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Want to find the best WordPress plugins to create a contact form?

A contact form is an essential element for any website or blog. Although the majority of WordPress themes come with a contact form, it can happen that they are not to your expectations. Adding a WordPress plugin to the latter therefore becomes an imperative.

But finding a good WordPress plugin on this platform is often a cross because of the thousands of plugins that exist in each category. To help you create a contact form with incredible functionality, we will offer you in this article the best premium WordPress plugins designed for this task.

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Then back to why we are here.

1. W8 Contact Form

W8 Contact Form is one of the most popular premium contact form plugins on WordPress. It offers a lot of features such as submission to multiple recipients, support for animations, unlimited form creation, different styles, and a wide variety of additional customization options.

create a contact form - W8 contact form

Plus, it gives your website or blog a professional system to get in touch with your customers more easily.

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You will be able to customize all of your forms according to your needs and your tastes.

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2. CF7 Aweber Add-on

This WordPress plugin combines the simplicity of the premium WordPress plugin CF7 Awerber Add-on and adds a contact form creation system to your website. It integrates the AWEBER automatic response module and can send emails directly to your AWEBER list

WordPress plugins to create a contact form - Cf7 aweber add on

Its main features are: statistics of AWeber in your dashboard WordPress, 8 attractive and cute templates to create your own subscription form, and this in no time, verification of the entire dissemination campaign of your account AWeber in one click, ease of installation, compatibility with the latest versions of jQuery and WordPress, a complete documentation and assistance 24h / 24h 7j / 7j.

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3. Contact Form Seven CF7 Database

Contact Form Seven CF7 Database is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to save everything submitted from Contact Form 7 in the database and display it on the Contact> Database page, so that you can consult your list at any time.

best WordPress plugins - Contact form seven cf7 database

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Its features are: saving data submitted on contact forms in the database, enabling and disabling certain columns, exporting and importing submitted data to or from a CSV file, ease of use, and much more more…

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4. Slick Popup Pro

Slick Popup Pro is a fairly simple and lightweight premium WordPress plugin that converts any form created by the plugin Contact Form 7 in a popup. So she uses the form and converts it into a beautiful and perfectly beautiful popup responsive.

Wordpress popup plugin slick popup pro

The popup form can have several uses including: an information collection form, a contact form, a registration form, a quote form, a suggestion / complaint form and others.

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5. Contact Form

Contact Form is a premium responsive WordPress plugin and a simple tool but rich in customization options that allows you to display a clear and encouraging form, on which your visitors can contact you by leaving their message.

Contact us form wordpress contact form plugin

You will be able to define the necessary fields, choose the best layout of the fields and customize it completely to encourage your customers or visitors to leave their suggestions or messages.

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Just set up the e-mail address where you want to receive the messages and use it to grow your business in the most profitable direction.

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6. NEX-Forms

NEX-Forms is a premium ultimate form creation tool for WordPress. It is easy to use and has rich features as a drag and drop form designer, allowing him to create complete contact forms in minutes.


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Its features are: ffully responsive ormals, thepossibility to hide and display fields, a form builder with Drag and Drop support, the preal-time form review (includes switching devices), p1200 read fonts available for forms, pread from 66 icons available for forms, the custom CSS support and hidden fields.

Urban artist no need for programming skills to create forms with this plugin.

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7. Ninja Kick

Ninja Kick is a premium WordPress contact form plugin that will allow your visitors to instantly view the contact form without waiting for the full contact page to load.

Wordpress contact form plugin - ninja kick

This WordPress plugin comes with 3 awesome WordPress themes, a bar dedicated to sharing on social networks, theMailchimp integration and extensive customization of its look. It uses modern CSS transitions, a layout that reacts to screen size changes, and it works well on mobile devices.

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So, if you are looking for a more universal WordPress solution to create a sliding panel with beautiful effects do not hesitate to take a look at this WordPress plugin.

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8. WordPress Ajax Contact Form with 2.0 attachments

This premium WordPress plugin is a complete user-friendly and responsive solution that will create a contact form in Ajax. Designed to be a flexible plugin, this product offers classic and original functions that are fully configurable via a control panel which also rests on the Ajax technology.

Wordpress ajax contact form with attachments 2.0

You can easily create your forms through an intuitive interface that supports drag and drop and also quickly customize the appearance of your forms using the administration interface of the WordPress plugin. It is a WordPress plugin to consult.

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9. Contact Forms 7 Address Autocomplete

The premium WordPress Contact Forms 7 Address Autocomplete plugin simplifies the form filling process by allowing your users to enter their address using Google's API which suggests addresses as you enter them.

Contact forms 7 address autocomplete

You'll save time finding specific addresses with suggestions and autofill. It also offers the admin to transform any text field into an address by simply adding a class CSS to the latter.

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10. Contact Form CF7 Google Sheet Addon

Do you want to take advantage of the powerful combination between the premium WordPress Contact Form 7 plugin and Google Sheet? then this plugin is the one you are looking for. 

Contact form cf7 google sheets addon

It will help you to easily obtain various information from the customer, thanks to its powerful data analysis tool, which can help to increase your sales, to retain your customers, etc ...

Using all the data submitted from the form and directly saved in a Google Sheets documents, you will be able to create reports, perform data analysis and plan the sending of your e-mails, in just a few clicks.

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