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10 WordPress plugins to create a membership website and protect your content

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The creation of a membership Website Professional can sell content strictly reserved for a category of subscribers. It can be everything: Training, e-Books, tutorials, articles, pages and many more. Create a membership website is so a great way to limit access to a certain type of content.

However, 2 problems arise:

  1. Which tool (plugin) to use to create a member area on a website?
  2. And, how to configure it?

The answer to the first question will be given throughout this article and the answer to the second is not always simple.

So back to the answer to the first question "How to create a member area on a WordPress website? ". To do so, we will offer you the list of 10 best premium WordPress plugins to use to create your member space.

But before we start, if you have never installed WordPress discover How to Install a WordPress Blog in 7 Steps et How to search, install and activate a WordPress theme on your blog

Then back to what concerns us.

1. ARMember

ARMember is a premium WordPress content protection plugin. It is a unique solution that allows you to sell subscriptions on any website. It has a whole range of tools that allow you to protect completely or partially its contents.

ARMember WordPress Membership Plugin

Another of its features is the fact that it offers a free option that is a bit limited in terms of features. Speaking of features, this powerful WordPress plugin offers among others: The possibility of plan its contents, support for several subscription plans, easy configuration, migration between different subscription plans, WooCommerce support, several models of forms, and more.

It is also a reference in this niche.

Download in French | Demo | Web hosting

2. UserPro

UserPro is an all-in-one premium WordPress plugin that allows you to create a community website complete and functional. But if it appears in this list is because it offers a powerful management and content restriction feature that you can use to create an e-learning website.

UserPro Community and User Profile WordPress Plugin

It comes with features such as registration on the website through the accounts of Social networks, viral marketing support, user badge management, account certification, public / private activity flows, etc ...

It's just an all-in-one plugin that you'll have to try.

Download in French | Demo | Web hosting

3. PrivateContent

PrivateContent is a powerful yet easy-to-use solution for creating a true multi-level registration website. It's a plugin compatible with the new European legislation on the protection of users' data.

PrivateContent Multilevel Content Plugin

Like most plugins in this list, it comes with a whole host of full features that are only waiting for you to install it.

Discover How to install a plugin in WordPress

Protect your content with this premium WordPress plugin and let subscribers access it according to the role or status they have. In addition, it is one of the best-selling plugins in this niche, and that deserves special attention from you.

Download in French | Demo | Web hosting

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4. Youzer

Youzer is another premium WordPress plugin packed with features and perfect for creating any website that wants restrict its content. But it's not just for that, it can also help you turn your website into a true community platform.

Youzer Buddypress Community bbPress Forums User Profiles WordPress Plugin New Era

Its features are plethoric and list them here would be to simply write an article dedicated to this plugin. Also note that at the level of the layout and overall appearance of this WordPress plugin, you will be seduced by its maturity and robustness.

Discover our 4 WordPress plugins to always follow your goals

Simply check out his demo and make an opinion that will be specific to what you expect from any WordPress plugin this niche.

Download in French | Demo | Web hosting

5. User Profiles Made Easy

User Profiles Made Easy (UPME) is a premium WordPress plugin that manages the display of profiles as well as logging in and registering on your website. It adapts to all mobile devices, and works with any WordPress theme.

User Profiles Made Easy

With this plugin, your users will no longer view their profiles in the backend (Admin area) and your sign-in and sign-up pages will be replaced by new, prettier pages that will enhance the user experience Visitors, thus giving a more professional look to your website strictly reserved to members.

Its features include: a user profile section, customizable profile fields, a member area, the multilingual support, control over access to content, a responsive layout, integration with WooCommerce, a SEO optimized for search engines, and more

Download in French | Demo | Web hosting

6. Ultimate Membership Pro

Ultimate Membership Pro is an excellent premium WordPress subscription and content restriction plugin. It allows users to be managed according to their plan (free or premium) by creating exclusive access levels.

Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress Membership Plugin

It will be possible to protect all the content of your website, or just a part of it. It will be for example a course, a lesson, a page, a product, a category, an image, etc ...

Are there any errors in the comments section of your article? Discover How to move comments from one article to another on WordPress

Key features include: content protection, multiple levels of access, support for multiple payment gateways -PayPal,, Stripe, 2CheckOut, Bank Transfer-, partial content protection, and more again…

Download in French | Demo | Web hosting

7. WP Membership

The premium WordPress plugin WP Membership has the advantage of being multilingual and is delivered to date with almost 11 languages ​​in its directory. It will help you like the other WordPress plugins in this list to protect your content.

