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Forminator: a WordPress calculation and payment form generator

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Forminator is now available, and it now offers calculation and payment functionality. A new milestone has been reached, for what you might expect from a free WordPress form builder plugin. Can you name a lead generating, money making, and income generating website that has no way of capturing information ... you can't!

Forms are as essential to WordPress as water is to a fish. However, licensing a usable form builder, with a sane user interface that looks absolutely awesome in any WordPress theme, is expensive.

Forminator is changing while being the first completely free premium WordPress form plugin. Since its version 1.0 with the basic elements of the forms, it has received over 1000 third-party integrations and a sophisticated poll and quiz generator.

And it is now available free on

To make it a suitable substitute for your premium form builder, you need some advanced calculations and a way to support payments. Today, Forminator is living up to its expectations.

Before taking a look at the new features, install Forminator on your website to be able to follow it 🙂 download it from or install Forminator Pro with 24/24 support and access the full suite of performance, optimization, security tools, marketing, hosting and website management for 7 days.

Forminator the super calculator!

Is it really that impressive?

Yes. Yes it is. Calculations open up a whole new world of form building. Gather information, generate leads, take orders and engage visitors… Forminator is a magnet. There are literally thousands of combinations but here are some ideas:

  • A registration form with upgrade packages and unique prices
  • Sell ​​a T-shirt with variations in size, color, price and tax
  • Adding a BMI and / or Calorie Calculator to Your Health & Wellness Blog
  • Integrating a loan calculator into your finance website
  • Displaying a Due Date Calculator for Your Midwife Client
  • Support for an interactive quote or service estimate
  • Sharing a return on investment calculator on your agency's website
  • And so on…

Let's see how it works. Devman wants to sell graphic t-shirts to his fans, so let's build his order form.

My forminator

Set up your new form and name it.

Using selectors, we'll add variations in color, style, size and quantity. The larger sizes received a markup from our distributor, but with Forminator we were able to easily recalculate and adjust the price based on size and quantity.

Forminator divi option

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And of course, Devman's local government wants a share of the sales. Using another calculator, we can calculate the additional percentage of taxes.

Forminator field calculation

Set additional charges such as taxes or shipping charges. You can also include an additional sale for shipping, but Devman will just deliver them himself.

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If math isn't your strong suit, Forminator will be a big help. Forminator gives visual queues for what is totaled.

Once the calculations are done, we will enter the name, e-mail address and phone number so we can deliver the t-shirt and add it to Devman's contact list.

Divi form example

Download and share your form to start taking orders.

What about payments?

Forminator supports payment on Stripe et PayPal. You have entered all the required information, use a calculator to calculate the total for your users, will cause them to now place their order directly from Forminator. Woohoo!

Payment with stripe forminator

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To activate the Stripe module, go to the "Settings" tab of Forminator in the sidebar, choose "Payments", click "Configure" and add your publishable keys to the pop-up module. At the bottom of the module, click on "Connect" and you are ready to start accepting payments.Forminator free wordpress plugin

Submit your code under Settings> Payment.

We can go back to the order form and add the payment module. Set the payment option to 'variable' and choose the total to charge according to your user's options. In this case we go with "total".

Stripe piement mode

Use the calculations for the variable payment options.

So much more…

Forminator already has a good number of improvements and fixes (it probably could have been 2.0). But our developers still have a long way to go.

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Forminator is now by far the most robust and powerful free form builder for WordPress and remains firm in the face of preferred premium solutions.

So do yourself a favor and save thousands of dollars in license fees for you and your customers.

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Wp comment designer customize and design wordpress comments and comment form wordpress plugin

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Overall, it's an easy-to-use premium WordPress plugin that works perfectly with the latest version of WordPress.

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2. Ultimate Membership Pro

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It will therefore be possible to protect all the content of your website, or just a part of it. It will be for example a course, a lesson, a page, a product, a category, an image, etc ...

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Its main functions are among others: content protection, multiple access levels, support for multiple payment gateways - PayPal,, Stripe, 2CheckOut, Bank Transfer-, partial protection of content, And much more…

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3. WooCommerce Cardstream Payment Gateway

CardStream is the only independent payment gateway provider. This WordPress plugin allows you to accept payments directly to your WooCommerce online store by Cardstream.

Woocommerce cardstream payment gateway wordpress plugin

It also gives you the ability to accept payments using the Cardstream hosted solution.

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Here is ! That's it for this tutorial on the free WordPress plugin Forminator. We hope this will help you easily create your forms. If you have any concerns or suggestions in the matter, let's find us in the comments section to discuss.

However, you will also be able to consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

But meanwhile, share this article on your different social networks.


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