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Pagination is an integral part of any modern blog. Due to its immense importance, it has made its way to become a core feature of WordPress. Pagination plays a big role in maximizing the user experience of your WordPress website. Without pagination, you will have to load all of your topics or articles at the same time. Which will greatly increase the loading time.

In this article we will show you how to enable paging on your website or WordPress blog.

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Then, back to why we are here.

How to enable paging on WordPress

If you want more control over the style of your blog's pagination and don't want to mess with the code, you can use one of the WordPress plugins of pagination that we propose in this list.

1. WooPagination

WooPagination is a WordPress extension (WooCommerce) which helps to convert default product pagination to unlimited scrolling or Ajax pagination. When a user scrolls down the page, the next page of products is automatically retrieved and added. 

Woopagination wordpress woocommerce wordpress plugin

You can also add a “Load more” button instead of unlimited scrolling, or you can keep the default pagination and convert it to Ajax Pagination.

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In addition, you can set different types of paging for mobile devices, such as unlimited scrolling for large screen devices.

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2. Mosaic Gallery Addon for Visual Composer

You can display your images in an impressive way with the Mosaic Gallery Addon for Visual Composer plugin. The mosaic gallery will offer your images with an impressive effect, jQuery pagination and an integrated popup.Mosaic Gallery Addon for Visual Composer

As features we find: the possibility of create impressive galleries and fully responsive, the ability to create unique galleries, an integrated Popup, integrated pagination, animation effects, multilingual support, free documentation and support and much more.

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3. SEO Pagination

SEO Pagination is a WordPress plugin that will help you customize the title and description of each pagination page.Seo pagination title and description for each page wordpress plugin

You can easily integrate this plugin into your website with the Shortcode generator or the creation of a classifiable page. You can select a post type such as articles, products, portfolio or any other type of registered publication.

The other advantage of this WordPress plugin is that it comes with a animation and an ajax pagination, and you can control the number of posts displayed per page.

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4. Next Post Fly Box

Next Post Fly Box adds a floating popup window on the left or right side of the window. This floating dialog allows the reader to navigate to the previous or next post, depending on the conditions selected in the options panel of this plugin.Next post fly box

This WordPress plugin supports custom types and custom categories of magazine. A number of settings are available in the Admin area, where you can sort the display settings and adjust the dimensions of the box. 

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5. Ultimate Youtube and Vimeo Gallery WordPress Plugin

If you are looking to add an alluring YouTube and Vimeo gallery to your website that will come with interesting pagination, now you can realize your idea effortlessly with this plugin. This WordPress plugin creates responsive, out-of-the-box, cross-browser compatible grid galleries and has a lot of different features and functionality.Youtube vimeo pagination gallery

You will have the opportunity to set the number of columns, lines, spacings, breakpoints and a whole bunch of other operations that together will form a remarkable video gallery.

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How does the plugin collect videos from YouTube and Vimeo? Simple enough. On YouTube, it works at the level of playlists, strings and keywords. And for Vimeo, you can search for videos by albums, channels, groups or a simple keyword search. You can use this plugin on any page and post you want. 

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6. Epic Split Post

This WordPress plugin is a paid alternative that will help you create a page break on your website. Epic Split Post is a powerful and handy tool that unlocks many different options when it comes to splitting and breaking content into two, three, or any other custom variation.Epic split post

In his kit you will find an impressive collection of 20 different layouts to choose from. You will be able to divide the contents roughly as you wish.

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It also has three content loading methods: normal, slider, and Ajax. Moreover, you will be able to customize colors and headers. The end product will be a stunning, ready-to-use design that will decorate your website beautifully.

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7. WP-PageNavi

With nearly a million active installs, WP-PageNavi is by far the most popular plugin for numbering your pages. It helps you create pagination links for your blog by generating the template tag wp_pagenavi (). By using this tag, you will be able to override the default WordPress pagination.

Wp pagenavi wordpress pluginThis plugin adds a new tab under Parameters from which you can customize the text for the current page, the first and the last page, and for the number of pages to display. You will be able to define the number of pages and customize the indicators for the following and previous pages.

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There are a few options available to customize the look of your pagination bar, and you can change the default style by clicking on a drop-down menu. Another option is to use CSS to change the look of your pagination so that it blends perfectly with your blog's WordPress theme.

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8. WP-Paginate

WP-Paginate is another popular plugin that gives you some flexibility by providing your readers with neat navigation features. And by providing more links to your content, it improves SEO.

Wp paginate wordpress plugin

In the settings page of the WordPress plugin, you will find a tab CSS that you will use to add custom CSS codes for your pagination links. Later versions of this WordPress plugin will also page comments, a useful feature if your blog receives a large number of comments. Comments

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You can customize the pagination label, and using code or clear text, you can change the links for the previous and next buttons.

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That's all for this list of best WordPress plugins designed to help you add pagination to your WordPress website or blog. If you have some Comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to let us know in the reserved section.

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