WP Membership

Its strength lies in the fact that you will hardly have to configure or customize it. Just install it and start protecting your content. This premium WordPress plugin also has a free version that does almost everything. Except that the creation of the number of levels is limited.

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As main features, it offers among others: support for multiple payment gateways - Paypal, Stripe-, several price grid models, 2 models of pages dedicated to the registration on the website and 5 profile section templates.

Download in French | Demo | Web hosting

8. Fitness Trainer

Fitness WordPress is a premium plugin whose name describes what it was designed for. Its role is to help fitness coaches to offer fitness classes on the internet. It installs all the pages you will need to use it.

Fitness Trainer Training Membership Plugin

Features include: WooCommerce full media and most popular payment gateways, highly responsive layout, the ability to create any type of registration, MailChimp support, from WPML, and others.

Do you have confused ideas about the number of premium WordPress plugins to install on your blog? if yes then find out How many plugins to install on WordPress

This is a very easy to use plugin, just install it and guide your members in their quest for performance.

Download in French | Demo | Web hosting

9. WooCommerce Membership

The WooCommerce Membership plugin is a premium WordPress member space plugin that allows you to offer your potential customers access to premium content and products from your online store. You will be able to create, manage and follow the subscriptions in your member area.

WooCommerce Membership wordpress plugins create members area protect content

In addition to these powerful capabilities, you will be able to assign and revoke access to certain articles, pages, categories, keywords, digital files, etc ... based on your users' subscription plans.

Its features include: easy installation, powerful access rules, simple integration of payment gateways, compatibility with all premium WordPress themes, full control over access to your content, the ability to sell digital products safely, the integration of a affiliate program, a forum strictly reserved for premium members, and many others ...

Download in French | Demo | Web hosting

10. Edivently LMS

The Edivently LMS premium WordPress plugin will help you easily create a learning management system - LMS-, to give your website the power that an online academy should have.

Edivently LMS

Your instructors or teachers will among other things easily create and sell their courses on the internet, track enrollment, send separately a message to the entire class or students, manage certificates and course sales via a single dashboard.

As for the students, they will be able to follow their lessons, and their progress via the account of each one.

Other features available are: lesson planning, possibility to create quizzes and exercises, the management of course expiry dates, a profile section for each user, the support for several popular WordPress themes, easy management of sound and video and more.

Download in French | Demo |Web hosting

11. LearnDash

LearnDash is a premium WordPress plugin designed to help you create an online course management system. Nowadays many universities use this plugin in order to achieve their educational objectives.

LearnDash wordpress plugins create members area protect content

With this plugin, not only can you sell courses, but you can also create them. However, it offers much more than the publication of courses, because you will have the opportunity to reward students with certificates, badges and even points, in short interact with users based on the level of skills they have achieved.

Easily create your Online Store

Download free WooCommerce, the best e-commerce plugins to sell your physical and digital products on WordPress. [Recommended]

Discover our top 10 of the best premium WordPress themes to create an e-learning website

By choosing the WordPress LearnDash plugin, you offer your e-learning website a powerful tool for restricting content, which can not be seen or accessed by users, if they have met certain conditions. Set up prices, create groups, manage student progress, and communicate with members of your platform.

Download in French | Demo | Web hosting

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Here ! That's it for our list of the best premium WordPress plugins to create a space strictly reserved for subscribers to your website. You can also use these WordPress extensions to block access to your forum content, create a social network, a coaching website, e-learning and much more.

However, you will also be able to consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting the guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

If you are already using a premium WordPress plugin that we have omitted from this list, then leave it to us in our comments section to continue to grow this list. Especially share this article on your different Social networks.


This article features 103 comments

  1. Bonjour,

    I am in the process of creating a classified ads site with ultimate member, do you know if it would be possible to allow users to add a price to their ads and in the process get a commission on the price offered?
    If not, with which plugins would this be possible?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance

  2. Hello Thierry
    I use a Kleo wordpress template with buddypress for my support network for families. In the registration form I added several fields (training, job, center of interest, number of children, school, the name of the people who sponsor them to enter the network ...) do you know how I can recover thanks to a plugin all members data. I tested qq plugins I only have basic info. thank you very much

  3. hello, very good article only I do not know if what I'm looking for is here, in fact I want to create a private user space (each user -> a different private page) and in this space a user can load and view these files ( own to him) eg: load files, invoice, pff, etc.voila it's been a few days that I'm looking for but I can not. thank you for your info

    1. Hello,

      Invoices can be customized, but I'm not sure that all files are customized to the user. I have not tested yet.

