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How to Create an Online Course Site with WordPress

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More and more sites are found that offer online courses and training. If we believe the statistics this industry would be worth $ 2.5 billion, and will grow by another 5.3 billion by 2018. Contrary to what you may think, it is easy to create this kind of site, especially if you do it with WordPress . In this article, I will show you how to create an online course site by installing a WordPress plugin.

Presentation of the CoursePress plugin

the plugin CoursePress aims to transform your WordPress site into a powerful online course platform and give you all the necessary features you need to administer it. CoursePress allows you from a very user-friendly interface to easily create and publish your courses. Among other features the plugin offers: the creation of video courses, the possibility for learners to send and download content, the creation of quizzes, discussion forums.

It has options for free and paid courses: add participants free at paid courses, possibility to pay manually or automatically by credit card.

It offers professional management of all aspects of your courses: grading management, grading, assessment, learners, instructors etc.

Note that it integrates very well with online sales plugins WooCommerce et MarketPress to give you even more options to sell your courses. For more information consult the plugin page.

Creating courses with the CoursePress plugin

After activation, you will notice a new menu named CoursePress. Fly over your cursor and choose New Course. You will then see a form like this, which prompts you to follow 06 simple steps for creating your first course.


Step 1: Course overview

As the title suggests, this is where you set the course. Complete the form by entering the course information: name (Course Name), a brief preview in the editor, the featured image that will appear in the course listing with the previous description, the CoursePress category (Course Category) , the language in which the courses are given and finally, click on the button Next to validate and move on to the next step.

Step 2: Course Description

In this step, you go into a little more detail to give an overview of the course to your potential learners.

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To do this, give the link to a video that your learners can see on the course description page.

In the editor, give a detailed description of the course. The detailed description lets your learners know the points you are going to cover in this training.

The section Course Stucture allows you to structure your content current Units (teaching units).

Step 3: Assign Instructors to the Course


In this step, using the drop-down list, choose one or more instructors or invite them by email with the form at the bottom of the page.

Step 4: Programming the Training Pass


In this step, define the duration of availability of the course (Course dates) as well as the period during which learners can register (Enrollment Dates).

For this use respectively the sections Course dates et Enrollment Dates. Once the chosen dates, click Next to go to the next step.

Step 5: Configure Classrooms

race classes

Here, limit the number of students (Limit class size), Choose whether learners can discuss with each other and with the instructor (s) (Allow Race Discussion), and decide whether learners have the right to see their progress or not. When you are satisfied with your configurations click on Next.

Step 6: Registration and cost of participation


Check the box This is a Paid Course to activate the sale of your courses through one of the two online sales platforms supported in particular by, Woocommerce and MarketPress. Note that only one of the two must be activated to avoid any conflicts.

In case you choose MarketPress, the first time you click on This is a Paid Courseyou will have to click on the link Begin Activating MarketPress Lite which is then displayed.

In case your choice is Woocommerce, just make sure it is installed and activated on your site, and check the box Use WooCommerce to sell courses in the menu CoursePress Pro> Settings. Once you click the button Done,  your training is finally created.

It should be noted that like most WordPress plugins, CoursePress comes in two versions, a free and a PRO (paid). See a comparative table (in English) in terms of the features of both:

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The PRO version is billed at $ 19 per month. The more discerning among you have realized that we have only scratched the surface of this plugin. The plurality of its options, its versatility and its ability tointegrate into most themes could be the subject of a whole book.

Now all you have to do is create your courses and follow the eLearning success stories that are  Kim Ki-Hoon et  Scott Britton.

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  1. Hello, is it possible to have these video courses blocked and then released after payment and viewable on the site and NOT downloadable?

  2. Hello,

    I would like to know if the law allows the sale of personal development courses through Network Marketing (MLM)?

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