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How to hide unnecessary items on the WordPress dashboard

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If you have a multisite WordPress or just if you administer blogs for clients, then probably you have already asked yourself how to simplify the menu of the dashboard (which is quickly filled after the installation of several plugins), For you or your clients? how to hide unnecessary elements wordpress dashboard 1

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In this tutorial, we will show you how to simplify the menu of the dashboard of your website WordPress, in order to hide the elements that may seem unnecessary to you.

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Then back to why we are here. 

The first thing to do is download and activate the Plugin Adminimize. After installation, navigate to this location " Settings >> Adminimize To configure the Plugin

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how to hide unnecessary elements wordpress dashboard

In the settings you will see a large field labeled " mini Menu ". It has different links to settings for different locations on the dashboard. Clicking on one of the links will take you to the corresponding section.

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For each section, you will find elements that you can modify or deactivate. You'll also notice that each option has checkboxes based on user roles, thus will can easily activate menus for some users. how to hide useless elements board wordpress 2


Once you have checked some elements, to save your changes, you must click on the button « Update Options » (saving the options), Located at the bottom of the page.

Please note, however, that your changes will not be visible on the settings page of the Plugin. To see these in action, you'll need to open another dashboard page (preferably on a new tab, thus will can easily adjust your settings).

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We will show you each item in the "Mini Menu" meta-box and how to change their settings.

User bar option (User Bar in English)

After the section About Plugin » (à About Plugin), the first option in the section " mini menu " East " the admin Bar options » (or user bar). This is the bar that is at the very top when you are logged in to the blog.

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All items in this menu can be hidden based on user to hide useless elements board wordpress 3

The first option allows you to show or hide the user bar and the under-items that appear at the top right end of the user bar. After, you will notice that each main menu will be my highlighted with the color pink.

Disabling a main menu also disables its sub-elements. For example, disabling the WordPress logo, will also hide all links contents in this menu.

The user bar displays the name of the website, with a drop-down menu, containing the link to access the " front-end »Or the public interface of your blog (plus concretely cis the opposite of the dashboard).

Further down, you will notice the checkboxes, to hide the icon of Comments and the icon " + Create ».

Remember, you can also hide sub-elements. For example, if you want to keep the menu " + Create "In the user bar, but instead want to hide its sub-item" Pages », Then just tick on page and disable this option depending on user roles.

Options of Back-end » (dashboard)

All sections on the settings of the Plugin « Adminimize », Will not have a checkbox. The options on the dashboard are significantly different.

This section allows you to set general options for all users who have access to the dashboard. how to hide useless elements board wordpress 4

The first option here, allows you to modify the menu containing the user's information. This is the menu on the far right with an avatar. You can decide to hide this menu, show the avatar and the logout link, or just the logout link.

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The next option lets you choose where you want to redirect the user, when they click on the profile link. In fact, to do this, you must first change the user's profile menu to a value other than the one available by default.

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Then update your changes, after that you will be able to change the redirection options.

The next option is the footer option, which allows you to hide the footer from any location on the dashboard.

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By default, when working on a publication, a scheduling option (this option allows you to schedule the publication of an article). Go to the meta-box Publish  just after the information " Publish Now ».

how to hide useless elements board wordpress 5

By clicking on dessus will can define the date on which the article will be published.

how to hide useless elements board wordpress 6

In the options in the section " dashboard ", you can choose " activated » (activated) just after the option " timestamp So that this item programming option is always visible.

Also, by default on WordPress, some categories are hidden on the categories meta-box from the article writing screen. You can change this behavior by choosing " activated "Just after the option" Height Category » (nombre displayed categories).

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By changing these options, the meta-box categories will adjust the number of categories displayed.

On the option of the footer, you can put your own text so that it displays on all your pages WordPress. This option can be used to highlight your products, to add shortcodes or several other things.

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The last option in the dashboard options allows you to set a redirect for the dashboard. To use this option, you need to disable the dashboard first. We'll show you like to do later.

