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10 WordPress plugins to receive donations

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Are you looking for the best WordPress donation plugins to view your website?

Internet has made it easy to promote products and services nowadays. But it also allowed people and organizations to campaign for humanitarian causes, by collecting or receiving donations directly on their website.

This is the reason why many charities now offer a magnificent fundraising system on their website. So, if you want to integrate this functionality into your website, we offer in this list, the 10 best premium WordPress plugins ready to help you collect donations on your website or blog.

But before you start, take the time to take a look at How to install a WordPress themeHow many plugins to install on WordPress.

Then find out together our list.

1. WP Full Stripe

Full Stripe is a WordPress plugin designed to make it easier to accept payments and create subscriptions on your WordPress website or blog. Powered by Stripe, you can embed payment forms on any post or page and receive payments directly without having your customers go to a third-party WordPress donation plugins - Wp full stripe subscription and payment plugin for wordpress

Its functionalities are among others: support for more than 100 currencies and bank cards, seamless integration with Stripe, a fully customizable appearance, the possibility of being translated into several languages, a varied payment method, support for email notifications, unlimited campaign creation, and more.

Download Demo | Web hosting

2. Universe Funder 

Universe Funder is an All or Nothing crowdfunding system that is based on WooCommerce and is rich in features. Using this WordPress plugin, you will be able to create your own crowdfunding website or create crowdfunding campaigns in your online store. It works with 2 payment gateways - Stripe and WordPress donation plugins - Universe funder wordpress donation plugin

Its main functions are: the support of a complete and powerful crowdfunding system, compatibility with WooCommerce, fundraising tools, control of campaign management by administrators, Multilingual support, and many others. 

Download | Demo | Web hosting

3. WP Attractive Donations System 

This unique plugin allows you to easily and quickly create beautiful and attractive sections dedicated to fundraising on your WordPress website. Each fundraising campaign will be able to have its own stages, amounts, texts, colors, images and support payments using PayPal or WordPress donation plugins - Wp attractive donations system

As features there are among others: the management of panels dedicated to donations, support for popular payment gateways, full customization of your panel or widget, the possibility of configuring recurring payments, customization of colors, fonts, texts and currency symbol, a beautiful and intuitive user interface, the support of the shortcodes et Visual Composer, attentive customer service, Multilingual support and others. 

Download | Demo | Web hosting

4. SUMO Donations

SUMO Donation is a complete donation collection system for WooCommerce websites. Thanks to this plugin, you will be able to provide users with options that will enable them to donate to your website. 

Sumo woocommerce donations

It supports the Recurring Donations module (But you need to install the plugin first SUMO Subscriptions). Donations can be made on a simple product page, basket, or cash. In addition, donations can be collected automatically or manually.

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You will also be able to force users to donate (making it so that the user cannot complete their purchase without donating to your website). 

Download | Demo Web hosting

5. WooCommerce Gold Donation Tip On Cart And Checkout

This is a WooCommerce extension that allows you to accept donations on a page of your website. The acceptance of donations is made on the basket and on a page of the cash register, with the specification of the amounts for each donor.

Woocommerce donation or tip on cart and checkout

Its features are: the possibility of activating and deactivating the reception of donations on the website, to define the amounts, easy installation, taking care of everything WooCommerce theme, no coding required, and much more.

Download | Demo Web hosting

6. Paypal Addon for Arforms

This plugin allows you in 5 minutes to accept PayPal payments on your website. This is a very simple solution for users who want to sell products quickly on the internet, or receive donations / contributions on a website.

Paypal addon for arforms 1

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Paypal Addon is fully compatible with the ARForms plugin. The latter allows you to create forms, before configuring them with PayPal. Users will be redirected to PayPal after submission of the form. 

Download Demo | Web hosting

7. Donation Content Locker

Donation Content Locker is a plugin that allows you to hide content important on your website and display it only to donors. All you have to do is frame the protected content with the shortcodes. following: [donationlocker]… [/ donationlocker].Donation content locker wordpress plugins receive donations fundraising

It offers as features: a modern and secure form for collecting donations, locking of important content, support for payments via PayPal, Payza / AlertPay, Authorize.Net or InterKassa, a minimum limit for submitting donations, storage information on users who have made a donation, monitoring of activation links (received by email) to unblock content, shortcode support, activation / deactivation of the terms and conditions of the donation form, Multilingual supportEtc. ...

Download Demo | Web hosting

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8. WooCommerce Donation

Accept through this extension donations on your WooCommerce website with amounts specified by customers. This will allow them to give as much as they want. Each donation can be presented as any usual product of WooCommerce

Woocommerce donation plugin

If the customer skips the cart page or goes directly to the checkout without donating, a link will appear above the checkout page so they can donate.

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Each step of using WooCommerce Donation is explained in a documentation with screenshots. Just activate the plugin and you will find the "Add donation" field on the cart.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

9. Article Sponsorship

Would you like to have a WordPress website? Are you an author whose visitors enjoy articles? then you can now allow them to become sponsors of your articles thanks to the Article Sponsorship plugin.

Sponsorship article

This plugin adds a list of sponsors on your posts / pages and thus gives the possibility to visitors to become sponsors. All they have to do is fill out a simple form and pay a sponsorship fee. The plugin accepts payments via PayPal, Payza / AlertPay, Skrill / Moneybookers et InterKassa.

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So this is a great way to monetize both your website and your talent. 

Download | Demo Web hosting

10. Donation Manager

Donation Manager is a particularly effective WordPress plugin for managing donations on your website. It offers a lot of features and possibilities. Donation manager for wordpress

With this plugin you can create donation campaigns. Just add a shortcode to a page and start receiving donations.

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The plugin allows your visitors / readers to donate and save them in a list of donors. In addition, you have several payment gateways, in this case 6 (PayPal, Payza / AlertPay, Skrill / Moneybookers, Authorize.Net, InterKassa and EgoPay).

Download | Demo Web hosting

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Here is ! That's it for this list. We hope this article will make it easy for you to receive donations on your website or blog according to your needs. Do not hesitate to send us your appreciations and suggestions in the section dedicated to Comments.

However, you will also be able to consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting the guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

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