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This selection will provide you with a library of unique Elementor add-ons to add more functionality and flexibility to your favorite page builder.

JetPlugins for Elementor Builder makes the website creation process fun and easy.

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance existing Elementor with a collection of creative and unique plugins that are extremely useful.

Elementor add-ons are light and fast thanks to high coding standards and modular architecture.

Browse the ultimate addons for Elementor Showcase developed to allow:

  • Endless design combinations
  • Building with the best UX approaches
  • Creating awesome websites and landing pages in minutes

You'll love the features added by WordPress plugins Elementor.

Best addons for Elementor Page Builder

JetBlog - WordPress Plugin - Blogging Package for Elementor Page Builder

The JetBlog plug-in has been developed to create exceptional widgets and present your publications in the most attractive way. You can easily create and customize text tickets, tiles, and smart lists.

Main features:

  • You'll be excited about how easy it is to drag and drop content sections, then customize and format them. You will get your widget in a few moves.
  • Share the news with your audience in a simple and engaging way. Create a steady stream of your posts with the Text Ticker content module.
  • Create stylish blog posts and present them in the most engaging way. Your visitors will like the way you use the Smart List module because it offers many possibilities to make different layouts.
  • The truly amazing and exceptional Smart Tiles module will make your blog different from your competitors with its excellent settings and rich selection of style options.
  • Use the Video Playlist module and use all its benefits and style settings to create a truly remarkable content that will brighten your website.

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JetElements - WordPress Plugin - Addon for Elementor Page Builder

This plugin will enhance your Elementor bundle with a wide variety of modules, which will be extremely useful while building your website. Loads of powerful modules in JetElements addon have been specially created to integrate with Elementor's functionality and provide you with versatile solutions and stylish elements.

Main features:

  • Find tons of useful modules, packed with lots of styling options, functional settings, and absolutely customizable stuff. You can enhance your content with animation effects, gradient backgrounds, custom fonts, and more.
  • JetElements has everything you need to start your online store. You will be able to set up your store at any time, because now you will have an excellent kit of necessary items.
  • The plug-in supports RTL languages, so you are free to change the direction of the text from left to right and vice versa. The RTL option is easy to use for all languages.
  • JetElements works great with the WPML plugin and will allow you to use it in your native language without limits.
  • JetElements has an amazing Contact Form 7 module, which allows you to add your pre-made contact forms and embed them on your website.

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JetMenu - WordPress Plugin - Mega Menu for Elementor Page Builder

JetMenu is a very functional plugin, which allows you to create Mega Menus with easy-to-use scrolling elements. This plugin does not limit your imagination and has the potential to create amazing menus and stylize them according to your vision and needs.

Easily create your website with Elementor

Elementor lets you create Easily and Free any website or blog design with a professional look. Stop paying a lot for a website you can do yourself.

Main features:

  • You don't need to learn HTML coding to create attractive menus that will make your website stand out. The rich functionality of Plugin combines perfectly with its simplicity and clarity.
  • Discover a large selection of content modules, specially developed to help you in your menu construction. You are free to create eye-catching menu items, enhance them with cute elements, and add various media content.
  • Anything you create with the help of JetMenu will look great on any device. This plugin is fully responsive and widely displayed on cell phone, tablet, or desktop.
  • Make your menus more attractive with cute badges. Mark your menu items as trending, hot, or new - this way, you'll help your visitors navigate your website and engage new audiences.
  • Want to make your menu really beautiful? Select your perfect colors from this beautiful palette and spice up your Mega Menu.

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JetReviews - WordPress Plugin - Rating Widget for Elementor Page Builder

The JetReviews plugin allows you to create comment blocks and rating bars. It is very easy to use and is packed with multiple styles, layouts and customizable elements for assessment and review blocks.

Main features:

  • The Rating Widget is perfect for showing stars, percentages and other items to rate the rating or add a review. This module contains everything you could possibly need to create an eye-catching widget and integrate it into your website.
  • JetReviews is fully adaptive and will display your widget correctly on all devices and screens.
  • This plugin contains rich options to create an attractive and elegant design. Your widget will be perfect with all the cool settings and features that JetReviews has.
  • JetReviews plugin is simple in customizing and creating your own unique style with all of these addon settings.
  • Check out the rich typography options available in the JetReviews plugin. Here you are free to select fonts from the list, choose font size, weight and select decoration. You can set any text color and work more on the individuality of your widget.

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JetTabs - WordPress plugin - Tabs and accordions for Elementor Page Builder

JetTabs makes it possible to create and implement exceptional tabs and accordion blocks on your website. Enjoy creating breathtaking tabs, accordion blocks and accordion widgets for images and embedding them in your web pages, creating horizontal or vertical tabbed layouts and playing around with JetTabs options to get the look you like.

Main features:

  • Use your chance to create beautiful vertical or horizontal tabs, enrich them with dazzling images, select the color matching your website and you'll get a stylish widget with a well-organized layout.
  • Need to create an attractive widget with collapsible content? The classic Accordion module of JetTabs Addon will help you easily create it and enhance it with remarkable detail.
  • Add creativity to your widget by incorporating amazing images. This JetTabs module contains everything needed to illuminate your content and the appearance of your web page in one place.
  • Find the perfect solution by selecting the vertical or horizontal layout of the widget. With JetTabs, you have the opportunity to find the best way to present your widget. Find out how the layout of your content can be attractive and dazzling!
  • Anyone who likes the style will appreciate the many options in JetTabs for customizing the widget. You are free to select typography options, choose a color or create a gradient, add a border and many more.

