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Need the best WordPress plugins to estimate the reading time of an article?

Recently, while visiting a blog, we saw a nifty little box on each post that showed the estimated time to read the posts. We found it very interesting. After some research and testing, we discovered very effective WordPress plugins in this area.

In this article, we will therefore offer you some premium WordPress plugins which will allow you to estimate the reading time on each of your articles.

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Then, back to why we are here.

1. Reading Time 

Reading Time is a premium WordPress plugin that creates a progress bar that allows you to estimate the time covered in an article. With this plugin it will be very useful to show the progress of reading on a page or blog post.

estimate the reading time of an article -Reading time

Typically, this indicator is used in long articles and helps readers see more clearly their progress. Il supports most popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE8 + and mobile browsers. 

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Your readers will now have a graphical view that will allow them to estimate their progress on an article.

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2. Rebar

ReBar is a premium WordPress plugin that sets up a highly colorful progress bar for your blog posts. It gives your readers a graphical view of the estimated time and reading progress for each article. 

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WordPress plugins to estimate the reading time of an article - Rebar

Its progress bar can be personalized according to your needs from the space dedicated to parameters. In addition, this extension works perfectly with all types of devices (iOS, Android), as well as all popular browsers (IE8 +, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera).

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3. XL Progress

XL Progress is a premium WordPress plugin useful for improving the user experience while reading. 

best WordPress plugins - xl progress

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4. Tripplemat

Tripplemat is a very simple and lightweight premium WordPress plugin that combines well with other plugins on your website. It is designed with a look that reminds us of Google's Material Design, which gives it a very modern air.

Triplemat wordpress plugin

This plugin will allow you to display the remaining time for read a publication or a page across a rather pretty bar. You will also be able to display a circle back up.

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Also, another option provided by the plugin is to change your browser's scroll bar when someone visits your website. It is very easy to use and has multiple features that you should definitely try. 

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5. Worth The Read

Worth the read wordpress plugin for reading time

This is a very discreet and lightweight reading progress bar indicator that shows the user what level they are at in the current post or page on your WordPress blog. You can control the positioning and the color of the progress bar, and you can choose whether it includes only main content or comments.

There is also a reading time estimation function which you can activate separately.

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Check the location (above or below the title, or content), the style and many other things.

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