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Need the best WooCommerce product filter plugins?

WooCommerce filters allow you to search and filter: publications, personalized publications, products, etc., thanks to a certain number of parameters which allow users to easily find what they looking for on your Online Store.

Users of your website will be able to perform searches whose results can be filtered by categories, keywords, types, authors or any other combination thereof. These filters are very useful for critical sites, e-commerce sites, and much more.

So here is a list of 10 best premium WordPress plugins WooCommerce that will allow you to facilitate the search and sorting of products in your online store.

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Then, back to why we are here.

1. WooCommerce Product Filter

WooCommerce Product Filter is an "all in one", one filter for all online stores. It is the must have gadget for any WordPress or WooCommerce online store owner.

WooCommerce plugins to create a product filter - Woocommerce product filter

Ce WordPress Plugin extends the functionality of your Online Store, by adding advanced filters that you and your customers will love. Take your business to a higher level.

Another feature that might appeal to you is its ability to adapter its layout according to the WordPress theme and the device you are using.

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2. Reactive Pro - Advance WP search, filter & grid

Reactive Pro is a powerful WordPress Plugin search, filtering and grid formatting on your online store. It has a layout facilitated by the drag and drop functionality that it supports for search, filter and grid. 

Reactive pro advanced wordpress search filter map grid

You will be able to choose any type of post form and he will work with her and create a dynamic page of research and powerful filters.

Il also comes with a grid design solution. It creates an open API, so that everyone can create your own design. It has a selector grid design so the admin can choose the one that looks close to their vision. 

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3. WordPress Automatic Plugin  

WordPress Automatic Plugin is a premium plugin that will help you target and find content from various sources such as: Amazon, Walmart, YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion, Feeds, eBay auctions, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddits, Twitter, Facebook , Craigslist, iTunes, Envato, and SoundCloud.

Wordpress automatic plugin wordpress create automatic blog

When it comes to articles, the plugin can extract categories and tags, as well as specific parts of original articles, and convert parts of articles to full post.

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It has options to remove all links before publishing, to define the status of the publication to be written or published, to exclude words and phrases, to translate the content before posting, and to automatically define the content. picture to the front.

You can adjust the settings to ignore non-image messages, non-English messages, and duplicate titles. It supports multisite et automatically adds custom fields to articles. These fields can contain details like title, author, content, image, price, and rating.

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4. Product Filter for WooCommerce

This premium WordPress plugin is the ultimate all-in-one filter for any online store. With advanced filters for your customers and full control for you, this is a must have product filter plugin for any eCommerce website owner that relies on the famous WooCommerce.Product filter for woocommerce wordpress plugin create filter

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Product Filter for WooCommerce offers unlimited options, so your customers can filter by any criteria and find exactly what they're looking for. The setup is quick and easy. You can use the extremely user-friendly admin interface to completely customize the look and function of your filter bar.

Advanced features like adoptive filtering and smart filter analysis make the Product Filter for WooCommerce plugin different from the competition and help you take your online store to the next level. 

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5. WooCommerce Grid: Display Product + AJAX Filter

Le WordPress WooCommerce Grid plugin is a multilingual formatting manager that displays products in an advanced grid, which automatically adapts to all devices. 

Woocommerce grid display product ajax filter

With an advanced Ajax search module, built and sent queries return filtered results from custom fields.

The features it offers are among others: the mautomatic page and unlimited presets, the support for several languages, madvanced models of product grids, the Fsearch box with custom fields and much more

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6. WOOF 

WOOF is a powerful WooCommerce product filtering plugin that extends its functionality to allow users of your online store to search by categories, product attributes CustomBy keywords and by personalized prices.

Woof woocommerce products filter - best WooCommerce filter plugins

It has tons of professional and premium features and without a doubt, this will be the one that strikes you the most, if you try them all.

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7. WooCommerce Order Rules & Filters

the plugin WordPress WooCommerce Order Rules & Filters allows you to apply easily filters in your commands using filters and rules.

Woocommerce order rules filters - best WooCommerce filter plugins

Filter quickly through orders according to rules that you define and / or apply colors on the lines so that when the order rule is matched, the color of the line is changed.

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8. SS WooCommerce Ajax Filters

The WooCommerce plugin Ajax filters allows you to filter products based on a multitude ofattributes, price ranges, dates, popularity, average grade, stock status, etc ...

Woocommerce ajax product filters - best WooCommerce filter plugins

Users can choose multiple filters at once and click on the button "Apply" to get the desired result. You cannot send multiple requests for the same attribute parameter or filter.

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Optionally, you can choose to display the results Ajax per click if you don't like the function of the "Apply" button.

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9. WordPress Meta Data & Taxonomies Filter

Le Plugin WordPress Meta Data & Taxonomies Filter boasts great flexibility and for now it is the solution the most complete to make a very large content easily searchable.

best WooCommerce plugins - WordPress meta data taxonomies filter

With this WordPress plugin, you will be able to filter: messages, types of personalized messages, WooCommerce products, and others.

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10. Woocommerce Step Filter

With an almost perfect rating on ThemeForest, the WordPress WooCommerce Step Filter plugin remains powerful and flexible to create step-by-step product filters. This will help your customers choose products consistently by answering questions at each step.

Woocommerce step filter

Its main features are: filtering by price, attribute or custom rule, fully customizable steps, creation of an unlimited number of filters, Ajax technology support, and more.

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It also has a responsive interface that automatically adapts to all devices.

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