Would you like to find the best WordPress security plugins for your blog?

WordPress is the most installed blogging and CMS platform on the web. As a result, WordPress websites are a prime target for hackers. As soon as your website is online, they hasten to try to infiltrate it to destroy your work, extort money, etc ...

In order to overcome this problem, WordPress has a multitude of extensions dedicated to strengthening the security of your website.

So here is the list for you 10 best premium WordPress plugins, designed to help you keep your blog secure.

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Then back to why we are here.

1. Hide My WP

Hide My WP is an amazing WordPress protection and security plugin. It effectively allows you to hide the fact that you are using WordPress on your website, without modifying the structure of any file or folder. Hide my wp best WordPress security plugins

Its main functions are: blocking direct access to php files, modifying the permalink, removing WordPress meta info on headers and feeds, cleaning up unnecessary menu classes and more.

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2. Bloom plugin

This WordPress plugin is much more than a simple content locking plugin: It will allow you to considerably increase the subscriptions of your visitors by email. The main advantage of using this plugin is its excellent documentation and tons of features.Bloom wordpress plugins lock website content

Among these are: aelegant design, 6 different display models to capture emails, 16 integrated email marketing tools, a tdashboard available, fully responsive layout et more

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3. Super Social Content Locker

Super Social Content Locker is an all-in-one plugin, with social content locking features for any blog. In particular, it allows you to lock your content and customize the unlocking mode your visitors will use.Super social content locker wordpress plugins lock website content

Thus, to unblock content, users will have to follow you or share website content on social media, or watch your advertising video. They may also have to fill out a form, or simply participate in a vote.

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This plugin can be used in two ways: on a standalone sidebar widget or anywhere on the website.

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4. Zxeion

Zxeion is a powerful WordPress plugin responsible for improving the security of your website. This plugin contains a collection of protection and security tools that will protect your website from possible attacks.Zxeion wordpress plugins protect site against malware virus attacks

Its real-time protection system will help you identify threats to your website and block them, without you having to do anything. 

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Its features are: real-time protection, excellent customer support, regular updates, an IP address blocker, excellent documentation, modern and professional interface, dedicated customer support and more

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5. Opt-In Content Locker

Opt-In Content Locker is a WordPress plugin that allows you to lock important content on your website and display it only to registered users. All you need to do is frame protected content with shortcodes. [optinlocker]… [/ optinlocker].Opt in content locker for wordpress plugin

If people want to see this content, they have to enter their name / email. Only after that the locked content will become visible.

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Its main features are: a modern and secure form, locking important content, the use of cookies to remember users who have already subscribed, several modes of content protection, compatibility with MailChimp, iContact and more.

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6. Opt-In Downloads

Opt-In Downloads is a very simple tool to operate. Concretely, it allows files to be distributed based on subscriptions. In other words, if people want to download something from your website, they have to enter their contact information. After that, they receive a temporary encrypted download link by email.Opt in downloads wordpress plugin

All contact details are saved in a database or can be sent to MailChimp , AWeber, iContact, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, Mad Mimi, etc ... All saved data can be exported as a CSV file for use with other information management systems.

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7. WP Malware Scanner

WP Scanner is a daily automatic malware scanning service. Security Platform Also Offers One-Click Malware Cleanup Service and Ongoing Website Protection | No false positive. Malcare malware wordpress plugin virus scans e1546675574290

Its features are: early detection of malware, detection of hard-to-find malware, automatic one-click cleanup, scanning for malware that does not overload your server, connection protection, a web application firewall, secure and full backups of your website, real-time malware detection, custom keywords for scanning, detailed reports, and more.

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8. Block Double Logins

The Double Logins Block WordPress plugin allows your website to block the connection via a shared account. A user will not be able to connect to your website in two separate places.

Block double logins protect your membership site

Its features include: prevent users from simultaneously using the same WordPress account, prevent users from logging into multiple accounts from the same IP address simultaneously, block users who are hiding behind a proxy, see who is online at all times, see who is trying to share their account, choose which roles user are affected by the rules of this plugin and those who are not, works with all recent WordPress themes and much more.

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9. UnGrabber

UnGrabber is a tool that allows you to protect all of the content on your website against copying. The plugin completely blocks all existing content copying methods such as context menu, keyboard shortcuts, developer tools, selection and dragging, and much more.

This plugin protects your content from 99.9% of typical users. Very flexible settings allow you to customize each security element separately. In this case, the plugin does not affect the indexing of the website in search engines. UnGrabber is quiet and not noticeable for regular users, but fast and reliable for those trying to steal your content.

It is extremely useful on all browsers. Additionally, it is especially important if your website has a lot of unique content, such as blog, portfolio, corporate website, e-commerce project, creative agency, personal CV, restaurant or retail company.

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10 OnePress Free Social Locker

OnePress Free Social Locker is an excellent content lock plugin that will perfectly satisfy your requests. Do not be fooled by the fact that it is free because it has a lot to offer.Social locker wordpress plugins lock website content

First, it comes with four types of locks. Then it is compatible with Visual Composer, and is fully responsive. Even more amazing, it doesn't slow down WordPress theme loading speed.

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If you are a programmer, you can also use the different shortcodes and other features available in this plugin. Its premium version offers you in addition, social media such as YouTube.

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