General Options

The general options section allows activate or deactivate the settings according to the roles of the users. The first option allows you to display the user bar. This option does not allow you to disable certain items on the user bar. how to hide useless elements board wordpress 7

The favorites section is no longer available on WordPress. The next options are " screen goal » (meta screen), " screen options » (options screen), and contextual help » (aide context)

These settings will disable help or screen options from all locations on the dashboard. WordPress.

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Users on your WordPress blog can access their profileTo change the color of play. You can disable color scheme management for specific roles.

Hide widgets dashboard WordPress

To edit dashboard widgets, you first need to access your dashboard (Home Dashboard), this will allow Adminimize Load all your widgets.


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After that, you must access this location " Settings >> Adminimize »And click on the dashboard options from the mini menu, you scroll down to the section Dashboard Options. You can hide widgets available. how to hide useless elements board wordpress 8

Menu Options

Menu options allow you to show or hide certain side menu items on your dashboard WordPress.

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You will find on Adminimize the options for each menu item, and all those sub-items. You will also be able to see the menus added by the different plugins and WordPress themes. You can check the menus you want to disappear for different roles on your blog.

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how to hide useless elements board wordpress 9

Write options (items, Pages and other forms of publication)

You can also edit meta boxes from the article or page editor interface. For this, you must click on the option " Write Options - Post or Write Option " since " mini menu »On the settings interface of the Plugin Adminimize. 

You can hide almost any item that appears on the post screen. how to hide useless elements board wordpress 10

The first options will allow you to show or hide the meta-boxes and the different sections from your publication screen. It will also allow you to hide items from the quick edit (Quick Edit).

Options widgets

The next section on the settings of the Plugin Adminimize is that widgets. This section allows you to show or hide items on the widgets page (Appearence >> Widgets).

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You will be able to hide the different display areas of the widgets, and also the individual sections depending on the widgets available. how to hide useless elements board wordpress 11

Edit les navigation options

This section allows you to control the location " Appearence >> Menu ». You can show or hide categories, pages, or custom links.

At the time of writing this article, the option to change navigation options is not working properly. We hope this bug will be corrected on the next update. how to hide useless elements board wordpress 12

Import and export settings from Plugin Adminimize

Adminimize allows you to easily export or import your settings Plugin. By using this feature, you can apply the same settings to multiple blogs WordPress.

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To export your settings, simply click on the button Export And you will download a file with the extension ".seq Containing all the settings of the Plugin.



To import settings, simply click on " Choose Fillet Under the section " Import » (importer)And choose the file (with extension.seq) that you have exported instead, and click the " Import ».

Remove configurations

In case you want to disable or delete the Plugin, this option allows you to disable Adminimize safely, removing the configurations that have been made. To clean configurations Pluginclick on the checkbox " Delete Options " and on " Delete options ».


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You can use other WordPress plugins to give a modern look and optimize the grip of your blog or website.

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You will also be able to have full control over all user roles and capabilities.

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In short, it's a perfect WordPress plugin for WooCommerce and for any owner of Online Store which has a large number of points of sale.

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3. WP Move Users

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Its features are:

the exporting users: You can export all users or choose some in particular from their identifiers.

Importing users: Once you have exported the users from a first website, you can just paste the export code, which will import the users into the new website. In a multisite network, you have the option of adding users to a specific sub-website, to the main website, or to both.

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Voila! We hope this article will help you use the Plugin Adminimize, which allows you to customize your dashboard. If you liked it, don't hesitate to share with your friends on your favorite social networks

However, you will also be able to consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation.

But, in the meantime, tell us about your Comments and suggestions in the dedicated section.


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  1. I correctly selected to disable the display of a certain menu item in the WordPress dashboard for the author user, but also remains visible.

    What can you do?
    I refer to the take in Elementor which continues to be insistent on being visible even when accessed with the author role.

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