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Recently I had the chance to use both MaxCDN and CloudFlare. They are all good and offer very good CDN services. If you are reading this, I guess you know what CDN stands for? If not then this WikiPedia resource Can help you better.

Today I will try to convince you to use one as soon as possible on your WordPress blog. I don't need to tell you anymore that Google takes into consideration the speed of a blog to rank it in search results.

You will probably find a lot of items available that make comparisons on CDNs that you can possibly use for your WordPress blog. But very few resources talk about the benefits of these solutions.

Why you need a CDN: The 4 reasons

It goes without saying that using a CDN saves speed of change for your blog. So if it's still a blur in your head given that you already own a hosting, let me simplify things for you.

A web hosting service and a CDN are separate. The web hosting service hosts your blog, it takes care of the most important aspect of your blog and provides the environment for your site.

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It also supports a majority of traffic. The CDN is a temporary server that takes care of hosting the static files of your website (CSS and JS in most cases). The special thing here is that it hosts these files in multiple locations, to deliver them more quickly to users who are near CDN servers.

Here are the reasons why you must have a CDN

1. Improved performance of your WordPress blog

I think this is a point on which we no longer have any doubts. I would like to point out once again that the speed of loading sites improves its ranking in searches.

2. CDN improves user experience and reduces bounce rate

With a website which has good loading speed, user experience will be improved. No one likes a site that loads slowly (this is the case for me). Usually when a website takes more than 2 seconds to load, I conclude that it has a problem or is unavailable and I close the window.

A better blog speed therefore reduces the bounce rate because users are served faster.

3. CDN improves SEO

All this is logical consequence. If your blog gets fast then it will be better indexed by Google. Remember, Google takes into account the speed of loading blogs to make a difference in the results. If your blog is fast then it will be ranked among the best.

4. Your servers are protected

CloudFlare is definitely one of the more popular free CDNs. When you install it on your blog, you will be able to enjoy the security features for free. This includes DDOS protection, SQL injections and more. Other services offer the same services, but may not be as effective as CloudFlare.

In short

CDNs not only make your blog fast, but also provide a protection service. But it must be said that the performance of the blog is an element not to be neglected, especially since it will not only allow you to improve the user experience, reduce the bounce rate and improve your SEO.

That's all there was to know about the benefits of using a CDN for your WordPress blog.

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