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JetWooBuilder - WordPress Plugin - WooCommerce Page Builder for Elementor

Do you want to sell your products on the internet?

Download WooCommerce for free, the best e-commerce plugins to sell your physical and digital products on WordPress and easily create your online store. Perfect for beginners.

JetWooBuilder is a must-have addon for adding full-fledged WooCommerce product pages created with Elementor, using them as templates, and creating engaging WooCommerce content loads with versatile WooCommerce widgets.

Main features:

  • JetWooBuilder allows you to create unique product page templates and implement them into existing products in just a few clicks, all simple and clear.
  • The plugin provides everything you need to build WooCommerce product pages, allowing you to define unique layouts and use versatile content widgets.
  • Take the opportunity to choose from lots of eye-catching content widgets like Add to Cart, Preview, Image, Rating, Related and many more.
  • Implement different layouts for the product pages to create your unique and elegant designs, perfectly tailored to your needs.
  • View taxonomies for products and products in attractive layouts on all pages created with Elementor.

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JetTricks - WordPress Plugin - Visual Effects for Elementor Page Builder

JetTricks is a perfect addon for adding visual effects to web pages without any coding skills, using the extended functionality and additional widgets for the Elementor live page generator.

The plugin allows to use parallax effects for content, add sticky elements, create the effect of unfolded columns, add hot spot creators and create a "Show more" button.

Main features:

  • With JetTricks, you'll be able to add a lot of amazing visuals and hints to make the page even more stylish and creative. The visual effects will give it a professional appearance, improving its appearance.
  • With JetTricks, you'll be able to add a lot of amazing visuals and hints to make the page even more stylish and creative. The visual effects will give it a professional appearance, improving its appearance.
  • The plugin is really easy to use for everyone, and there is no need to have coding skills to add animation effects to the page. Anything can be done using the JetTricks feature, which is intuitive and clear.
  • When using JetTricks, you will be delighted with how easily effects can be added to content, which makes it more engaging. And there are plenty of customization options that will allow you to change the behavior of the effect whenever you need to.
  • The elegant parallax effect is now available not only for section backgrounds but also for single columns. Just apply it for the necessary content and your page will come alive with animation, even more creative.

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JetBlocks - WordPress Plugin - Header & Footer Widget for Elementor

Take advantage of the ease with which you can create headers and footers with your own logo, navigation menu and hamburger menu, WooCommerce cart, login forms and other incredible content, adding more powerful functionality to existing functionality.

JetBlocks allows you to create professional level headers and footers without having to acquire coding skills. It also adds the Sticky Header feature, which allows you to create sticky headers and paste regular sections when necessary.

Main features:

  • Check out the must-have features of the Premium Sticky Header. It allows the header to be attached to the side of the screen as you scroll the page. You'll also be able to glue pretty much any section and change how it looks when it's sticky.
  • This widget makes it easy to add and customize the textual and visual logo to the header or footer. It makes sure that the website will have the retina and the logo simple. You can also make it linked, modify its alignment or its typography in the case of a textual logo.
  • Take advantage of the perfect tool to add and customize a login form with Elementor. It allows to change both content settings, set labels for username, password field, add redirect after defined event and change form styles including styles field and label text.
  • Take control of the powerful widget that allows you to create and add registration forms with specific fields. The Record Form widget makes it easy for anyone to define field labels, while providing extensive style customization.
  • Use this widget to add a login link to the header or footer so that visitors can easily login or register on the website. It allows to add an identifier and a disconnection, as well as to save links and define icons, link texts, add prefixes to links. There are also a large amount of link styles.


JetEngine - WordPress plugin - Add and edit dynamic content with Elementor

JetEngine is a must have plugin for Elementor to create custom post types, custom taxonomy, add templates created by Elementor for custom post type or taxonomy terms.

It provides the set of dynamic SEO widgets to display dynamic content and allows you to create grid and list layouts for posts and custom terms using the most complex query methods.

Main features:

  • Each mod has a variety of content and style customization options, allowing anyone to boost performance and create unique content with vivid animation effects, gradient backgrounds, and custom fonts. And there are tons of other useful options for pretty much any JetElements module.
  • You plan to run an online store? You'll be amazed at the simplicity of adding products to the page and sorting them when creating pages with Elementor! The JetElements plugin introduces WooCommerce into your pages in several clicks as modules.
  • It is important for us that everyone can use JetElements independently of the language and its specificities! That's why JetElements supports RTL, so if you have to change the direction of the text from right to left, it's quite possible with this amazing addon.
  • JetElements is a multilingual, easy-to-use plugin for users around the world! Use JetElements with the WPML plugin to enjoy it in your native language.
  • Adding existing contact forms to your website pages has never been easier than with JetElements! Meet the Contact Form 7 module, which extracts your out-of-the-box contact forms and adds them to the page created with Elementor.

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That's all. Did you like our pick of the best add-ons for Elementor Page Builder? We hope so. We only included the most impressive of them. Are you going to use or already used any of the plugins on the list?

Maybe you have favorites and are you ready to share this information with us? If you think we missed a nice plugin, your additions are welcome in the comments section.

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