Add different galleries in the content (product description, CMS content, etc.) using iframes.
  • Display galleries on a page.
  • Improve the appearance of your store.
  • Attract the attention of customers to get more sales.

Download | Demo | Price: 49,99 €

That's all for this list of PrestaShop plugins designed to help you create image galleries for your online store. If you have any comments and / or suggestions, please let us know in the dedicated section.

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