  4. Good afternoon, post. Congratulations
    My case, I need to create a one-page site with product descriptions, images and various static things as well as rates with 3 offers that the user can subscribe to. The other part is that if the 1 packet signed by the user appears, a dashboard, tables with results, charts and other items. Everything is static because this information is already in the database managed by another application. Can you make a unique site? What are the tips? thank you so much

  5. Good morning, thank you for your article.
    I am creating a site for an association.
    Members register on the site, then arrive on their profile, or they can join the association, register for internships, edit and modify their profile.
    Administrators want to have access to the list of registered members, their profile, to do sorting with different options, to be able to make editions and PDF exports.
    And later, be able to set up a billing.
    Which extension do you recommend?
    of course I would like everything to be translated into French ...
    Good day and thank you in advance.

  6. Hello, from the Joomla world, I am very tempted to see if I can switch my sites under WordPress. I have two main sites: A retired retiree of which I am a member and who organizes activities and trips. A diving club of which I am also a member and who organizes dives.

    I need to create a member area with fixed date membership as the vast majority of associations in France. The plug-in should allow me to create membership plans with radio buttons / drop-down list etc to add options to the membership plan (Individual Insurance 1, 2, 3, Federal Review, Material Loan A, B, C ...), the possibility of downloading the justification documents (License, medical certificate ...) with the generation of an invoice indicating the options taken and their price. The membership plugin should enrich the member profile with all the information that is requested for membership so that this information can pre-populate form or event handler.

    I also need to manage events that also have options and download supporting documents. These events must be able to be managed by eligible members.

    A document database hiding the files and perpetuating the links.

    Are there such wordpress plugins? The little I could see is that I'm necessarily with paid plugin that do not have a full version in test or demo. But it is true that I do not master WordPress.


  7. Hello what is the difference between whishlist and ARmember. I want to use Learny Tunnel. Is it easy to implement once the prospect becomes a customer with Ar member? ar member, does it duplicate Optimze Press member?

    1. Hello,

      Wishlist and ARmember do the same job. And you can use them with OptimizePress, but not with OptimizeMember. Because 3 do the same job.

      1. Thank you. And once the prospect becomes a customer via the sales channel and the purchase is validated on the learny tunnel, is it intuitive to link the purchase to the member area via ar member?

  8. Hello,

    What do you think is the best plugin for these needs:

    - Membership with choice of monthly or annual payment
    - Registration form with personalized fields according to the type of membership
    - Secure access for members
    - Corporate access with sub-accounts
    - Online Member Directory
    - Privilege price on items in the online store

    We currently use MemberPress but for a monthly or yearly payment, it must be separated into two separate memberships. In addition, renewal of the monthly membership is not possible before the expiry date. Several other small bugs.

    We are currently testing WooCommerce Subscription, but do not allow to have a registration form with custom fields by membership type and corporate access with sub-accounts.


  9. Hello,
    When you say about "Private Content": If you plan to create a secure online training platform, then I highly recommend this plugin.

    This is good only for 1 only training. In the various texts read, we speak of membership levels that are evolving. I hear it as pyramidal. Is it this ?
    Do you confirm that this is not ideal for training or I misunderstood.
    Thank you

  10. Hello thanks for this article. I want to sell video sports lessons via a private paid subscription area. 3 times a week, my subscribers will have access to a new session. Which types of plugins would be most suitable for you please. Thank you very much.

  11. Hello, very interesting article.
    I do not know where to turn. I will sell a training in 50 euros. I do not know yet if I'm going to have a lot of members. I would have 5 modules (1 unlocked per week) ..
    What do you think is the plugin or plugins that are easier to install (preferably in French) and the least expensive? Because to go through a platform and pay every month does not interest me especially if I have few members in the end.
    Thank you very much

  12. Hello,

    I would like to create a member area with a video library where users could create a playlist of videos they want to review. Do you know if one of the pluggins you offer allows it or possibly, how can I make my request on Google or find information. It's been hours that I turn in circles. I think it will take a member space extension and a video extension to share. Thank you

      1. I thought of using buddypress and s2 member, but I had not thought of a video WP theme that can have this playlist option ... It brings a different light, thank you!

