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7 prestashop plugins to integrate an affiliate system

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To generate qualified traffic on your website, and see your sales increase at the same time, it can be very interesting to set up an affiliate program.

Affiliate programs are an alternative to "classic" advertising that can quickly become profitable for the e-merchant. Unlike advertising via advertising agencies such as Google Ads where you pay per click, here you only pay a commission to your affiliates once your objective has been reached: making contact, subscribing to a newsletter or more commonly making a sale. This is the first big advantage of this method. The second is that you can choose your affiliates according to their infinity with your target (site theme, readership…).

Prestashop gives you access to many plugins or modules that allow you to integrate an affiliate system into any online store. We will look at 7 of them in this article that we invite you to test.

1. Affiliate Program - Reward your Customers


As its name suggests, this PrestaShop module allows you to integrate your own affiliation and loyalty system into your online store. Each of your affiliates will send the referral link to new customers and all orders made through this link will earn the affiliate money.

This module sets up a rewards system for your best customers through product commissions and also attracts new customers through the referral system.

On the dashboard, the module creates a new “Affiliate Program” tab in the menu bar with 3 sub-tabs including “Configuration”, “Affiliates”, and “Orders”.

As for the public interface, there is also a new “Affiliate Program” tab with 3 other sub-tabs including “List of product commissions”, “My commissions”, and “My payment information”.

Download | Demo | Price: € 99,99

2. All-in-one Rewards


"All-in-one Rewards" allows you to set up a complete rewards system within your store, aiming to increase its referencing and notoriety thanks to the vitality of the system, and to monitor its performance very precisely. .

Concretely, the module currently includes the single account system, a loyalty program, a hyper evolved sponsorship / affiliation program, and a rewards system for people who click on "Like" on Facebook, thus advertising for your store.

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Almost all of the settings are customizable by customer, this means that a customer can have loyalty to% of his basket while another will earn loyalty product by product, or even a sponsor will earn 5% of orders from his referrals and will benefit his referrals from € 10 welcome where another will receive 3% and give € 5 to his referrals.

Download | Demo | Price: 199,99 €

3. Affiliation by reduction voucher


Affiliation is a way to gain visibility with a low advertising budget. Each customer enrolled in the affiliate program becomes a sales representative of the shop. However, a satisfied customer is the best commercial that is.

"Affiliation by coupon" is a PrestaShop plugin which allows you to add an affiliate system to coupons / shopping cart rules. It thus facilitates the acquisition of new customers.

Feature Summary:

  • Create / edit / delete an affiliate program
  • Link a coupon to a customer and an affiliate program
  • View commission earnings history
  • Make a commission request (export)
  • Validate export requests
  • View export history

Download | Demo | Price: 149,99 €

4. Affiliate Plus Program


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The Prestashop Affiliate Plus module helps you organize automated advertising campaigns that will promote your products or services 24 hours a day. With this module, you pay the affiliate based on the conversion of sales, impressions, impressions unique and inscriptions.

If a customer follows an affiliate link to your website and makes a purchase according to your campaign rules, the affiliate gets paid. You can pay it its fixed percentage rate, the percentage rate per level, the fixed amount, or the amount per level.

Download | Price: 39,99 €

5. Prestashop Affiliate Product


"Prestashop Affiliate Product" is a PrestaShop module which easily links affiliate products to your online store.

Indeed, this plugin helps you insert products into your site by giving you the ability to modify the "Add to cart" button of any product. You can edit the button text and link / url; which allows to display products from other traders, suppliers, manufacturers and markets such as Amazon.

Download | Demo | Price: 69,99 €

6. Affiliate Program


"Affiliate Program" is a PrestaShop extension which allows you to promote your products with the help of your customers. Thanks to it, you can set up well organized affiliate programs; which will make you increase traffic and sales, generate qualified leads, expand your brand awareness and achieve higher search engine rankings. It is an effective marketing tool for any online business.

Feature Summary:

  • Affiliation feature
  • Collect points for affiliate registrations
  • Collect points for affiliate purchases
  • Ability to configure the number of points accumulated for each action
  • Possibility to configure the cost of a point
  • Convert points to reductions
  • Ability to configure the discount expiration time
  • And much more…

Download | Demo | Price: € 29,99

7. Affiliate Product


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This module will allow the store owner to add and promote an affiliate / external product to the store; the owner should provide the full affiliate product URL or link and customize some of the options with the multilingual functionality.

Feature Summary:

  • Easy to install ("plug and play")
  • Fully compatible with the most recent versions of PrestaShop
  • Multilingual
  • Custom external / affiliate URL to link the product
  • Multilingual personalized support in order to replace the "Add to cart" button
  • And many more functions

Download | Demo | Price: 39,99 €

That's it for this list of PrestaShop modules through which you can set up an affiliate program in your online store. Don't hesitate to share on your favorite social networks!

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