Would you like to create a signature field on your website or find the best WordPress plugins to get your users' signatures? 

Recently, users asked us if it was possible to allow their users to sign documents on their website.

best WordPress plugins to get your users' signatures

In this article, we will offer you the 7 best premium WordPress plugins which allow you to obtain the signatures of your users on your website.

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Then back to why we are here.

1. Super Forms - Signature

This is a WordPress plugin that acts as an extension of the famous WordPress plugin Super Forms, through which you can collect the signatures of your customers or users. Concretely, this extension allows you to add a "Signature" field on any form.

Learn in detail how to install a WordPress plugin step by step.

Super forms signature add on

Mobile users can also sign with the touchscreen support built into the extension. The signatures will be saved as image and attachments. They will be saved as an image in your input fields.

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2. Signature Addon for Arforms

ARForms has a new extension designed to retrieve user signatures on the internet. Signature Addon for Arforms is just a WordPress plugin that you can install and manage just like other WordPress plugins. To accept a user's signature, just drag the “Signature” field into the form editor and that's it!

Signature addon for arforms

It will start to display on your form like the other fields. You will be able to display the signature generated in the input page of the form with all the fields of the latter.

The WordPress Signature Addon for Arforms plugin captures the signature executed by the user and sends the data to the web server. This information will then be converted into a PNG image and stored on the server. This plugin works on all major desktop browsers and mobile devices.

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3. Digital Signatures for NEX-Forms

The WordPress plugin Digital Signatures for NEX-Forms is an extension of the WordPress plugin Nex-Forms. It allows you to insert fields dedicated to the digital signature in your forms.

Digital signatures for nex forms

The signature will be captured and displayed in your emails, and saved with your form data. You will also have the possibility to consult the signatures from your dashboard.

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4. Formidable Forms' Signature

In the world of form builders,  Formidable Forms  is a strong competitor, with over 300.000 active installations. The functionality of the latter is extended by premium extensions. This plugin is available from $ 19 for any WordPress website.

Formidable forms - form builder for wordpress

The signature field is added to a form, and has some customization options. Once the signature is inserted, it is converted into an image and stored with the data of the form. So, if you are a fan of Formidable Forms, then with this extension, it will be easy for you to collect signatures.

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5. WP Online Contract

WordPress Online Contract is the original plugin that allows you to create, manage, and save contracts online through WordPress. You can customize contracts using text files and shortcodes, and view revisions to your existing contracts.

Wp online contract

Thanks to this WordPress plugin, you can send your customers your contract online, and they will be able to view, sign, save and print from any location and any device. It is completely responsive for any device!

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6. Signature Addon for ARForms WordPress Plugin

If you are not already familiar with the latter, then you should know that the plugin " ARForms Is a well evaluated form building plugin with more than 5000 sales. They created a extension that allows users to submit signatures by simply adding a field to your form.

Arforms wordpress form builder plugin

The interface " drag-and-drop »Easy to use allows you to simply add the signature field. Your users will not need to install anything to affix their signature, and it will be converted and stored as a PNG file during form submission.

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7. WP E-Signature from ApproveMe

If you are looking for an online signature tool with WordPress, WP E-Signature from ApproveMe is a WordPress plugin that will be useful to you. This premium WordPress plugin is designed to allow you to legally sign documents on your website.

Approveme esignature digital e signature for wordpress

Similar to services such as DocuSign et HelloSign , " WP E-Signature Allows you to send documents to your customers with signature. Starting with 97 $, you can have unlimited documents and signatories that are manageable from your blog or WordPress website. 

WP E-Signature is compatible with " UETA "And" ESIGN ”, So that the signatures are authentic and can be used even in court.

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