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Would you like to find the best WordPress plugins to manage a multi-author blog?

At first, the blog was a personal, individual medium, the result of the work and passion of one person. Since then, things have changed, blogs are professionalizing more and more and they now often include several contributors, several authors.

However, working in a team is not necessarily easy. In this article, we will introduce you to the best premium WordPress plugins, which will help you get started with a multi-author blog and gain productivity.

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Then back to why we are here.

1. Strive Content Calendar

When juggling multiple authors, it's important to keep your content on track. A great way to do this is with an editorial calendar like Strive. This useful WordPress plugin adds functionality to organize your posting schedule and keep track of your authors.

While you can certainly manage your blog manually, Strive just makes it easier. Use this plugin's content calendar to plan your schedule. Adding new or current post drafts is as easy as clicking the plus icon on a day of the week.

Then you can use the pipeline with color-coded post statuses to keep track of each post. You can add general topics like “Not Started” and allow authors to claim them and move them to “Writing” as they go. Then you (or your editor) can proceed to the “Editing” step.

You can also add a checklist to your post editor so authors don't forget important steps, such as spell-checking or adding a featured snippet for search results. And there's also built-in review functionality so your team can create and schedule post updates over time to keep your content fresh.

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2. Adminimize

Adminimize is a multi-author WordPress blog plugin that you can use to organize your website's admin area. Specifically, it lets you control what users can see based on the user group they belong to.

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This way you can remove unnecessary items to keep the area clean for each user role and prevent them from seeing and accessing items they shouldn't. Adminimize is simple to use and features a basic settings menu.

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Once installed and activated, the plugin will modify the admin back-end so that you can enable or disable certain areas for specific user roles. You can also add separate meta fields for posts and pages.

Adminimize is for you if you want more control over your WordPress website admin view. It's a great tool for controlling what your users can see based on their roles.

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3.Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box is a popular WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly create and add aesthetically pleasing author boxes to your posts. Although your current WordPress theme may allow you to add author details to posts, using a plugin can help ensure that the functionality is available (and consistent) regardless of the theme you are using. use.

best WordPress plugin to manage a multi-author blog

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With the free version, you can add the author's avatar, name, and description, as well as choose from over 30 social media icons. This tool is a bit simpler than the other premium options on this list.

However, this could be ideal if you are a beginner, or just looking for basic author box functionality. Also, if you are looking for more advanced features, there is a premium version you can check out.

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4. Ultimate Author Box

Author Box comes with 19 different ready-to-use templates. They allow this powerful premium WordPress plugin to easily manage a single author or multiple author blog.

Ultimate author box - best WordPress plugin to manage a multi-author blog

Thanks to the flexibility of its layout, you can place its main section on any sidebar whatever the space. Despite that it comes with several models, you can customize it so that it perfectly matches the look and appearance of your website.

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It is very flexible and has a list of features that we invite you to discover in its demo.

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5. WP User Frontend

WP User Frontend is another tool to consider if you have a lot of contributing authors on your website. It is an intuitive front-end page builder plugin that allows your users to edit and publish articles, as well as manage and upload profiles, all without accessing the back-end of your website.

manage a multi-author blog

This WordPress plugin has a clean and user-friendly drag and drop interface that you can use to create forms. It also has a premium version available which gives you access to more than 20 modules, conditional logic, etc….

WP User Frontend is for you if you want to reduce the number of users who have access to your main dashboard. This tool allows users to post articles and create profiles, but saves you from having to worry about them changing admin settings.

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