Need to find the best WordPress plugins to convert currency?

Most WordPress site owners, and especially WooCommerce sites, have an international customer base and therefore have to deal with different types of currencies when selling products and services. This is why it is a major asset to have a means of converting currency on your website; that can only make one more profitable.

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We offer in this article a collection of 10 best premium WordPress plugins which will allow you to easily convert currencies on your WordPress site or blog.

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Then back to why we are here.

1. WooCommerce Multi Currency

WooCommerce Multi Currency is a pretty awesome premium WordPress plugin that lets you display your store in multiple currencies. It adds an option that allows the user to switch between currencies at any time. Changing between currencies is quite quick, which makes it even more convenient.

WordPress plugins to convert currency currencies - Woocommerce multi currency

Since it is likely to work with multiple currencies, having the ability to be available in multiple languages ​​is just a logical next step.

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WooCommerce Multi Currency is therefore compatible with Polylang, WPML and many other plugins. It also offers a region detector, which will display the visitor's local currency.

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2. Woocommerce Multi Currency Store

This premium WordPress and WooCommerce plugin allows you to use multiple currencies in your online store or e-Commerce website.

Woocommerce multi currency store wordpress plugin

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You can also set the price of the products, which will be displayed on the store either manually converted or according to the exchange rate. You also have a widget that lets you change currency quickly.

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3. WooCommerce Ultimate Multi Currency Suite

WooCommerce Ultimate Multi Currency Suite is a very advanced premium multi-currency WordPress plugin for WooCommerce stores. It allows you to define personalized prices for your products and derivatives, as well as the coupon amounts, in several currencies.

Woocommerce ultimate multi currency suite wordpress plugin

The plugin automatically sets currencies using geolocation; or it gives the possibility to your users to choose their preferred currency using a currency selector.

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They can thus make a choice among the currencies made available by you in the plugin settings.

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4. SUMO WooCommerce Currency Switcher

SUMO WooCommerce Currency Switcher is a premium WordPress plugin that you can use to switch between currencies on your WooCommerce store.

Sumo woocommerce currency switcher wordpress plugin

Among the features of the WordPress plugin, we can count the payment in local currency, the exchange rate that can be configured and the fact of being notified when there is a change in the exchange rate among others.

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5. WooCommerce All in One Currency Converter

This premium WordPress plugin allows your users to choose their preferred currency, or sets it automatically using geolocation in your WooCommerce store. Users can choose from the currencies made available to you in the plugin settings.

Woocommerce all in one currency converter wordpress plugin

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WooCommerce All in One Currency Converter offers 2 conversion methods:

  • Conversion just for user reference (payment always happens in the base currency of your WooCommerce online store)
  • Full conversion (converts currency also for payment)

This WordPress plugin is 100% compatible with PayPal as well as with all other payment gateways.

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This premium WordPress plugin allows you to convert currencies allowed on PayPal to any currency available on WooCommerce.

Paypal currency converter pro for woocommerce wordpress pluginIt is intended for Online shops who use rare currencies other than the known ones: EUR, USD, AUD, etc.

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The premium WordPress plugin WOOCS allows you to change currencies and get the rates converted in real time (prior installation of WooCommerce required).best WordPress plugins - Woocs

You can use currency aggregators to obtain converted rates either through Yahoo, Google, AppSpot aggregators, either manually.

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WooCommerce Currency Switcher is available as a widget and works in any space provided (shortcode available -> [woocs]). On the public interface, "Currency Switcher" can be presented in 5 different ways to discover.

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8. Marketplace Multi Currency Plugin for WooCommerce

Multi Currency MarketPlace is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to display prices on the marketplace that the plugin adds Multi Vendor Marketplace by WooCommerce.

Marketplace multi currency plugin for woocommerce plugin wordpress More display prices in multiple currencies, it also allows you to accept payments in multiple currencies. This will allow your customers to nNo more worrying about conversion costs. The number of currencies accepted by the plugin is unlimited.

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9. Tax Display by Country for WooCommerce

Tax Display By Country for WooCommerce is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to display the prices of products with or without taxes, depending on the country of the visitor. It also allows you to preselect the visitor's billing country.

Tax display by country for woocommerce wordpress plugin

Remember that sometimes customers can be confused because of the different currencies and when that includes taxes it's even more complicated.

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Tax Display By Country will allow you to remove these barriers and simplify the purchasing process.

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10. My Woo Multi Currency WordPress Plugin

The premium WordPress plugin My Woo Multi Currency allows you to display your products in multiple currencies. The detection of the currency to use can be done according to the visitor's IP address.

My woo multi currency wordpress plugin woocommerce currency switcher plugin wordpress
This WordPress plugin is also responsible for performing exchange rate calculations automatically for you. It also offers a widget that you can use on your blog.

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