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How to customize the login page of your blog without touching a line of code

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The default login and registration page for WordPress is suitable for those who own a blog with a handful of users. Yet, if you are working on a client's project, create custom pages (Login and registration) Is something you really need to do.

Enable registration, login and check user details, all without ever seeing the WordPress dashboard, is a plus (not to mention the disorientation that the interface change causes). On top of that, you can control the style and functionality of these pages, make sure their design matches your site, and also add anything you might need like additional profile fields for the registration form. .

So, in this tutorial, we'll look at some tips (plugins) simple ones that you can use to customize the default login page, registration, profile pages, all without touching a piece of code.

Customizing the login page

The default login page is simple and boring, just as it should be. After all, it is the starting point for millions of sites around the world, all with their own designs, it must be able to accommodate any type of site.

Unfortunately, WordPress hasn't evolved enough to allow customization of the login page from the dashboard. Fortunately, the customization itself is pretty easy.

Here is an example of some of the customizations you can do:


As promised here are some fantastic plugins that will let you customize the look and feel of your login page without having to touch the code.

1. Branding Ultimate



« Branding Ultimate Is a plugin of the WPMUDev team. It is easy to use and you can make quick customizations, allowing you to highlight your brand or that of your customer.

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You can replace the WordPress logo on the login page with images from your library, as well as change the background image. You can even completely redesign the login page with custom design elements, colors and fonts.

There is not much to say. Of course, you can use Ultimate Branding to make other tweaks on your blog, such as giving the dashboard a facelift.

2. WordPress Custom Login Theme Page



If you want to have more options then the WordPress Custom Login Theme page may be right for you. This premium plugin, available on ThemeForest, it allows you to create templates for your login pages.

Each template includes 11 sections with over 46 individual options.

It includes standard customizations, such as changing the background of the login page and the default WordPress logo, as well as replacing the link to the site.

Other customizations include changing fonts, labels, and changing the login form.

Another nice feature is the ability to store multiple models, which is especially convenient for special occasions like holidays and events on your blog.

3. Custom Login



« Custom Login Covers the basics, like changing the login page image and background. You can also remove the logo from WordPress.

The proposed extensions for this plugin, include a stealth connection (your login URL is obscured), a page template (turns a WordPress page into a login form), redirects (redirect users by role after login), no word password (Allow users to log in without a password), and a Convenient Style Pack with four custom login styles.

4. Set Password



With the plugin Set Password Your visitors can register on your site and choose their own password, rather than automatically receiving an email password with the default settings of WordPress.

This plugin is as easy to install as the others. There are no options for settings. Just install it and you can use it.

5. BuddyPress


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You might be surprised to see BuddyPress on this list and I can't blame you since its main purpose is to build some kind of community social network. The reason this plugin might in fact be based on how it replaces the default WordPress signup form with a more original one.

With this free plugin installed, registration on your site will have two additional fields, the first is a password field and the second is a confirmation password field. You can optionally add an unlimited number of custom fields that are stored in a user's profile.

That's it for this list of plugin that will allow you to customize the login and registration page of your WordPress blog. Feel free to share it with your friends on your favorite social networks.

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