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The issue of monetization is quite popular in the blogging world. These are in essence the means by which a blog can make money for its owner. The problem here is to find the right way.

In general, the methods used to monetize a blog are advertising, affiliation, the sale of services and goods online, etc ... There are many plugins on WordPress that can help you depending on the method used. In this article we will present the 10 best premium WordPress plugins of them so that you can earn money with your blog.

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Then back to why we are here.

1. Adning Advertising

WP PRO Advertising System is a WordPress advertising management plugin, which offers 18 strategic locations to help you display advertisements on your website. It also has a detailed statistics section from which you will see the performance of each ad.

Adning advertising wordpress plugin

This feature is crucial because it will help you improve your campaign and maximize your profits. This WordPress Adsense plugin also comes with a unique feature called background ads. It allows you to display ads as the background of your content.

Plus, since it is compatible with WordPress plugins such as WPBakery et slider Revolution, you can display your ads in the form of sliders or place them anywhere on your website.

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 2. Banners Rotator Generator For WordPress

Maybe the best ad manager isn't a WordPress plugin. Maybe it's you With the WordPress Banners Rotator Generator plugin, you will be able to configure and manage your own advertising spaces. It's a quick, easy, and straightforward way to add and manage banner ads on any WordPress website.Banners rotator generator

Its main functions include:edition of all banners, the padvanced customizationWordPress upload system support and plus

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3. WP Job Hunter

As you know, there are some big job search platforms that offer to earn money with their affiliate program. WP Job Hunter is presented as the simplest and most effective solution in the matter, and this for any type of website.Wp job hunter 1

This WordPress plugin works automatically. You just need to register on the job provider's website and save your Affiliate ID in the WordPress plugin settings.

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After that, relax and earn money with employment affiliations. You will get paid every time someone clicks on a job link on your website.

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Easily create your website with Elementor

Elementor lets you create Easily and Free any website or blog design with a professional look. Stop paying a lot for a website you can do yourself.

4. WooCommerce Currency Switcher

This plugin will allow you to switch product prices from one currency to another in real time.

Woocommerce currency switcher

This is especially important in e-Commerce because it is aimed at the whole world. This WordPress plugin ensures that no matter the location of your customersthey will always order on your online store.

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5. WooChimp

WooChimp is an extension that allows you to set up your WooCommerce shop with MailChimp . Just a few clicks, you can transform your powerful marketing machine shop. 

Woochimp 1

As you know, MailChimp is the most powerful e-mail marketing service. It is used to design and send campaign emails, manage subscribers, and track campaign results.

Thanks to the integration made by WooChimp, your website supports all the E-commerce features of MailChimp (Multiple mailing lists, group of subscribers, merging labels and webhooks…). In addition, it adds a save option for verification.

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6. WooCommerce Prices By User Role

This WordPress plugin extends the features of the popular WooCommerce plugin, adding prices based on the default roles of sellers.

Woocommerce prices by user role

It provides customers with dynamic pricesso that products can be offered at different prices for different groups of sellers.

Do you want to sell your products on the internet?

Download WooCommerce for free, the best e-commerce plugins to sell your physical and digital products on WordPress and easily create your online store. Perfect for beginners.

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7. WooCommerce Brands

It is a complete WordPress plugin, dedicated to showcasing brands on your e-Commerce website. You will have the option to add brands to all your products to make them more attractive.

Woocommerce brands

It also has an Ajax filter which improves the efficiency and usability of your website. It is also compatible with Visual Composer for further customization.

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8. Advanced Floating Content

Ad overlay anythingadvert flap proPro AdsAll types of marketing and internet advertising do not require the same tool. If content marketing is your playground, then the WordPress Advanced Floating Content plugin is what you are looking for. So attract the attention of your visitors by using the WordPress Advanced Floating Content plugin.

Advanced floating content

Its features include: its ease of customization, the support of shortcodes, display of content floating in different positions, support for videos, share on different social networks, and HTML code, and many more.

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9. WPdeposit

WPdeposit helps you manage a monetary system on your WordPress site. It will allow users to deposit money into their account, and use it on an advertisement, a subscription, and the like ... It's quite similar to how members of Envato make money deposits and buy products.


This WordPress plugin will also allow you to send money from one account to another.

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It is therefore a user account credit / debit system through multiple payment gateways (Paypal, Authorize.net, iDeal, BluePay, etc…).

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10 APS Ads Manager 

APS Ads Manager is an extension designed for the WordPress e-commerce plugin Arena Products Store. It is not autonomous and therefore requires the installation of the latter to work.

Aps ads manager wordpress plugin by anjum

You will be able to display your ads in various locations using shortcodes and you will be able to use certain features of its template to display blocks announcements.

It can also help you display ad blocks for image banners, Google Adsense ad units and others by detecting the device type of visitors, and many more.

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