  13. Hello,
    Thank you for this very useful list.
    A priori "Ultimate Membership Pro" corresponds to my expectations, but I read on the site a warning about a vulnerability problem:
    "An attacker can use a SQL injection of WordPress Ultimate Membership Pro, in order to read or alter data. "
    The notice dates from 2016, I wondered if since this fault had been corrected or not.

  14. Hello,

    I am looking to integrate on my wordpress site, a member area whose purpose is to be able for each specific user to give him the opportunity to download files (pdf).

    In short, I have a new client, I take care of him create his account, then I will import specific files for him, once logged in he accesses a tab "My documents", he downloads the files.

  15. I agree, my intention is to buy the Premium version.
    I only wanted to test the free version to see if it suited me and had everything I was looking for.

  16. Hello,
    I have a WordPress site which I want to limit the access of certain articles, pages or tools to my subscribers. I want visitors to have access to an extract of my articles to try to go further, but when they click on "read more" a window will open indicating that the content of this article is reserved for members with an option for them to login or subscribe by clicking on the links that will appear in this window.
    I would like subscribers to also have the option to subscribe to my newsletter in order to make only one list.
    Do you know a plugin that offers the option of restricting content and making newsletters or 2 plugins that are compatible.
    Thank you for your precious help.

      1. Thank you Thierry for your quick response.
        I watched Ultimate-membership, I feel like I can cut access to an article or an entire page, but there seems to be no way to make private only part of the article. I wanted to leave the summary (to attract ...) and, when he clicks to read more, all would be under subscription. I do not see how to do this vac Ultimate.
        ARmember is not available in the free wordpress plugin, so I'm going to watch it tonight from home.

        Thanks again

          1. Hello,
            I bought ARmember this morning, but I tried to download it in my wordpress and he tells me; "This file is too big. The file size must be less than 2000 KB. "

            The size of the zip file is 7 224 KB ... Do you know what I need to do to correct the situation

            Thank you

  17. Hello!

    I am looking for a plugin that can create wp user accounts with username and password automatically. The idea is that I get these id and password so that I distribute them to my students. Rural environment requires.

    Thank you for your availability.

  18. Hello,

    I imagine that with all these plugins, it is possible to filter the access a page following different types of access. This page gathers all the links of the documents (pdf, word etc ..). If I want to secure access to this pdf, how do I do it?

    Knowing that getting the pdf link allows access to it no? So possible to find without getting access from the webmaster.

    Can you enlighten me on this point?

  19. hello, very good article and it interests me because I am currently on a collaborative website project where my members can publish ads and on the site, and I hesitate to utlisier wordpress because not too much knowledge. in fact I am a fan of the framework and the data processing in my database is my only fear how to make requests to insert data and retrieved them to post them on my site with wordpress

  20. Good evening
    What is the best plugin that can make the following functionality
    - registration
    - modify profile
    - establish a connection with an account
    - establish a connection with facebook
    - offline
    thank you in advance

  21. Hello,

    I would like to create a secure client area that allows clients to store files and the admin to access them and add files if needed. It must be intuitive to use. If you have solutions, can you send me an example of a site to see if that's really what I want? Thank you.

  22. Hello to you
    I'm looking for a plugin to create a member area on a site, which allows registered people to pre-book one or more services. This would be a private concierge site, on which a registered member can pre-book for example "a laundry service", "home delivery", etc ... (There would be about fifteen services). I will be so alerted to their request to contact them again. For now, no online payment! Only pre-booking.

    What do you advise me?
    Thank you in advance

  23. Good evening, I use paidmembership Pro, I want to create a personal space for who when they click on 'Connect' they will go directly into their own personal space and then make a purchase if necessary. Can paymemberhip pro do it alone or is there a complementary plugin to download?
    Thank you in advance

  24. Hello, please paymembershippro with it is possible to connect a subscriber without going through the wordpress back-end admin, I want to create a special page for authentication and subscriber registration. Is it possible with paidmembershippro? thank you in advance

  25. Hello,
    Congratulations for your article, by cons am lost, too many choices.
    I am looking for a plugin that allows (for an association) to create a form of information with name, first name, address, photo ... and validate the inscription by a payment on line (paypal with credit card for example).
    Be able to also add members manually who have already paid me in cash.
    I should also be able to extract the information gathered under an Excel table in the ideal to store it's information.
    Plugins free or pay no matter.
    If a person could help me?

    Best regards.

    1. Good evening Valentin,

      Sorry but we can just recommend these plugins by limiting ourselves on the descriptions of the authors, but from there to buy them all to test them, unfortunately we can not do it because it requires a lot of money and time.

