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How to Create a Travel Blog with WordPress

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Who doesn't like to talk about the places they've visited? If you are a travel enthusiast, you might have thought about writing a blog on it, but you don't know where to start or how to start a travel blog with WordPress? 

WordPress is the perfect CMS for travel blogs because it is easy to set up and you have at your disposal Many resources to get there. You will therefore be able to easily create your own blog to share your different adventures.

This tutorial will walk you through the different steps you need to take to start your own travel blog. We are also going share some WordPress themes and WordPress plugins that will allow you to make your blog unique.

But before you start, take the time to take a look at How to install a WordPress themeHow many plugins to install on WordPress.

Then find out together our list.

What should you find in a travel blog?

Now that we know what a WordPress travel blog looks like, let's take a look at what you'll need to get started:

  • WordPress:  Pretty obvious, right? You will need to install WordPress locally or on your web server.
  • A WordPress theme:  We will tell you what you should look for in a travel blog WordPress theme and give you some free or paid suggestions.
  • Plugin:  We will show you the WordPress plugins you need to install on your blog.
  • Excellent Photography: Half the fun of traveling is the memories you have, and those memories are best preserved in pictures, which will lead you to have a lot of them. However, these images should not slow down your blog.

1. Configuration of your Blog

The first step in setting up your blog is to have a copy of WordPress that you install in a viable environment, either locally or on the internet. For WordPress hosting, we highly recommend:

  • WP Engine :  hosting whose services start at $ 29 per month, and it manages installations, backups and updates.
  • Flywheel :  Another web host compatible with WordPress, but at $ 15 per month, it is fine if you are on a budget.
  • Bluehost :  Cheaper host, starting at $ 3.49 per month, and they have a quick install option for WordPress.

If instead you want to try a local installation (without hosting), you can read our tutorial on How to install WordPress locally.

2. Choose a WordPress theme

While it's easy to change themes on WordPress, you should explore different WordPress themes before you get started (you don't have to choose the first WordPress theme you see). If you are planning to buy a WordPress theme (That we recommend), Check out our tips for buying a good WordPress theme.

When looking for a travel blog WordPress theme, you must pay attention to the layout and the way it handles imagesbecause it will be vital for your blog. Also check if this WordPress theme uses maps, as this allows you to add another dimension to your travel stories.

Here are some WordPress themes you should definitely consider:

1. Traveler

The premium Traveler WordPress theme, despite the generic name, comes with a large number of layouts, which will help you easily create a website dedicated to travel agencies, tour operators and anyone who offers services in these areas.

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how to create a travel blog with WordPress - Traveler

It sseamlessly integrates with Paypal to accept payments directly on your website, if you sell services. Its intuitive search bar is convenient for visitors who want to find an article or video about a destination or leisure facility.

It is primarily designed for businesses that cater to those interested in exploring the world. Beginners will find it rather intuitive since it comes with the Visual Composer plugin and a OneClick installation.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

2. Citytours

CityTours is built on an urban and simple design that complements its main purpose as a hotel and restaurant WordPress theme. booking of trips. This is an especially good choice if you want to create the copy of the Airbnb website - there's no shame in that -.

best WordPress themes - citytours

A simple yet elegant layout defines this premium WordPress theme. The only ingredient you need to add will be hotel or tour group packages; The rest is taken care of for you through a well-designed and clean interface similar to Airbnb's search page.

CityTours gives you the opportunity to show results in a grid with catchy images of all properties or tours available to clients. The search bar will allow travelers to filter their searches based on a number of variables such as price, five star rating, satisfaction ratings, amenities, amenities included, neighborhood or district and more again.

Are you looking for the best WordPress themes and plugins?

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Download | Demo | Web hosting

3. Altair

The Altair premium WordPress theme is an ideal solution for travel agencies, as it offers layouts that are both fixed and full width. The booking form unique helps your customers to remember your business.


Sa advanced search bar will allow customers to find tour packages that best meet their preferences.

Discover also our 5 WordPress plugins to create a Booking website - Booking

The destination pages are an outstanding feature of the latter because this WordPress theme incorporates sliders that support parallax effects and beautiful content sections to convince your visitors to go on an adventure offered by your services.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

Installing plugins

Nomad world map wordpress plugin e1536848100872

A major advantage of using WordPress to create your website is the plugins availability who can do just about anything. We recommend some basic plugins that you should consider installing on your website, such as Yoast SEO for search engine optimization and Akismet For spam protection.

Here is How to solve the problems of images encountered on WordPress

As you create your travel blog, you may want to do a little more than just write about the places you've been. Maps are a good way to illustrate your travels, and many WordPress themes for travel websites or blogs are compatible with maps. If the one you chose isn't, WordPress offers plugins that can help you:

  • Interactive World Maps : This is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create as many maps as you want, with interactive and colorful markers, continents, countries or regions.
  • Advanced Google Maps : This WordPress plugin is the most advanced Google Maps plugin ever created. It was developed thanks to the different feedback that its users have sent.
  • Mapplic : Mapplic is the WordPress plugin that lets you ttransform simple images and vector graphics into high quality, responsive and fully interactive maps without any programming knowledge.

Recommended Resources

Also discover other recommended resources that will help you to better attract your partners and subscribers, but also to improve the security of your website. 

Easily create your Online Store

Download free WooCommerce, the best e-commerce plugins to sell your physical and digital products on WordPress. [Recommended]


Here ! That's it for this tutorial, I hope it allows you to create a travel blog with WordPress. Do not hesitate to share with your friends on your favorite social networks

However, you can also consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on WordPress blog creation.

If you have suggestions or remarks, leave them in our section Comments.


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