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How to create buttons with Maxbuttons Pro WordPress

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In a website, there are several types of buttons: form buttons, call-to-action buttons, shopping cart buttons, content sharing buttons. The list is endless, especially when you start to get creative.

But it can be difficult to find the right button (or to design). You might have a bunch of graphics packs that are useful in certain situations, but when it comes to changing colors, fonts, text, or even the icon, it becomes easier said than done. Especially if you don't have the expertise and tools to customize these buttons.

And for important links, a button gets more attention than a simple text link.

This is the reason why you need MaxButtons Pro

If you are looking for a tool to add custom buttons with ease, MAXButtons Pro is your solution. And if you are a designer or a developer, it will also make your life easier.

Let's explore the tool

First of all, the fact that it has 253 Button Packs for a total of 4869 Buttons, chances are you will find what you need. Here is an illustration of the possibilities:

Example buttons maxbuttons pro

The most interesting thing here is that if you do a lot of sites you can buy the Pro version which has all the tools. But if you have only one site and are looking for something specific, you can search for the free extensions available with the plugin, and if you can't find any, you can browse their packs and find what you need for just $ 5. $. You can see all the buttons here .


Your settings are simple. And I like the ability to control who has access to creating and adding buttons.

Maxbuttons-pro-tunings plugin wp

How to create a button

By having access to button packs, it is easy for you to get a head start by having tools at your fingertips that may be suitable for your research.

We are going to create a button, you are going to see how easy the process is.


When you create your button, you will always have this preview on both the normal button during flyover. Not only is this handy for seeing the changes you make, but there is also an option to change the background color to see how the button is displayed on it.

Maxbuttons-button preview

This feature is especially nice, because it's often difficult to imagine how a button will appear in an area with a particular background color.


Now I am going to present you some options, as most of the options are self explanatory.

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Font Management

There are a lot of fonts to choose from. You have over 700 Google Fonts to choose from. In addition, you get an integrated practical overview.

Font management maxbuttons

Options for two-line buttons

This is a pretty important feature. Here you can not only add a second line in the button, but you can control the choice of font, alignment, and size.

maxbuttons-two-line-buttons plugin settings


Again, you have several settings to control the different borders of the buttons, as well as the option to add a shadow to the border.

maxbuttons-borders settings


Here you have the choice of the background color, to control the opacity or to add a gradient.


Icons and Images

The use of icons is simplified with this plugin. You have 721 icons to choose from.

maxbuttons-icons and images WordPress plugin

And you can change alignment, size and even change colors.

create wordpress download buttons


The ability to control the container is a nice feature. If you don't understand this, that's what's in the button. So if you were to have some text wrapped around it, or maybe you want to control the space above or below the button, you can do that here without trying to add extra spaces in the window. your text editor.

Maxbuttons-container options


For developers, there are also advanced options.

maxbuttons-advanced settings

Responsive Settings

With the growing popularity of mobile telephony, it is good to be able to control the appearance of your buttons on the variety of devices that exist.


You will be able to customize the look on mobile devices.

Mobile device configuration

Google Tracker

If you use Google Analytics and want to use event tracking, you'll like this feature. It is very easy to set up a tracking for each button.

Maxbuttons-google-analytics tracking

You might think that's a lot for a pimple. But when it comes to a call to action button, or an add to cart button, it gets interesting.

Button packs

You have several free buttons.

Maxbuttons-pack of buttons

As I mentioned before, you can get additional button packs as well. In this example I have downloaded some of them which can be purchased separately or included in the Pro version. Some button packs are free.

Import button packs

You can quickly install the button pack you want to use.

Pack of button to choose

Once that's done, you are now taken back to the button tab where you can make more customizations there.

Modify the button of a maxbuttons pack


You may notice that this plugin offers a lot of flexibility to create buttons for your WordPress blog. It offers much more functionality than what has been mentioned in this tutorial. Do not hesitate to ask us questions, if you do not understand a point.

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  1. hello, i created some botons with the maxbuttons plugin on wp but i can't insert them in a page. can you tell me what to do. thank you
    sandrine pillon

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