      You can always contact our pro support.

  26. Hello, thank you for this article. I still drown in all these choices. This is what I want to do for my part on my site. Member access only For my clients. I gave them a password AND a login. All my clients will have access to the same platform or I will provide them with resources: video, pdf, ppt. What should I use on WordPress? Thanks a lot for your help.

  27. Hello,

    Thank you for the article.
    I am looking for a full extension to manage a fun member area with: a stand-alone forum (ie members create the topics), social network (with a wall, the possibility of "making friends", exchanging , Posting photos), the possibility for members to post articles visible on the site to the general public (with moderation of the admin), and the possibility of accessing certain contents of the site by paying a membership (in my case It would be for training exercises).

    What can you advise me as extensions with a pretty nice design for members?

  28. Hello very good article, I am looking for a plug that will allow people registered on my site to have personalized login pages by me who will be active using certain parameters that I would define and a login page or registrants will be able to withdraw money or make purchases. What do you recommend? Thank you for answering me

  29. Hello, thank you for this article and thank you in advance for your answer.

    On my site I would like to create a member area where I will be the only one to be able to manage the list of members. It would be to broadcast doc for my users and nobody else should be able to access it. I will give each one a login and a mdp that I will have created for them, so there will be no registration page open to Internet users.
    Is this possible with Wishlist member? And is it secure enough to share "confidential" documents?

    Thank you in advance and good day!

    1. Yes, this is possible with Wishlist Member, for the second part of your question, it all depends on the degree of confidentiality and the type of site. But, this is possible with 100% with this plugin.

  30. Hello,
    Very good article
    I am trying to create a member area for training via video or audio and ebooks
    My wish would be after registration to make available to the members the 1ere video the day of its registration, then a few days after another video, etc ......
    Two types of member, one will be registered manually by me and the other paying by subscription

    Do you know what kind of product?

    Thank you

  31. Hello I am trying to create a private space for each of my members accessible by ID and MdP without registration, you talk about the plugin Wishlist Members is this the right solution, if so or then I find it.
    Merci de votre réponse

  32. Hello,

    I want to take a plugin for a management of members but when you look at the 10 it is very difficult to make a choice.
    What do you advise me for a site where there will be 3 access (Trainer, player, club) with 3 different amounts and 3 access to different content?

    Thank you very much in advance for your response,

    1. Hello Nath,

      Sorry but this is the kind of information we do not give unfortunately because we offer them in service on Please contact our team of professionals to set up this.

      Sorry and I hope you understand that we have a limit in the free assistance otherwise we will go bankrupt.

  33. Hello Thierry,
    My site will include several categories of members: professionals, spectators, etc. I would like them to register very easily and inform their status. Some content will be displayed for viewers, others for professionals, etc. And some parts of the site will be visible to all.
    For the spectators, I would also like them to acquire "medals" or change their status according to a combination of criteria (seniority, number of commented messages, etc.) or other actions.
    Finally, I would like to have registered subscribers also have the possibility of paying subscription (micro monthly payment), which still offers other content.
    What plug in would be best suited, knowing that everything must be in French in addition (and in addition allow the integration of a forum or discussions between users).
    I've seen UserPro and Membership Manager, 'could one of them fit? Or another?
    Thank you!

  34. Hi,

    I would like to know if there exists a plugin that could link users with each other?
    Indeed, I want to differentiate 2 types of users (clients / agents), knowing that an agent can have several clients.

    Thank you good night !

  35. Hello Thierry
    I am looking for a widget that could block some pages where pdf files will be made available to users (members). This site is open and not commercial but we would like to reserve certain files to the members of the group. Maybe it's easier to format an email each time you login or download.
    This site will be dedicated to fans of the ski world cup. We would like members to be able to connect to a blog as well as a forum. Paypal will be used through a "donate" ..

    wordpress «dispatch»

    Thank you

    1. Lionel Bonsoir,

      Sorry but we do not offer a plugin search service on the blog part. Please contact our professional service on the homepage who will be happy to take care of this work for a fairly low price.

  36. Hello,

    I want to make a private site where students can watch video courses.
    What I would like to do too, and I have not yet found how, is to be able to control exactly what each user does (what page and how long). So I can check who's bumping and what.
    Which plugin would be best suited ???

    Thank you in advance

    1. Hello,

      In this case, I recommend the WPLMS theme, it is the ideal solution to create an elearning site with a real follow-up of teachers and members. So you need a theme rather than a plugin.


  37. Hello,

    Very interesting your article, this allowed me to know some plugin that I did not know yet despite the large amount I tested.

    I'm still looking for a plugin more suited to our needs than I have yet to find. As I said, I have tried several but the most seriously tested are
    "Emember" and I'm currently riding with Paid Membership Pro.

    However, there are several things that are not adapted to our needs in PMPro.

    Here are our needs for an association so that our members have access to certain pages:

    1- Completely translatable in French
    2- Offer several payments per level (per month or per year) without having to create different levels per payment period.
    3 - Offer to pay by PayPal and offline payment (pre-authorized check or debit)
    4- Supports coupons
    5- Generates a login page and account management (not those of WordPress)

    Thank you for your reply!

  38. Mr THIERRY BERTRAND I would like to know if you have an idea about Dubli network .. because I intend to integrate in the days to come. Thank you

  39. Hello, very good article only I do not know if what I'm looking for here is actually I want to create a private user space (each user -> a private page) and in this space a user can load and view these files Has it) ex: load stl files to visualize objects in 3d with plugin stl viewer .voila ca a few days that I search but I arrive not. Thank you for your infos

    1. Good evening Kary,

      Membership plugins mainly have the role of protecting pages of your site or blog from unauthorized access according to the chosen plan. Once the page is protected, you can include any content or plugin on the one of your choice.

      So on principle, it should work.

  40. Hello,

    Thank you for this article quite comprehensive on the main lines. On the other hand, I see that there are only paid plugins here (or almost). Investing does not bother me but I would like to know if the plugin is able to do what I want. PrivateContent seems the most suitable but I'm not sure.
    So, I would like to know if the plugin is able to manage a category in common between two types of users.
    Simply, I would like an Author type to create an article in category A. Once the article is created, I would like an email / SMS to be sent to Subscribers who Have selected in their profile category A to receive the link of this last article (The link would be accessible only to the persons having the link).
    Thank you!

    1. Hello Kevin,

      If you do not want to invest from the start, then I recommend Paid membership Pro. This is an excellent plugin that will allow you to protect your articles, courses, training, pages and products. It's time to easily create your website with secure member zone.


  41. Hello,
    Does one or more of these pluggins support importing an existing list: I already have a 600 BDD names that is handled under filemaker but I would like to have a single database accessible via my site.
    Thank you!

    1. Hello Julie,

      YES if the file is in CSV format. Or, you can always use the WP ALL IMPORT plugin to import the content to your site with member zone.

  42. Hello,

    Thank you for this very comprehensive comparison!
    Personally I opted for S2Member in free version. He does a really good job.

    I had as an idea behind the head to create a SaaS application with WordPress, which was not won at the start. But with this plugin and another (wp-saas) a kind of starter-kit to initialize a SaaS application (it provides the minimum to start a SaaS application: manage accounts receivable, to which a company is associated, ...) Plus this plugin provides an example of CRUD + list for an 1 business entity (managing contacts for each client). Not being very experienced in dev WordPress (and dev in short!) I duplicated this screen to manage other things in my application.
    Good technically it is not very "sexy", but it starts to do the job nicely! 🙂
    See you soon,

  43. Hello Thierry,

    Thank you for your article! Very interesting
    For my part I am looking for a plugin that will allow me to adopt a member space on my site, without any user can register automatically!
    Is it possible to find this kind of plugin, or do you control who can register and become a member?
    If you could inform me it would be superb, thank you for your help!

    1. Hello Leroy,

      I know an excellent plugin and it is called: Wishlist Member! It is very complete and especially very professional. However, you should know that like all plugins, it will be a bit complicated to configure from the start.

      We offer customization services.


  44. Hello,

    Interesting your article, precisely I seek to create an ecommerce site with a public access and a professional access (with connection by identifier and password and different prices).

    Does the userpro plugin allow pros to identify themselves? Knowing that he could not register but just identify himself ...

    Otherwise, would you have any plugin ideas to offer me?

    Thanks for your help

    1. Hello Beez,

      In my opinion, Wishlist Members remains the best WordPress plugin to create a secure members area (site with member zone).

  45. You have not talked about Woocommerce subscription. I was wondering if its price justify its effectiveness and if it was just as good to take a plugging like Magicmember?

    1. Hello,

      For the integration of a space with password-protected member area, I recommend Member, it is very good and above all, very complete.

  46. I am creating a portal for NGOs, so I would like to know how to automatically assign them a blog, a page that they can animate. All this on one site that I could manage myself in back office? thanks for answering

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